Win With Move! & Krayons

By Faeza
06 July 2015

Nine Lucky readers will each win a Krayons hamper worth R700 BUT baby, it’s cold outside.

During the winter months, moms have the overwhelming need to care for and protect their little ones. Using Krayons Baby Aqueous Cream instead of soap to cleanse helps to soothe and moisturise baby’s skin during winter time.

After bath time, pat your baby’s skin with a soft towel, not rubbing too hard to avoid irritating the skin. Apply a thick layer of Krayons Baby Aqueous Cream over your baby’s body to lock in the moisture. Use Krayons Petroleum Jelly on cracked and dry lips to lock in moisture, and when outdoors always protect those rosy cheeks.

SMS Move! Krayons with your name, surname, email and complete physical address to 33443* before 5pm on 12 July 2015

*Each SMS costs R1.50. The sponsor is responsible for delivering the prize within a reasonable time. Page 3 of Move! Magazine contains competition rules