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Woman gives birth on a bus in Benoni

By Faeza
03 June 2016

A Malawian woman who was on a broken down bus in Benoni gave birth to twins on May 31.

The woman was travelling from Malawi, when the bus broke down and parked at a local garage in the town.

On the Emer-G-Med Facebook page they stated that their Paramedics arrived on the scene to find that the the woman was in active labour.

The paramedics assisted in the delivery of the 32-week, premature, baby. Much to the mom's disbelief, paramedics delivered a second baby.

The mother was apparently  not aware that she was carrying twins.

Once delivered mom and the two healthy babies were transported to Tambo Memorial Hospital - where they were handed over to the maternity ward staff.

*Photos courtesy of Emer-G-Med Facebook Page