Forging friendships through travel

06 September 2018
flight centre

flight centre (supplied)

Don’t be that friend who gets left behind

What’s better than experiencing exciting locations and making memories with your friends? Flight Centre has you covered with a great way to save together to help you finally achieve your travel goals.

For friends who want to travel together, setting up a Stokvel is an excellent way to contribute to your joint holiday. All you need to do is complete an application form at your nearest Flight Centre branch and include the signature of each traveller. Deposit the minimum amount of R500 and your Stokvel is up and running.

Provided the amount of R500 is retained in your club, Stokvel members can use the funds at any time, not just to book travel.

Reasons to travel with friends:

Quality time 

Shared experiences

A choice of activities and company

Flight Centre Travel Group. “But there shouldn’t be any pressure to do absolutely everything together.” 

Her favourite holiday with friends was a Busabout sailing trip around Turkey. “We were ten friends and the first few days were high energy as everyone was so happy to see each other. Once we got on the boat, we started to relax, and it was just so lovely to be in each other’s company whether we were listening to music, sharing meals, swimming, tanning, sleeping, reading or relaxing.”

Group discounts

Make sure you’re not the friend that gets left behind. 

Planning is key. Here are three tips to get you travelling together:

  • Know the costs

  • Group consensus

  • Get good advice 

Life is meant to be shared with good friends and great adventures. Step away from Facebook and make real shared memories you’ll never forget. 

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