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You deny Yahweh by denying his word

By Faeza
05 November 2015

The Word says forgive and do not remember the sin as our Father did, but you cannot forgive as you want the offender to work towards earning your trust again. But every Sunday you go to church as "Little Miss Goody Two Shoes" as if nothing unholy is happening in your life, with a face of a hypocrite.

Because of your affluence you think you can dictate the things of the spirit, yet there is not even a grain of spiritual act in all that you do, apart from paying tithe which you view as a spiritual act when it is not.

My brethren did you know that denial of YaHWeH can be also a form of refusal to abide by His Word or an act of disobedience which is viewed as witchcraft?(1Samuel 15:23) Let's repent my brethren, from denying YaHWeH through denying His Word. If you know the good that you ought to do, but do not do it you have sinned. (James 4:17)


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH