"Xolelwa boosted my confidence"

By Faeza
26 August 2016

SELFISH thief who likes to take advantage of people’s goodness is just one of the ways one

can describe Generations – The Legacy’s Xolelwa. But the lady behind the character, Mahlatse Letoka says she has very little in common with Xolelwa.



The Limpopo-born actress says the only thing she has in common with her character is the go-getter attitude. “Xolelwa and I are gogetters even though our methods of going about it are different,” says the 19-year-old actress. “She does it in a streetwise style and I’m into entrepreneurship. I feel that she’s blonde. She doesn’t make calculated decisions because

she thinks for the now and doesn’t think things through. She’s willing to get scars.” She adds that her character likes to take the easy route to attain things. “I feel like Xolelwa is super confident compared to me. She’s boosted my confidence because I realised

I could be just as confident. She’s encouraged me to be crazier than I am because her boundaries are on another level.”


The National School of the Arts (NSA) graduate says the character was created especially for her. When she went for auditions, she wanted to play Lesedi. But it was her friend, Luyanda Mzazi (20), who got the part. But the producers wanted to have Mahlatse on the

show as well so they created the character, Xolelwa. “They felt Luyanda was more suitable for the role because she’s has the sweet and innocent look and I was good for the bossy role,” she explains. These two young actresses are friends on and off screen. Mahlatse tells Move! they’ve been friends since high school. She says their first day on set was filled with excitement because they were going to work alongside big stars but she was not star-struck. “My first day on set was so exciting. Luyanda and I told ourselves that we were going to kill it. We didn’t worry much about a lot of things but to put on a great performance,” she recalls.


Mahlatse, who’s been in other productions such as e.tv’s Scandal! and SABC’s Thola, says the highlight of joining Generations – The Legacy was meeting great stars such as Connie Ferguson and Vusi Kunene. These are actors she admires and looks up to for different reasons. “Seeing Connie was very exciting. She’s so perfect and doesn’t look her age at all,” she gushes. “Vusi is my favourite actor. His focus is on another level. He works hard, he's

humble and never fluffs on set. He is always on point and for me that kind of focus is important.”


Mahlatse has always known that she wants to be an actress and her parents were supportive of her working towards this career path. She started organising talent competitions and fundraising for shows when she was in Grade 3. “I always wanted to be an artist, since a very young age. I can’t run away from it,” she says. “My life is super busy now that I’ve joined Generations – The Legacy because we shoot daily and

I’m also studying. I’m enjoying the challenge and I feel like I’m addicted to the thrill of it all.”