Zoe Mthiyane on about her relationship with Lebo M

By Faeza
30 May 2016

Now for the other side of the coin.

The couple announced their break up last week, and even went to social media to bash each other.

Now Zoe has spoken to Sunday Sun about what went wrong in their relationship, she first revealed to the paper that she was apparently dumped via email.

"I was cc'd in the email that I would be moving out - and I should return the car and engagement ring." She alleged that Lebo didn't pay lobolo. "And [he] used to say he lived in the US and didn't believe in lobolo and paying things like inhlawulo (damages)."

She said she was more like a trophy wife to Lebo M, adding that she noticed a different side to her ex that she wasn’t comfortable with.

"He's a great guy and a good lover, but when he flips he's a different person." She also claimed that she wasn't allowed to work.

“Lebo’s broken. No one can fix him apart from himself,” she told the publication.

Lebo's spokesperson,  Neo Mothlala, told the publication that Zoe's family failed to approach Lebo's family to announce her pregnancy "despite a very public pregnancy and engagement".