Winter skin care

By admin
04 June 2014

When the environment changes so do your skin care needs skin that’s oily in the summer might become normal in winter and normal skin could become dry. The secret to glowing winter skin is moisture as the cold and wind can really dry out your skin.

Tinted moisturiser instead of foundation

Avoid dry caked on makeup, skip the heavy foundation and try a BB or CC cream instead. These have all the benefits of a moisturiser plus hide skin imperfections and fix blemishes.

A BB cream is a beauty cream that provides more coverage than a tinted moisturiser; a CC cream doesn’t only cover imperfections but corrects them at the same time.


ponds bb cream

Bronzer instead of powder

Your mattifying power might make you look dry and ashy in winter because your skin is already dried out by the cold and windy conditions. Brighten up your cheek bones with a creamy bronzer; wear it like you would wear blush on the apples of your cheeks for a bright, warm and glamorous look.


avon Glow

Lip balm with your lip gloss

People often forget how sensitive their lips until dry chapped looks ruin their look. Make sure to moisturise your lips, not just gloss them. If you really want them to shimmer, either get a glossy lip balm or wear lip balm or Vaseline under your gloss.