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Woman describes how mortar cracked her skull

By admin
29 September 2014

A Brakpan woman has described how she was hit by a mortar while sitting on her bed on Saturday morning.

Felicia Klopper, 20, told Beeld she was about to blow-dry her hair when she suddenly heard a loud noise and her head started to hurt. She had no idea what happened, she said from her hospital bed.

Sapa reported on Sunday that a mortar projectile crashed through the roof of a Brakpan house on Saturday. Police are investigating where it came from and who shot it.

Klopper said she called for help and felt pins and needles across her body before passing out.

Her mother, Annelie, said she was in her bedroom when she heard a loud bang, which shook the house. She ran into her daughter's bedroom and saw her shaking on the bed.

Felicia was taken to hospital with a cracked skull and received 15 stitches on her head.

Annelie said doctors would not believe that her daughter had been hit by a mortar, and that Felicia could have died in the incident.

The family believes the mortar was fired from a nearby military base, but military officials reportedly told them the device was not theirs. Felicia's father told Beeld they are considering instituting a case against the military base, asking who else could have fired the mortar.

Police said determining the origin of the mortar is central to the investigation into the incident.