Winter Dos And Don'ts

By Faeza
04 June 2015

During chilly winter days, deciding to choose appropriate clothes to wear becomes a tall task for most people.  Choosing a look that will leave you looking trendy and yet warm can be daunting.  You would think that this is a problem for ladies but men are affected mostly by the cold weather when it comes to fashion stakes.  Move! helps men and women make good fashion choices.


*Covered shoes are a good idea throughout winter, and you have to make sure that you put your shoes on with warm socks.

*Boots with pants must be your best friend in winter because they will keep you warm and confident. Add swag to your dressing by adding a scurf into it.

*Just because it winter that doesn’t mean you must stop wearing your leggings, they can be stylish and warm at the same time if you wear them with a sweater or a pea coat.

*Remember a colour is very important, stick to the basic brown, grey and black colours in winter. Not that navy or dark blue are bad for winter, add them and you will feel great.


*Make sure that you don’t throw away your flip flops and leggings although we know they are irresistible but keep them for chilly times.

*There is no need to have your wardrobe changed completely.  You can always use the same warm clothes you had kept the year before to save your money.

*You don’t have to wear a jersey, jacket and a coat at the same time because you will end up looking like a cabbage.

*You have to coats that are your own size, the fact that it is cold does not mean you have to look frumpy. If it loose on you, you will look less attractive.