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Days of our economically free lives

By Move Digital
30 April 2019


It’s time to start making smart money choices – here’s how to save money and make money

We often find it hard to get rid of old stuff because we become attached and truly believe that we’ll use it “one day” in the future. It turns out you can make a lot of money if you part ways with your previously used goods. And it all happens online. OLX provides the platform that allows you to sell your used goods in a safe and easy way – every seller must create a profile for safety. You can also buy quality used goods and avoid getting yourself into debt with high prices while trying to “keep up with the Joneses”.

People buy and sell on the platform in over 105 countries, from America to Asia, and in 40 different languages – so it’s time to get with the programme, so to speak.

Whether you need to create some extra space for your winter coats or baby clothes, get a TV for your kid’s room or even if you’re looking for a new (used) car – make shopping a breeze. You can scout around for the perfect price that suits your wallet and free up some extra cash from the old bicycles, couches and shoes that you no longer wear or use. And what’s the use if it’s just gathering dust?

Here’s to living your best economically free life with OLX!

The only thing you have to worry about is what you’ll do with all the extra money. Check out a sneak peek of OLX’s new online soapie, Days of Our Economically Free Lives, below for inspiration.