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A Wakeup Call for Whites

30 April 2012, 12:12
I’m white, so I can criticize my own kind without the fear of being called a bigot or a racist, and I’ll use this advantage that my white skin indeed gives me—one of the few remaining perks of being white ;)—to speak for those who wish they could say what I am about to. I don’t do this to deride whites, but I hope some of you will catch a wakeup and realise that you are fast becoming the vanguard of your own destruction.

Let us start with a light appetizer of sorts and then move on to the main course of things I have to say. Many whites in SA think of white children as the better-behaved variant of South African toddlers. It comes from a residual racism we all inherited from apartheid, which taught us we whites are cleaner, smarter, better educated, more cultured, morally superior, and harder working.  We therefore look more tolerably at misbehaving white children, than we do at other races’ offspring. And this is a small part of what is seriously wrong with us.

Even the Waterkloof four received a shocking amount of support from the white community despite their sadistic crime. Were these children black or Indian then the very people pleading for them to receive a light sentence, and/or be granted a second chance, would be screaming DEATH PENLATY and INEPT GOVERNMENT as they usually do. I tell you, being white can lately only be summed up as being a troll.


Let me just quickly nuke the now mobilising troll camp on News24. Granted, I no longer live in SA; I suppose I should just shut up and let you lot screw things up in my absence, because that is the expat thing to do right? I mean I ‘got out’, right; I should just enjoy my new life and forget that SA is my land of birth and the place where many of my friends and family still reside. And if I can’t shut up about SA and its issues, it surely must mean I’m experiencing some pleasure and/or activity deficiency in the country I currently inhabit.

I used to think being soft on your children and having them rule the house and its finances by the age of ten is just a white South African phenomenon. I used to think that maybe we just had it too easy, or maybe too hard and became soft towards our children. Maybe we simply had something worse to compare our behaviour to, like crime, rape, and murder (seen by most whites as non-white behaviour) and thus assumed we are the epitome of classy, gracious, and sophisticated social mannerisms. Now I’m halfway across the pond and the picture looks strikingly similar to what I observed in SA.

Here in Singapore, I often see disquieting behaviour from white people and their children, and I’ve seen it so many times that I am forced to start ascribing patterns of behaviour along racial lines. If you want to see proof that our specie is simply another primate, observe a white child on a public bus and prepare to be convinced!

I see the tortured but composed faces of the Singaporeans who have to put up with the white reprobates that terrorise the cinemas, shopping center isles, busses and trains, with their manic, sugar induced fits. And not too far away is the either oblivious and/or indifferent white couple: a fat, sun-burnt woman with her freckled, earth shaking form tormenting the seams of the skimpy vest she has on and her twigman husband in tow. Their kids are now rocketing ahead, screaming like pigs the slaughter as they run aimlessly through the crowd for no apparent reason. The incompetent parents can but only spare a monetary, soft reproach, ‘Alex… Sarah, mind the other people, please.’

I feel there are more adjectives in me fighting to get out, and I must relate another example to scratch this itch.

My wife and I were on our way to the zoo to enjoy a bit of natural adventure and sightseeing. We boarded the bus and sat quietly, entertained by our smartphones like any other Singaporean on a public transport vehicle. A few stops later and the bus got boarded—and later taken over—by a white couple and their two children.

For a mind-numbing thirty minutes, one of these white creatures felt the cretinous need to sing twinkle twinkle little star at the top of her voice, until we reached the zoo! I wish to impart the following reality on any parent; we, the public, do not find your children cute. If you could but realise this simple fact, you might come to appreciate that your child’s off-tone, gratingly annoying voice, coupled with its impoverished variety of nursery rhymes, is not something we find pleasant when subjected to.

Couple the above examples with cases where white expats call into local radio shows to express their invective at locals and their ‘uncultured’ mannerism, and I am really starting to think we whites are our own worst enemy. In every country where we whites are the minority, we are considered others as rude, unmannered, disrespectful, loud, obnoxious, and lazy. And we take every goddamn opportunity we get to show them that they are absolutely right about us!

