By admin
03 June 2014

But'Peter gives advice on how to seperate your assets from your husbands .


I am a 40-year-old teacher. I am married to a 47-year-old man. My husband has three children

from previous relationships, but we don’t have children together. When we got married I had a house in a suburb called Kremetart just outside Giyani. We moved in together in this house and we have been living together ever since. When we got married I was still paying a bond on the house, but I have since paid it off. Our marriage is in community of property. But I am worried as to what

will happen if this man can die.


It is a good thing that you are thinking about this whileyour husband is still alive.

Since well you are married in community of property, the house is owned by the joint estate and it will be dealt with in the same fashion – the value of the joint estate will have a bearing as to what happens to the house. It is a matter that you may wish to discuss with your husband

and you can deal with it through an estate planning exercise that will include a Will.