Your hair as you age

By Faeza
04 July 2017

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AS you grow older, your hair undergoes some changes. For most women over the age of 40, the thing that worries them the most is going grey. But there are other things you should look out for when you reach this age.


Your hair loses its original colour and becomes grey, which normally starts at the scalp working its way to the root. This is caused by your hair not producing any colour anymore. Solution: If grey hair is not your thing, you can use colour, but it must specifically made for mature hair.  Do not colour your hair more than once a month and do not leave on for long periods. Treat your hair in between colouring as peroxide tends to strip hair of its natural oils.


Your hair becomes thin due to hair loss, especially around the nape area (the back of your neck). This is caused by low or fluctuating thyroid levels. Your hair's slow growth rate also contributes to this. One can lose up to 100 hair strands per day during this process. Solution:  There is not much that can be done about hair thinning, but the process can be slowed down with a good conditioner, which repairs the damage and restores lost oils.  Avoid heat styling tools. If necessary, apply a heat protector.


The cells which help to protect your hair from the outside become fragile, leaving your hair exposed and weaker. Solution: To strengthen your hair, wash it with a protective shampoo. Use scalp oils and creams to stimulate the follicles. This will help with some sort of growth. The more hair there is, the stronger it will be.  Leave your hair loose as much as you can. Brush it less than usual and reduce the amount of stress on it as this has a direct effect on the strength.


When you are older, your oil glands shrink and do not produce as much or enough oil.  Solution:  The best solution for this is to simply feed your hair with oil. Oil nourishment starts at the washing stage, where you can add some oil to your shampoo. The second stage is an oil treatment rather than the usual menthol ones. The last stage is day-to-day moisturising. Depending on how dry your hair is, apply oil once or twice a month.  If your hair is not too dry, then you can skip applying oil when washing. Do not use the heated oil treatment as mature hair cannot handle heat.