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Christians Think Like Malema Supporters

10 April 2012, 13:05

Greetings comrades,

It is Easter weekend, and the devil’s hands have been busy. I proudly present The Contrarian’s Easter Weekend Faith Bashing Special!!!!!!!!!!!

I promise this article will be extra special, and should also set straight those christians who think I’m one of them because my previous article used THEIR style of debate to explain why I’m an atheist. And now… without further ado… I present the Easter Weekend Faith Bashing Special!

Have you ever noticed how the faithful follow the rules of their religion in much the same way obese people stick to the rules of their diet? They are quick to tell everyone else they are ‘dieting’ and may even refuse one’s offer of a sweet treat, but the majority of them will never shed weight because their resolve is a bloody joke! It is all talk! These are my favourite theists, by the way. They just make noise. It is the more committed and intelligent believers that I worry about. The idiot that tells me, “You’re going to hell,” has already shown that he can’t even follow his own religious teachings, but that he fancies his chances to educate me on proper behaviour. Save any warning, or threat that you have for me, and go stand in front of a mirror and shout it out at the person you see reflected therein. No, the loud and proud ‘fake’ christian, I am not bothered by. It is the real thing: those who start wars, murder doctors who perform abortions, shoot gays and lesbians, and decapitate a member of another denomination on the bus, these are the ones who really do their faith justice because all religions, in some form, advocate violence in the here and now towards others. One does not even need to resort to the fine art of bible interpretation to get that message, it’s written plain as daylight in the old testament and I’m getting sick of repeating it only to hear… oh no, but this infallible being changed his mind after torturing the shit out of his son, the cosmic jew. That is a strange thing to do, change one’s mind, especially if you claim to be infallible, all knowing and perfect. But we’re not talking about people who are renowned for making sense of what they read, we’re talking about christians, after all. And not just christians in belief, but Christians in faith: the very definition of which can be summarized as an innate proclivity to believe in any nonsense that is taught continuously from birth, regardless of how improbable and unverifiable that nonsense is.

And these christians unendingly accuse atheists of causing offence and insulting the faithful’s precious beliefs. Let me address this issue for the last time; it is bad enough when you faithful (of all religions, this time) say that your beliefs necessitate that you covet and perpetuate abhorrent practices and anachronistic beliefs that have been proven inaccurate by modern science. I can tolerate that part because in this modern, science-and-proof-driven world, I have nothing to fear from nonsense, anymore than I have something to fear from people who think Bigfoot, Dracula, or werewolves are real. But it is when you tell me that your religion also demands of you to respect and revere pedophiles (grown men forcing 12-year-old girls into marriage), rapists (those guilty catholic priests), liars (prophets), suicide bombers (religious freedom fighters and extremists), sham healers (faith healers), masochists (those who belittle the value of women), racists (those who cause division between people on the count of the tint of their epidermis), murderers (those who kill to promote their beliefs and/or punish infidels), and deceitful leaders (need I even given an example!)—and that I should revere and respect them too so as not to “offend you”—that is when I say to hell with your feelings! I will continue to advocate that those who brandish the full meaning of such nefarious titles, along with those who support and adore them, be ridiculed and brought to justice!

Let me try my very best to elucidate to the bunkered-in, shutters-on christian what their religion sounds like to me, and what I think of those christians who want to preach to me a message I know and comprehend better than they ever will. I ask you christians to try your utmost to step outside of your delusion for just one minute while I explain my issue with all of you—the ‘good’ ones and the bad ones! You come to me like a door-to-door salesperson.

I find such people annoying right off the bat because they approach me uninvited and without appointment. But you christian salespeople have that extremist element to your operations: you start peddling your nonsense first by insulting me and telling me that I’m flawed and evil (the essence of being sinful). Then, before my shock at this verbal assault fades, you threaten me: explaining that I will suffer endless and unimaginable torture, BUT that the one who would force this horrific fate upon me actually doesn’t want to do so, but MUST because of his propensity to fundamentally fark up everything he creates. Apparently, he can be persuaded to grant me entrance into an equally hellish existence called ‘heaven’—a misnomer if there ever was one, and all I have to do is whatever you and your denomination think the bible means with all those contorted lies and nonsense it has between its covers.

