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Helping you finance your education

By Move Digital
18 February 2019


Don't let money get in the way of your dreams – there are many ways you can finance your studies

So you have big dreams for your future but you don't have the money to get you there? iQ Academy has you covered!

After the events of the Fees Must Fall uprising, the government made R57 billion available to fund higher education over the next three years. Despite this big new development, people still struggle to access quality, affordable education and think studying further just is not on the cards for them.

It's good to know there actually is a way and you can, in fact, break the cycle of poverty and create a better future.

Learn how to finance your higher education and understand the changing trends and demands on higher education in South Africa. With changing industry demands, mechanisation and digitisation, traditional education is evolving. New skills and methods are essential for anyone who wishes to stay relevant to the modern job market. Here's how to access affordable and relevant education.


Do your research. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that many higher learning institutions offer full or partial bursaries. There is also an option to be funded by an employer if you are in the working world - many offer bursaries to help develop employees. People miss out because they assume the option is not available to them or they don't apply. Don't be afraid to ask and give it a shot.

Other organisations offer bursaries to students who have achieved good marks. So reap the rewards of your hard work. Click here for more information on such organisations and the bursaries on offer.


The job market is looking for people equipped with specific practical skills and knowledge instead of mainly theoretical knowledge that universities offer. The face of education itself is also changing, with new trends emerging such as digital learning, self-learning, learning on demand, experiential learning and subjects that develop innovative entrepreneurial skills.

These new trends are not being led by universities, but rather by Higher Learning Institutions that offer shorter diploma courses and higher certificates like iQ Academy - where they offer a host of relevant courses. What's more, they offer shorter, more focused courses, and they are more affordable so you can self-finance your education.

iQ Academy, along with main courses in business sciences, also offer the value add of the "Do life" courses free for their students. This includes the "Do Moola" course which equips students to manage and grow their personal finances through modules like Budget Basics and Savings.

The goal is to make education that's relevant and accessible to the people pf South Africa because Ukwazi Ukuzimela is the heritage of every South African.

For more information for accessible and relevant education click here.