Will muthi make him stay part 1

By admin
29 September 2013

Will muthi make him stay experts share their views.  What Njabulo Sithole, a psychologist of Pietermaritzburg, says?

Q. Is there a specific type of person who believes in love potions?

A. Everybody wants to be loved and people will do almost anything to get it. People who do not believe in themselves will be drawn to use ‘love potions’.

Q.     How could using umuthi affect her relationship and other relationships


A. Maphindi could constantly worry about when the relationship will end and how she will keep it going. She might also be afraid of being found out. If her partner finds out that he was trapped or seduced by umuthi, he might be angry and feel betrayed.

Q. What should you ask yourself if you want to use umuthi to make a man stay?

A. Maphindi has to ask herself if umuthi can change love, which comes from inside. If you want to change your reality, for example, a bad relationship, you have to start with yourself. This means you must appreciate and love yourself so you can believe that another person can love you.