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Putting love back into pre-loved

13 July 2018

Do more with your cash and your time. Take all your pre-loved items down to a Cash Crusaders and get cash in your pocket.

Decluttering your life can be a hassle in every sense of the word. Cash Crusaders will buy your pre-loved goods.

Every year that goes by brings with it new phones, laptops, TVs and other high-end gadgets. Keeping up with the times can leave you with more things than you want or need. But pre-loved doesn’t mean useless and dated to Cash Crusaders. It means treasured and valuable.

Just because your iPhone is no longer the latest and greatest doesn’t mean we can’t find a use for it. Cash Crusaders has several fast, secure, hassle-free ways for help find a new home for your pre-loved goods and some extra cash for yourself.

Whether it is an iPhone or an Xbox, you can easily sell to Cash Crusaders online through a simple, secure process. Not only will Cash Crusaders buy your laptop, Cash Crusaders will shop around for you at three of their stores so you get the best price for your valuables. The entire application process is on your time and at your convenience. No unknown buyers, no reversed EFTs and no wasted time or money scheduling meetings that lead to nowhere.

If you prefer a more traditional route then pop into a Cash Crusaders store conveniently located near you. There are 220 stores across Southern Africa that are more than happy to help you get cash for your pre-loved valuables. Walk in, agree on the price, sell and walk out. Nothing could be easier or as profitable for you.

If you have too many things to sell or the fridge won’t fit in your hatchback, why not contact Cash Crusaders to come to your house? Cash Crusaders will come to you free of charge, provided you live within a certain radius of your nearest store. Our qualified buyers will inspect your items and agree on a price on site. Simple, easy and on your timeframe.

No matter how you want to sell your valuables, Cash Crusaders has you covered. For the things you need, and the things you don’t.

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