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Your problems are not a problem to God

By admin
12 May 2014

Collin Damans shares his favourite bible verse and revives our spirits in difficult times

“ And we know that all

things work together

for good for them that love the Lord, those that

He has called to serve His purpose”

Romans 8:28

This verse always reminds me that whatever I am going through, it is not that difficult

for Him to solve it. It teaches us that, as Christians, we have to go through difficult phases in order for something

good to come to our lives. Jesus Christ suffered on the cross in order for us to have Eternal life. But sometimes we Christians like to moan and question God in times of desperation, forgetting that these hard times are meant for us to be stronger in our faith. We need to be grateful for everything that happens

in our lives. So, when I encounter some problems, I kneel down and give praise to Him, because if it weren’t for

the hardships, we wouldn’t be able to have the good things. We have to go through hardships for us to enjoy his

blessings and the good things in life.