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Atheist because I love you

15 April 2013, 10:00

My English teacher told me about a book. I forget the title but the interesting part is what I remember. The book was about cavemen. These were no ordinary cavemen. Their whole lives were spent in a cave bound to each other by shackles. They were arranged in a circle with their backs toward the centre.

There was a fire in the middle of the circle that created shadows on the walls. As they could not see each other, they thought they were the shadows on the walls. This is how they interacted with each other. There came a day when one of these men broke free from the shackles. He then wandered out of the cave, out into the real world. When he returned he tried to tell the people that there is more to life than the cave. He tried to tell them that they have bodies and the shadows were nothing more than obstructions of light.

He wanted the people to loose themselves from the chains and go out to explore the world. They refused him. They didn’t believe him. I’ve noticed that many people have come to accuse us atheists of being antagonistic. This is not how I see things. We atheists are the man that broke through the shackles and wandered into the light. Our passion is confused for violent extremism. Our passion is for you, our people! If one of us is bound then we are all bound. We want you, the religious, to come out into the real world. We want you to come and enjoy the real world without irrational fears. I know your disposition. Having been raised in the cave I see the shadow of my former self in you.

I want to extrapolate some ideas from articles that have been written here. I want to start by making a premise. God is omniscient. This means that he is all knowing. Omniscient is defined as an adjective. It means having complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things. Thank you Why then would God create man? Is his purpose to worship God? This can’t be because God wouldn’t need to be worshipped because he is omniscient. He knows and understands what it is like to be worshipped for he knows all things.

My understanding of omniscient also includes a state of having no wants or desires for you perceive all things! I’ll qualify this. Think of sex. An omniscient being would not need to have sex because he knows exactly how he would feel during sex. He knows the consequence of each and every position and technique. He would even know the ecstasy that would be derived. It would be like he is already having sex. Therefore, he would not require it. Surely God was not lonely. Well he can’t be because he is omniscient. Did he then simply have a desire to express his creative side? Surely not! He is omniscient and should be neutral to all wants and needs. No matter what position you take as a believer, it will have to be omniscient minus one. God is therefore less than perfect for he created to begin with. He created to appease something inside that was lacking. This is not the description of an omniscient being.

I have seen well people believe they are “ill”, able people being convinced that they can’t without the permission of a non-existing entity. I have seen people waiting for the express voice to speak out of nowhere and say, “Yes, you may my son/daughter”, and no answer comes.

Then the preacher says that God must have said no and you missed it. How is it that God can be the author of everything, even language, and choose to speak in a manner that his obedient sheep could easily misconstrue? How can the bible itself be a convoluted enigma riddled with contradiction? The master of the universe told people what to write right? I have even asked family members whether they have heard the voice of God. I thought there was something wrong with me for not hearing. But I see it in their faces: The hesitating, eyes narrowing, quivering lips and the sudden reduction of volume to a mere whisper…“Yes”. This is the “I’m a junior martyr because I have lied for Jesus” mentality. I hate it! It’s no surprise that the people that fill the pews are the poor.

The truth is that we have created a very horrible world. It is the poor that need to know that there is a comforter that sticketh closer than a brother. That he loves you no matter what. This man died for you to appease a blood thirsty war lord. I have not known the rich to flock in the house of God. Even Christ himself said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter an imaginary kingdom. I’m guessing it’s because the camel and the needle are real. I guess I want people to take full responsibility for their lives. You are the reason you are going through that crisis. God is not testing you. Even if he was is there some big exam that he’s preparing you for?

Why does God need to make a soldier out of you? He has a whole flock of angels. I want people to know that everything does not happen for a reason. There isn’t some big plan that God is setting you up with. Don’t you get it, that’s the junk they feed you to stop feeling hopeless? I’m tired of people refuting hardcore reality and substituting it for non-sense. You get taught faith which is a direct contradiction to intelligence. Why would God choose such a ridiculous measuring stick if he created you as an intelligent life form? Even Jesus told the people that if you don’t believe who I am, at least believe because of the things you have “SEEN” me do. I’m tired of people suffering when they could acquire knowledge and do something about their situation. They want to be rich but they only read books about how to bring that blessing down from God. They know no business book! But they can tell you how to chant, “Money come now” till they’re blue in the face. I have seen and heard people rejecting the entire compendium of human knowledge in favour of fables! The mind is truly a terrible thing to waste.

I heard a belief from a friend and a pastor a few years ago. They believed that before sin entered the world, animals didn’t kill each other to survive. I’m sure you’ve seen those ridiculous pictures of a lion sitting on a nice sunny day next to a lamb. Well I say if you can find me the fossils of a lion without canine teeth and only molars, I will legally change my name to One Eyed Flying Purple People Eater! We have fossils of T-Rex!!! The thing damn near only has canine teeth. These people don’t even realise that they are subtly accepting evolution. When sin came into the world the animals would have then started to bite each other. This would have led to their bodies changing to make them more efficient at this task.

A lion has bloody meat hooks for claws. Those things are like 3-4 inches! Meat hooks I tell you! Now I have never seen a meat plant in my life. Neither have I heard of one in mythology. Either that or Simba had to eat a lot of nuts and beans for protein to maintain his muscle mass. Guess who else has canine teeth? Me and you! In Genesis God tells our great ancestor that he has all the trees and plants for food. So then how did we suddenly develop canine teeth for ripping flesh (some believe they were for cracking nuts. But molars are better suited for this crushing)? If we were just grazing all day, we wouldn’t need canines. Also how did we get the 9 essential amino acids that our bodies can’t generate if we were eating grass all day? We get them from poultry, fish and eggs for example. Speaking of grazing, I haven’t seen the dental profile of a cow. I’m willing to bet they don’t have canines. Finally from eating grass only how did our digestive systems cope with the transition to meat?

I finish with a poem by Christopher Logue that seems appropriate.

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It's too high!
And they came,
and we pushed,
And they flew.  

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