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BRICS , Israel and SA's role in world politics

18 July 2014, 17:30
Most South Africans are blissfully unaware that at this point in history we are on centre stage, along with all the other players that hit the front pages of newspapers and the headlines on TV. 

Many misguidedly see themselves as living at the bottom of Africa where they are apart and separated from international politics and economics. Many still concern themselves with our past history, to the exclusion of the present or even an understanding of the formation of our future. It really is time to wake up and smell the coffee.

With regard to Israel, the South African  government has very clearly spoken out against the bombing of Gaza, even to the point of threatening to expel the Israeli ambassador and recalling the South African ambassador from Israel. With reference to :

(1) South Africans Condemn Israeli Aggression Against the Palestinians. ANC, COSATU maintains long held position in opposition to Zionist occupation 

Quote: “While Israel says it fights Hamas because it is a terror organization that does not recognize its existence as a Jewish state, it unleashes the same violence on virtually any Palestinian. It practices ruthless collective punishment. It opposes unity among Palestinians ostensibly because this includes Hamas, but it acts just as harshly against other political movements in the Palestinian territory. The latest escalation of violence against Palestinians comes just over a month since they established a unity government, which was then recognized by many world governments to the chagrin of the state of Israel. Hamas has become a convenient explanation for indiscriminate violence visited on Palestinians before unity efforts.”

Then there is the BRICS policy on this situation. Promoting a two state solution in accordance with United Nations Resolution 242 and sticking to the1967 border line.

(2) Listen to the sound of the Global South - Pepe Escobar 

Quote: “Take also the BRICS’s unified voice on Israel/Palestine; they support “a contiguous and economically viable Palestinian State existing side by side in peace with Israel, within mutually agreed and internationally recognized borders based on the 4 June 1967 lines, with East Jerusalem as its capital”. They also “oppose the continuous construction and expansion of settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories by the Israeli Government, which violates international law, gravely undermines peace efforts and threatens the viability of the two-State solution.””

In conjunction with the political aspect of both South African and BRICS policies, there is a very dramatic change going on in the global economy, which the BRICS bank will institute. 

In order to understand this  change, a full understanding of the past, of the nature of the Federal Reserve Bank and the role of the dollar since the end of WW2 as international currency as well as the role of the petro dollar in oil transactions is nessesary.   

Here are a number of videos about the Federal Reserve Bank that you can explore in order to see how the the world economy has been run for the last 100 years. ( see References at bottom page for links) 

(3) FIAT EMPIRE: Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution

(4) Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

(5) How The Federal Reserve Is Turning Money Into Debt – Truthloader

(6) Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University speaking at the “Fixing the Banking System for Good” conference on April 17, 2013

(7) Experts Agree – The Fed Must End!

Due to the establishment of the BRICS bank, all this will change. How? 

Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall points out in: (8) US Dollar Suffers Serious Setback- One More Nail in the Coffin

Quote: “So how, people might ask, does the BRICS decision to form a rival development bank hurt the US dollar? Aside from their iron-fisted manipulation of international development loans, the US also exerts tyrannical domination over world trade through their militant (i.e. backed by military aggression) insistence that crude oil be traded in US dollars to the exclusion of any other currency. Thoughtful economic pundits are quick to point out that George W. Bush’s military campaign to take out Saddam Hussein immediately followed the latter’s decision to trade Iraqi oil in Euros. The government of Iran made a similar move in 2007, which precipitated growing calls from both sides of Congress to bomb them back to the Stone Age.”

While in (9) BRICS against Washington Consensus, Pepe Escobar in says:

Quote: “The defining issue of the times: how neoliberalism – ruling directly or indirectly most of the world – is producing a disastrous anthropological mutation that is plunging us all into global totalitarianism (while everyone swears by their “freedoms”).

It’s always instructive to come back to Argentina. Argentina is imprisoned by a chronic foreign debt crisis essentially unleashed by the IMF over 40 years ago – and now perpetuated by vulture funds. The BRICS bank and the reserve pool as an alternative to the IMF and World Bank offer the possibility for dozens of other nations to escape the Argentine plight. Not to mention the possibility that other emerging nations such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran and Turkey may soon contribute to both institutions.

No wonder the hegemonic Masters of the Universe gang is uneasy in their leather chairs." 

In his hard hitting Op Ed, (10) ‘Building a BRICS wall’  Adrian Salbuchi writes:

Quote: “Ever since the tragedy of 9/11, the US, UK and its NATO allies (plus Israel) have become a danger to the world. Over the past thirteen years we have seen the overrunning of Iraq over false American and British accusations that it was harboring weapons of mass destruction that were never found; the destruction of Libya in 2011; the wanton engineered chaos of the “Arab Spring” that set countries like Egypt back decades; the near destruction of Syria; and the decade-long threats of preventive war against Iran over its non-existent military nuclear program…

All thanks to Western meddling and “engineered social chaos”, which is the new form of war being waged by the US, UK, NATO (and Israel). Confronted with growing failure in the Middle East, of late they have moved on to other latitudes: Ukraine, for example…

Today, we see how over the past eight years, a new Wall is being silently erected and has become a symbol of hope for today’s distressed world. Although not physically a wall as such and not made of “stone or bricks”, the BRICS wall is definitely in place and here to stay.”

With respect to Israel in particular, (11)“Throwing BRICS at Israel” Johnny Punish says:

Quote “The USA and EU are in a epic brawl for resources and to save the US dollar from being marginalized to keep the current elite in power.  What we are seeing is the multi-polar world crashing on the 20th century winners.  This is what the conflicts in Ukraine, Iraq, Iran, and others including Gaza are really about.