In this ‘heaven’, I will spend all of eternity with people like YOU (whom, at this stage, I already want to distance myself from with the width of an unending chasm), praising the tyrant that sent you and his book of lies to my doorstep, while he sits on his fat ass and soaks up all the glory. You expound by saying that mine will be the pleasure of walking in streets of gold in a celestial city where one of the main attractions on display—apart from the fat tyrant and the cosmic jew—is to see people who let this wonderful opportunity (threat, don’t try and bullshit me) pass them by, writhe and scream in unimaginable agony while we all sit and laugh at them. The smoke of their torment will be the incense of our paradise.

You conclude by telling me that this message comes DIRECTLY from this tyrannical bastard called god, but that he is the most loving and merciful being in existence, and to prove that to us, he tortured a sinless person to death in some sick and twisted act of love and salvation. Let’s not forget that he had the omnipotence to see Satan’s fall EONS before it actually happened, but decided that he will go ahead with the plan.

Can your deluded mind FATHOM, for but a nanosecond, how sick, evil, sinister, self-righteous, and insulting you, your god, and your book of lies sound to a person like me? Only the heavily imprisoned mind, subjected to decades of extreme fear, promise of reward, and indoctrination from its inception, could call the above message a good tiding from a loving and merciful being. You sir/madam, are sick!

You have something fundamentally wrong with you, and I quite frankly think you are a danger to society (as history proves) and that you belong in a mental institution because you (a) cannot separate fiction, fable, and nonsense from fact, reality, and reason, and (b) you cannot distinguish between good and bad actions, as is evident by your evil message that you swear is ALL GOOD.

Don’t come to me telling me that you are different from ‘other’ christians, and that you represent a god of love, and that you are peaceful, intelligent and worthy of having your beliefs propagated into the legal and education system of the land. You are the very definition of a fundamentalist, and like the proverbial village idiot; you cannot see what is wrong with you, or why others think you’re nuts. !

Don’t come here claiming that you are a ‘good’ or a ‘real’ christian. The better and more real a christian you are, the more inhuman, amoral, sick and twisted you are. You are a bloodthirsty beast with an inflated ego because you think your skydaddy is real and will vindicate you shortly. Dream on! If that is what sustains you, if that is what gives you purpose, then nothing in this physical world is violent, torturous, absolute, sick and offensive enough to satiate your wicked mind and your black heart!

The religious don’t just want modern civilization to become stunted in its development and growth; they want to see modern civilization destroyed! They flat out want to see nonbelievers and believers of other faiths scurrying about the ruins of our world, desperately seeking the last bits of sustenance to be had from the suffocating environment, and then they want us all to choke and die—the longer it takes, the better! I’ve never seen an atheist—even the deliberately callous and fiery ones—come into a public forum, and tell believers that they are hereby welcomed to partake in the joys of life, science, knowledge, and discovery, but if they refuse this offer, they will be tortured, killed, and then again tortured forever by some celestial brute with a runaway ego.

I’ll take the exploding dot and the swamp water into humans story any day! I have spent the years required learning science and biology and I understand what those theories explain and it’s not gibberish to me. Sadly for you, science, unlike religion, was not written to brainwash people from the moment they could understand their first words. Science takes diligence, a clear mind, and EFFORT to understand. It does not fit into the intellectual timeframe the average human has to devote to educating themselves.

Heck, only a single figure percentage of people on this planet have completed a university education, and then your education has just begun, not ended, as some would like to think. You christians, on the other hand, can’t even decide which creationist site to copy/paste links from to produce errant arguments, strawman constructions of scientific theories, nonexistent evidence, and logically flawed arguments against evolution.

Those sites are repositories filled with B#LLSH!T, and people who, most likely, at one point or another, were out to make a buck off the faithful put them together. They know you don’t know enough about science or biology to spot the nonsense they pass off as ‘christian science’, and there is where you throw away your credibility for peanuts. I’ll even take my atheist morality, which whilst not inspired by some celestial tyrant, at least it keeps me from harming other people or telling them that I look forward to their deaths and endless torture, but then claim that I come in the name of the god of love and mercy to bring ‘good news’.

This religious cr@p has had its run throughout the ages; now it is at an end, and that is the only good thing in this world worth preaching on every forum, and on every street corner, and in every classroom, and at every gathering. How the mighty and their gods have fallen.

Everything humankind does from here on out will be the equivalent of dancing on the corpses of the gods…

Banter aside; I’m really worried about christians in general. When I sincerely ask them for proof, they give me a book that looks like it had dozens and dozens of authors, no two of which could agree on who god is, or what god is, or what he wants, or what jesus did or did not do in his life, and or how to get to heaven.

