This ‘aquarium’ will blow you away

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24 October 2017
Future Park

Future Park

The Sketch Aquarium gives children the chance to express their creativity in a new, unique way

Ever wondered what it would look like if you could design your own fish or sea creature? Now you can make it happen!

At Future Park, the exhibition Huisgenoot, YOU and DRUM will bring to South Africa in September, you can colour in a sea creature, scan it and then see it come to life in a virtual tank projected against the walls. Your fish can play with the sea animals created by other visitors and react to your or someone else’s touch.

Every now and again a bag of food appears that bursts when someone touches it, causing the fish and other creatures to swim closer and “feed”.

The Sketch Aquarium gives children the chance to express their creativity in a new, unique way while encouraging social skills, an interest in technology, developing independence and fostering respect for diversity. And there are many more activities that parents and children alike will enjoy.

Future Park is presented by Huisgenoot, YOU and Drum. Capetonians can see it from 23 September at the V&A Waterfront.

Ticket prices

Single: R130

Family of four: R460

Pensioners and students: R115

Tickets available at Computicket

More about Future Park

Future Park has several activities to explore, and each of them work differently.  

At Sketch Town Papercraft children’s drawings of cars and trains are turned into 3D paper crafts they can take home. This activity develops problem-solving skills and spatial awareness.

At Hopscotch for Geniuses kids explore different shapes by jumping from one to another and seeing them change colour and sound, encouraging spatial awareness.

The Light Ball Orchestra is a room full of large balls that change colour and sound as children roll and bounce them around.

Connecting! Block Town is a town where cars and trains move on digitally projected roads and railway tracks that children can change and connect to one another through wooden blocks. By moving the blocks children change the direction and layout of the town and vehicles in it.

At the Table Where Little People Live children stand or sit around an interactive tabletop screen. The tiny people that run around on the table react to objects placed on it, such as your hands or blocks, by trying to climb over them or running into them. This activity develops pattern recognition, logical thinking, creativity and an understanding of the laws of physics such as gravity.

Sketch Town works like the Sketch Aquarium: the trains, cars and buildings that are coloured in are then scanned and projected into a virtual town where you can watch them drive around.

The Story of Time teaches children more about symbols and stories. When children touch the symbols on the screen they change into images that tell a story the more symbols you touch.

One of the most incredible features of the exhibition is that it changes every time you visit because your experience is crafted by the other visitors attending.

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