Win with Move! & Kotex®

By Faeza
12 October 2015

HAVE you ever experienced Leakage Freakage? You know, that feeling of nervousness that comes when you’re worried about your pad leaking? Never fear, girls. Kotex® has the answer. Kotex® Designer Pads have a special 2-in-1 micro-funnel cover and Femfit wings, for instant absorption and comfort. So it’s goodbye Leakage Freakage, hello Kotex®!

12 lucky readers stand a chance to win a fabulous Kotex® hamper valued at R500 each. To stand a chance to win a special Kotex® hamper with pads, panytliners and tampons, SMS Move! Kotex with your name, surname and physical address to 34687* before 5pm on 16 October 2015

*Each SMS costs R1.50. The sponsor is responsible for delivering the prizes within a reasonable time. Refer to page 3 for full competition