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Zizo’s beauty secrets Part 1

By admin
17 August 2013

When celebrities are appointed as ambassadors for beauty products, we may think they are just the face, but don’t know much about the products they represent. But skincare is very important to Zizo Beda, face of the Garnier Oil Control range, as she explains...

Before you became the face of Garnier Oil Control, were you always into taking care of your skin? I’ve always been careful of what I put on my skin and I have a skin-care routine that I follow daily. My line of work requires that my skin always looks good and healthy.

Tell us about your skin-care regime? Every morning, I wash my face with the Oil Control face wash, and then I moisturise with the vanishing cream. I have oily skin, so I need to take extra care of it. I also exfoliate once a week. One thing that I also do daily is use

sunblock on my face.

People have a tendency to mix brands when it comes to products.Do you think this is wise? I think people must find the right product for their skin type. I like using products with natural ingredients because they’re good for my skin. If mixing brands works well for your skin, then I can’t object to that.

People have this perception that, because they have good skin, they don’t need products like cleansers or creams. What do you have to say?They need to understand that skin is not always going to look like that by itself. We need to take care of it and feed it the necessary nutrients to keep it healthy. Moisturising is always key when it comes to skin.