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Make losing weight a reality with Slimz

19 February 2018

How the Slimz’s Slimcut range is helping Move! editor on her weight loss journey

It’s just well over a  month since I started on the weight loss journey using Slimz and I couldn’t be happier to announce that I have lost a whopping 5.3kg so far, I am just 4.7kg from dropping 10kg, which is one dress size down.

For me, this is a serious feat.  Losing this amount of weight in a matter of weeks is a first for me, having tried many diets and products on the market. So what has been my secret to success? Slimz Slimcut - The Original Fat Burning Liquid which provides maximum weight control.

I drink the Slimcut AdiBurn 200 every time before meals. This product has many benefits including being an energy tonic, fat burner, weight loss activator and appetite suppressant. The best part is that this product is affordable at only R129,00 at Dischem, Clicks and other leading pharmacies and can last up to three weeks for a 500ml bottle.


Weight loss products are more effective with an eating plan. Unlike many companies that just sell you the product without recommending an eating plan, Slimz provides you with the necessary support to make your dream weight a reality.

It’s simple: For breakfast you can have cereal of your choice like muesli or oats with low fat milk or yoghurt. Before lunch you can snack with a fruit of your choice.

At lunch, you must have a protein of your choice but remember the meat has to be lean. You can have this with a starch of your choice and two vegetables. You can have another snack in the afternoon like a bran muffin or a fruit again.

At supper, you may have two choices of starch, one vegetable and of course your protein. To see results, you must drink Slimz AdiBurn 200 Slimcut

The original Fat Burning Liquid before any of the meals. You can mix it with water or drink it on its own. It is important to weigh your portions according to the guidelines Slimz provides.

There are days where you will cheat but the trick is to play around with your diet. If I am going to be drinking on the weekend, I make sure that on the Friday, I don’t eat starch the entire day and during the weekend continue taking the AdiBurn 200 Slimcut: The Original Fat Burning Liquid. This is very important for your progress.


It is important to use the Slimz products correctly, eat accordingly, drink water and exercise to see results.

Slimz has recommended that I drink three litres of water a day and because it can be kind of a hassle to drink water, I have made things easy for myself. I drink a litre before breakfast, another after lunch and another after dinner.

Trust me, the trips to the bathroom are all worth it in the weight loss journey. When you have issues with weight, gym can seem intimidating. If you are scared of going to gym alone, like me, ask a friend to tag along.

Exercising as a team makes it fun.  You can also take your children for a walk around your neighbourhood. The key in all of this is to remember to have fun. I am certainly having the time of my life.

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For more information on Slimz products visit or follow their Facebook page: Slimz. Slimz is available at Dischem; Clicks and other leading pharmacies.