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Young people urged to register

By admin
10 October 2013

Young people urged to register

Tlakula urged young people, especially those who would be voting for the first time, to register.

She said the youth belonged to a special generation - the first to be born in a democratic country.

"Democracy and freedom came at a great price and cannot be taken for granted.

"We should therefore treasure and use the opportunity to exercise this right," Tlakula said.

She said although a date for the elections had not yet been proclaimed, the IEC planned to be ready at the earliest possible date within the legislative framework.

The DA said it was pleased that the IEC preparations for next year's elections were on track.

It urged all unregistered South Africans of voting age to register to vote during the IEC’s registration weekend, DA MP James Selfe said in a statement.

"We also urge all registered voters to ensure they are registered in the province where they live if they have moved since the previous election."