It is high time we whites get over ourselves. We somehow forgot that being hard working and courteous are the best ways to ensure that people respect us. We have become solipsistic; we think of ourselves as the golden standard, the QC-passed strain of the human fungus, and we expect everyone to treat us as such. We huddle together in our little fraternity circles. We carve out entire neighborhoods as ‘white only’ islands in a sea of other races.

White, if I may borrow a historical reference, is the new black, and I find myself increasingly phobic of being seen with a group of other white people because one becomes guilty by association. And this takes exceptional care to execute successfully because I unknowingly and unintentionally landed myself squarely in the middle of the whitest neighborhood in Singapore, Holland Grove.

The local entertainment haunt in this neighbourhood (Holland Village) is filled with Western and Asian restaurants and bars. White expats descend on the area like flies, and the odd, brave soul has even expressed their annoyance at the locals who also frequent the area. Imagine being told by a foreigner in your own country, in your own neighborhood, that you should avoid a popular entertainment centre because you obviously aren’t an expat and unworthy of mingling with them.

Again, this statement (along with other insulting remarks) was made by a white expat  who called in on national radio to express her dimwitted opinion. The subsequent response from the local crowd was one of anger and disappointment, but had composure and was devoid of generalizations about white expats. Later, the white woman who made the remark on radio called in to apologise (barely) and clarify that she meant no disrespect by calling locals uncultured, poorly dressed, and unfit to occupy areas ‘meant’ for expats. Even her apology was insulting and cringe worthy.

Forgive me my fellow saffers, I know this does not concern you, but permit me to express what I wish I had the chance to tell that British cow to her face. The Singaporeans have more class, decency, respect, culture, and dress sense than your pale, fat, freckled ass in tethers could ever hope to have. Rather than complain about locals ‘tainting’ your (Where do you get this idea?) hang-out spot, why don’t you just admit that you are petrified by the thought of never having another male approach you and buy you a drink because your blubber butt can’t hold a candle to the sleek, sexy, and toned body of an Asian woman.

 You seem well aware of the fact that your date will cast you into the river for one of these gracious, caring, and sensual beauties (I know, I married one), and thus you want them removed to level the playing field because you know it’s not even a competition when an attractive Asian woman enters the establishment, it’s an uncontested game over, go home for white women!

I’ll devote an article to the fallacy of the modern Caucasian woman in the near future. The feminist, I’ll devour my own offspring, only I won’t give a man the satisfaction attitude of the modern, business-class, white woman warrants some attention, because lord knows they can’t get it from us modern, successful white men anymore. Every smart white man I know in Singapore is married to an Asian woman, and happy as a teenage boy with a recently pinched porno magazine.

But I digress. Our problem is twofold, it is not just about being Caucasian, it is also about being western. The west has been the global trendsetters and rule writers for most of the world. Our political system, democracy, has been forced down the throats of other nations; nations who fought our occupation of their land as hard as they fought the demagogic and oppressive regimes that made their lives hell. We have the record of accomplishment of solving political problems and cultural disputes around the world with the grace and elegance of an Ebola outbreak.

We western nations have become lazy and suffer from a severe condition called entitlement syndrome. Our children want to earn a salary before they even have a job (welfare); we hardly care to educate ourselves because we feel that a job is something society owes us. We don’t save enough for our retirement because we hope our kids will take care of us. There are exceptions to the generalizations, and I think they are smart enough to realise I’m not talking about or to them, but those subscribing to one of the flaws I detail in this article will undoubtedly call me a liar, and stupid.

I think we whites have become victims of our former greatness. I’m not talking about whites restricted to South Africa; I’m talking about our entire western world.

South Africa is the recently escaped abductee of the most powerful, most enduring Empire the world has ever seen, the British Empire, on which the sun will never set because god would not trust the English in the dark. Despite being foul mouthed and drunk with or without occasion, they still managed to conquer other countries with surprising ease and fended off attacks on the empire against even greatly advanced countries. The entire west has been sitting in the shade of this once mighty white empire.

