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By admin
01 November 2013

Xtatic, born Gloria Edna Mecheo, has launched a full-out assault on the African music scene, armed with formidable rapping skills and the intuitive nous to know where to take it.Xtatic has something more than whip-fast, super-smart rapping ability: the Nairobi-based Emcee matches her flow with words that mine her deeply felt commitment to lyrical content that reflects the mind of a fun-loving but also thoroughly independent young African woman.

Her singular sound is evident in her first single titled “Wild!”, the club banger is an explosive showcase for Xtatic’s attitude-laden deep voiced rapping style – and a spot-on hybrid of rap and R&B for the 21st century. Produced by hotshot new South African producers The Fahrenheitz, it’s also a great signpost towards Xtatic’s signature sound.

“Wild!” follows “The Prep Track”, the 2011 song that sparked the interest of Pan African music and entertainment company, ROCKSTAR4000 which steered the Kenyan rapper into a deal with Sony Music Entertainment Africa. In the end, whether it’s as a teenager recording for the first time in Nairobi or a signed artist working in a studio in Johannesburg, Xtatic is always in pursuit of three things: content, flow and delivery – all in a perfect mix.