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Will muthi make him stay part 2

By admin
30 September 2013

Does muthi really work? Here is What Hloniphile Maphumulo, traditional doctor of Durban has to say.

Q. Does umuthi work to keep a man?

A. Yes, of course. I have many clients and most of them are happy. You have to believe in it. If you don’t, then there will be a problem.

Q. What type of umuthi do you give?

A. It all depends on the problem. I give a piece of string that is blessed and it goes around your waist. This will safeguard you from evil spirits trying to break your relationship. I also give certain herbs that you can bath and steam with. All of these things can improve your sex life and the relationship.

Q. Why do people use umuthi in a relationship?

A. Many relationships are breaking up because of evil spirits. Women need something to protect their relationships. Your man could be under some other woman’s spell and might be bewitched. You will need something to make him come back to you.

Q. Is this practice part of culture?

A. Yes, it is. Many people use umuthi in black tradition. It is not witchcraft. It is like going to a doctor to get medicine that will help you.