And since the birth of this empire, the west has enjoyed the status of being the technological and military powerhouse of the world. We think of ourselves as so damn smart. We like to laugh at someone who tells us that the Chinese were writing poetry and philosophy back when we were still clubbing our women over the head and dragging them into our caves. We are quick to say, oh we know the Chinese were experimenting with solid rocket fuel rods strapped to chairs back when we were still foraging for berries and dead squirrels in the forests of Europe, and that we showed our true potential by putting the first man on the moon. We will admit the Chinese discovered gunpowder a long time before we even wore clothes, but we are quick to retort with and brag about the fact that we built and detonated the world’s first nuclear bomb! And I have to admit, as advanced as the Chinese were, we surpassed them in just about every aspect.

We continue to invent various technological products that the Chinese simply put together for us. This adds to our false sense of superiority. We think, we will always be the source of the latest medical, military, and consumer technology. We thought, up until recently, that our western economies would continue to grow despite us getting lazier and more dependent on debt with each successive generation. We scoff at the idea of working for what we call ‘peanuts’ when we hold a university degree or even no degree at all. But I assure you, many of our Asian brethren are already ahead of us in the education department. Their economies are growing whilst ours are stalling. The whole of Asian, India included is becoming the new fertile grounds for technological advancement. They are advancing their societies on every level (socially, educationally, technologically and economically) while we are trying our best to go back to the dark ages where religion will dictate how fast we may advance, if at all.

And look at the west today. We have spectacularly ruined our economies (US and now the whole of Europe) and turned several million whites into economic refugees. White men and women are quickly becoming the cheapest form of labour in the global jobs market. As our economies crumble and our banks freeze our access to MORE debt (a sure-fire way of destroying one’s future for the sake of one’s greed today), we are quickly becoming the modern day economic version of the Israelites: a stray, lugubrious tribe who themselves appointed most of their oppressors.

Our neighborhoods in the UK, US, and parts of Europe and SA are crawling with jobless, uneducated gangs of white miscreants, all of whom seem fit for but one thing, extermination. These gangs terrorise everyone in sight: from elderly people to other white gangs; they show a form of mental and moral decay which have coalesced into a group of trashy, suicidal, lawless, useless, and near irreformable chavs!

We like to complain about foreigners and other races and the troubles they bring to our… errr… ‘once pristine’ shores, but we in turn fail to see the troubles we make for ourselves and others. The lingering effects of apartheid still leaves me with a feeling of acceptance for non-white delinquency, it is after all what we were taught to expect from other racial groups. But it only takes so long before evidence and reason come to jailbreak me from another intellectual prison cell I found myself born into.

We seem hell-bent on ignoring the signs of the times and the lessons of the past. We will not humble ourselves, change our presuppositions of others, or share our success. We suffer from the NIMBY syndrome (not in my back yard) attitude, but we always leap at playing the ‘enlightened’ so we can deliberate endlessly about what the REAL problem is and how it should be resolved without us making any concessions. We think we can fence ourselves off economically and culturally from the rest of the world and wait for them to eat each other. My chom, they are coming to eat YOU! We are fast losing our grip on the title as the world’s most powerful technological and economic caucus, and it is happening because we thought we could bunker ourselves in and keep the rest out.

I won’t even go into the morality of this racist, solipsistic, and segregationalist mindset we whites seem to inherit from generation to generation, but suffice it to say we are no longer the ones with the biggest sticks.

What I said may seem harsh, but the residual tribalism of being a Caucasian drives me to warn those of my ilk to wake up and reform. Being white is fast becoming a curse, an economic birth defect, and a intellectual form of seclusionism. I can see how far ahead the Asian races are, and nations like China may shortly become the new superpowers of the world. Then, my dear white brethren, you will find yourselves facing off against people who work 15 hours a day, 6 days a week; people who hold one or more degrees, and are willing to prove themselves and work hard to get to the top and we will soon die out.

So if I can’t reach your intellect, or the stone you have for a heart, let me at least try to reach your sense of self preservation. If you want to continue to be the rule makers and trendsetters in the world, you better embrace a multicultural mindset, get off your fat ass, and go educate yourself, and then work hard, bloody hard, to ensure you remain at the top. When you have done all this, learn to let the sun shine on others, and do the neighbourly thing, extend a helping hand and stop slamming shut the doors of success behind you as you make your way through them.

… Just something for you to think about as you count the hours to knock-off time.
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