Yesterday, the BRICS countries made pacts and created a new world bank excluding USA and EU.  This is NOT titillating news and does not make it to prime time but is the biggest news event in the last decade, maybe even the last 50 years, because it is earth shattering for the financial systems and will have effects in every society worldwide.”

As far as the media is concerned, we need to do our own research and not take what is dished up to us at face value. This means reading and listening to all sides, considering all points of view, not only the ones on your regular TV show or newspaper headline. Consider Rupert Murdoch, for example, and the biased news  reporting that comes out of his stable.

(12) Murdoch’s Media Monopoly: Are the Globalists Streamlining Their PR for WWIII?

Quote: “Rupert Murdoch is a master at manipulating the minds of the masses. His reputation for playing both sides of the political spectrum - such as pushing the NeoCon agenda, or for donating to the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign, has been greatly noted. However he has been consistent on one thing – the dedicated promotion of war. Any war is a good war for Murdoch’s media machine; large wars, small wars, cold wars, or hot wars. As the new winds of war heat up, and the cries from distressed Americans reach critical mass, it would be a Globalist PR Firm’s wet dream to consolidate and streamline the war message, something this merger could help greatly with.”

Then there are the journalists who do put themselves on the line to tell us the truth, more often than not working as independent reporters where they are not dictated to by media houses and do not kowtow to a propaganda line. These brave souls do not earn a fortune and  often their lives are threatened for reporting the truth. So far 4 journalists have been killed in East Ukraine.

Graham Phillips is one example of a journalist doing his job. However, a $10 000 bounty was put on his head by Ukrainian mafia for reporting on the truth about the Crimea referendum. He had to return to the UK as a result. His reporting did not fit in with the propaganda coming out of Kiev. Here is the interview that made him a target:

(13) Why the Crimea referendum was fair – Journalist Graham Phillips on the ground in Ukraine

Clearly his experience on the ground during the Referendum in which there was a 90% turnout and a majority decision to return to Russia, was at odds with most headlines around the world.

Ayman Mohyeldin is another.  He worked for  NBC News and personally witnessed the killing by Israel of four Palestinian boys on a Gazan beach.  He received widespread praise for his brave and innovative coverage of the conflict, but was told by NBC executives to leave Gaza immediately. Perhaps his reporting was a bit to close to the bone? See the coverage of his story by (14) The Young Turks .

So while we may live thousands of miles away, what goes on at the BRICS summit, what goes on in Israel and Gaza and what goes on in Ukraine is of very real concern to us as a nation, as a society and individually. 

My warning to South Africans is this. There are many who do not support the line we have taken with regards to the Palestinians, and there are many who would like to see our economy tied into the Federal Reserve system in perpetuity and our role in BRICS completely derailed.

South Africa is not immune from international overt and covert actions that could be very damaging to our country in one way or another. Our role in BRICS and our stance on Gaza has literally pushed us into the front row. And there might be repercussions.

Retaliation might be expected in the form of:  airplane/train/bus/nuclear disasters; geo engineered climate disasters; our currency suddenly loosing value; strikes and demonstrations that turn very violent. Third force activity of any kind, and that includes “farm murders” against white farmers by bought and paid for thugs for the purpose of creating racial tensions and political instability.

I would also suggest that readers become familiar with two concepts. 

(15) Colored Revolutions: A New Form of Regime Change, Made in the USA 


(16) Americans Are Finally Learning About False Flag Terror. 

A knowledge of both concepts means that the public is less easily duped and more reticent about becoming emotionally involved in a situation that has nothing to do with reality and has been engineered for maximum public response. Much like the movie and advertising industry that plays on our sexual, social, racial and religious ties in order to get the most impact. 

Should any of these things happen, before pulling out the blame and shame card, which in our society is very easy to do, (pick one, anyone… the one that you disagree with the most,)  step back and take a longer view before hating is the first response. Make sure of the facts before shooting from the hip and creating chaos in your own life and in the lives of others. Let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot or be deceived by those who would much rather see us fail as a nation, as a country.

It is time to stop looking back over our shoulders and instead look forward. That way we will actually see what is in front of us and not trip over our own feet. We have a long, hard road ahead of us, but I believe a future filled with much promise, innovation, economic stability and growth. 

A world were mature, adult and responsible leaders resolve conflicts in an intelligent manner, within international law and with respect for the multi polar world that we live in, which is rich and diverse. 

This, as opposed to the carnage we have seen in the last 100 years.


I believe BRICS is the first step.


(1) South Africans Condemn Israeli Aggression Against the Palestinians. ANC, COSATU maintains long held position in opposition to Zionist occupation.

(2) Listen to the sound of the Global South - Pepe Escobar

(3) FIAT EMPIRE: Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution

(4) Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

(5) How The Federal Reserve Is Turning Money Into Debt – Truthloader

(6) Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University speaking at the “Fixing the Banking System for Good” conference on April 17, 2013

(7) Experts Agree – The Fed Must End!

(8) US Dollar Suffers Serious Setback- One More Nail in the Coffin

(9) BRICS against Washington Consensus, Pepe Escobar

(10) ‘Building a BRICS wall’  Adrian Salbuchi

(11)“Throwing BRICS at Israel” Johnny Punish

(12) Murdoch’s Media Monopoly: Are the Globalists Streamlining Their PR for WWIII?

(13) Why the Crimea referendum was fair – Journalist Graham Phillips on the ground in Ukraine

(14) The Young Turks

(15) Colored Revolutions: A New Form of Regime Change, Made in the USA

(16) Americans Are Finally Learning About False Flag Terror
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