When I in all honesty say, thank you for the book, but I’ve read this before, and it just isn’t compelling enough on its own. It has no references to credible research/evidence/sources, and looks like it was written by people who had little to no understanding of the natural world, and phenomenon which we understand perfectly today.

“You’re not interpreting it correctly,” is the first thing they tell me. When I finally put the bible aside and ask for some other sort of evidence or proof that what they believe is the absolute truth, then they tell me they hear voices… yes that’s right… god speaks to them! Well he also speaks a lot to the sort of people who are forced to stay in the cells at weskoppies. I bet if you were to walk around weskoppies you’d be able to throw your arms around every second inmate and proclaim ‘oh what luck, he speaks to you too?’

I’m still not convinced at this stage, but I give them one last shot and ask for some demonstration to convince me. They then claim they have seen ‘miracles’ happen because they looked up at the sky and let out a heartfelt cry. I think there is a higher probability that your grandfathers ‘terminal’ stomach cancer was perhaps a misdiagnoses by a doctor suffering from a hangover (some doctors do that sort of thing a lot, drinking and misdiagnosing), but hey if christians believe screaming at the heavens cures diseases, then what could a stupid atheist like me possibly have to counter that with?

I don’t think you christians realise what you look like when you do these things.

Logic, reason, science, and evidence will do NOTHING to convince you. All christians here have demonstrated an embarrassing lack of comprehension regarding even the BASIC description of insert science theory. This is the easy part that I can still point you to Wikipedia so you can finally get, at least, the definition right, but you can’t even manage that!

But despite this elephantine proportion of obstinacy and deliberate, willful stupidity regarding ANYTHING science, you still have the guts to post articles as if what you have to say is the ABSOLUTE and UNDENIABLE truth, and as if everything you believe has peer review evidence by the library full and of the highest accuracy. No, there is no arrogance in science or atheism that could ever hope to match that of the believer who JUST KNOWS they are right without any need to demonstrate why they say so.

There is only one comparison I can use that would allow christians to finally understand what they look and sound like to us atheists, and I know they will ‘get’ this one.

They are worse than the Julius Malema supporters they so frequently call stupid, uneducated, gullible, and the most laughable insult yet from a believer ‘UNEVOLVED!’

Oh yes! And don’t make me go dig up all the comments on this site, where you tell poor, destitute, and desperate people they are dumb, stupid, useless, lazy, uneducated, uncivilized, and useless.

These desperate souls have been let down by their government, and let down by their hard won democracy. They endure living conditions that would make the average white person drown their children and then commit suicide. They are desperate in every sense of the word, they need something to believe in, something/someone to lead them. They follow Malema and believe his words for the same reason christians believe the bible—HOPE! Hope for a better life, hope for a better tomorrow!

One would think that christians and Malema’s supporters would have some common ground, some understanding and respect for each other’s ‘faith’.

But here is the big difference. Those people at least believe in something and someone REAL. At any point in a conversation with one of them, I could ask for proof that Julius Malema said something, or that he really exists, and indeed, they can point me to his next rally and I can see the evidence, hear the promises and explanations for myself.

So next time I see a christian lay waste to some poor person because they showed support for Malema; next time I see a christian call a Malema supporter an animal, stupid, uneducated, useless, lazy, or to just shut up… then I want them to reflect on why atheists laugh at christians, and call them stupid, uneducated, useless, and usually just tell them to just shut up when they start explaining themselves.

You should now understand how atheists view you and what they think of your arguments and explanations. It’s all nonsense to us. Your arguments reek of the same sort of faith and desire first, logic and facts unaccounted for as the most hardcore and illiterate Malema supporter’s best attempt at explaining his reason(s) for supporting Malema.

It must be so insulting to think that all that is required to give someone a clear-cut description of what christian FAITH is all about, is to point at the uneducated masses that follow the loud and obnoxious entity known as Julius Malema! I would be embarrassed and ashamed if someone could say the same of me and my atheism! Sadly, you’d have to point towards someone with at least a masters degfree to give them an idea of what an atheist is most likely to be resemble in mentality and intelligence.

And now, jesus supporter, you may fill up the comments box with your bible quotes, links, and your threats to me that I will burn in hell soon and you’ll be laughing like a hag in heaven with your skydaddy and the cosmic jew giving you the thumbs up.

Bonus points for your commitment to the delusion!

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