Zuma has brought shame on the ANC

Cheryl Carolus 7 comments | 4902 views

    Our president has brought shame to our organisation and our country for personal indiscretions and blatant actions of corruption and collusion, writes ANC stalwart Cheryl Carolus.


    Saffers in Aus cheesing me off

    2010-05-18 09:30

    May I take this time to vent my frustration and annoyance about all the South Africans here in Australia, writes News24 User Sharin.

    517 comments   |   291 views

    'A frightening experience'

    2010-04-13 13:30

    News24 User Greg Stringer shares his frightening experience about his time in Maputo, Mozambique.

    91 comments   |   233 views

    'Who does Zapiro think he is?'

    2010-03-26 11:40

    Zapiro's fascination with ridiculing the African National Congress and its leaders borders on utter disrespect for democracy, says News24 User Themba Zweni.

    768 comments   |   290 views

    Dropping the F-bomb

    2010-02-19 13:26

    I was slightly amused and a bit saddened at the response to Dianne Kohler-Barnard's use of the F-bomb in Parliament, says one News24 user.

    62 comments   |   2 views

    Steve Hofmeyr is jealous

    2010-02-04 09:15

    Once you become a public figure with stakeholders in your image your private life is no longer your private life, says News24 User The Third Wors.

    209 comments   |   2 views

    Focus on the football

    2010-01-19 11:25

    The headlines about the 2010 Soccer World Cup are not as concerned about the beautiful game as they are about scaremongering, says News24 User Madibeng Kgwete.

    50 comments   |   2 views

    Manto: Have your say

    2009-12-17 07:30

    Manto Tshabalala-Msimang's has been controversial in her death too, with South Africans voicing an array of opinions on the news of her passing. Tell us what you think.

    203 comments   |   2 views

    'We deserve better'

    2009-11-10 09:15

    Taxpayers of South Africa, a meagre R3.6m per year is what it takes to keep Julius Malema safe from the evils of the land, says News24 User "The Third Wors".

    179 comments   |   2 views

    Is democracy disappearing?

    2009-10-28 13:16

    An objective external observer would easily be able to spot the slow but steady corrosion of South African society, says News24 User Mark.

    127 comments   |   12 views

    'Dear Pessimists...'

    2009-10-14 11:27

    I can't force you to love this country, but it is time you start seeing that the positives actually outnumber the negatives, says News24 User Mphatjie Monareng.

    295 comments   |   11 views

    The Emperor’s new clothes

    2010-04-22 09:30

    Like some other local idiot with nothing to offer humanity, I’ve this week been dragged in front of a disciplinary hearing for brining my party in disrepute, says News24 User The Third Wors.

    40 comments   |   6 views

    A different ANC

    2010-04-09 15:20

    It is painful to admit that the ANC has plunged from the heights of a movement in pursuit justice to the depths of a myopic ruling party, says News24 User Mphatjie Monareng.

    156 comments   |   3 views

    South Africa needs Malema

    2010-03-24 07:26

    The sudden realisation that we actually need Malema ironically dawned on me on Human Rights Day, writes News24 User Wayne G.

    368 comments   |   17 views

    Who is Julius Malema?

    2010-02-12 15:34

    I read with great delight, how a recent survey revealed our country's underlying feelings towards one Mr Julius Malema, writes News24 User GT.

    301 comments   |   4 views

    'Dear expats...'

    2010-01-28 07:27

    Why is it that so many expats feel the need to justify their decisions to leave and try to get me to agree that they are right, asks a News24 User.

    408 comments   |   2 views

    SABC 'did not censor Cliff'

    2009-12-21 07:00

    That quarrelsome attention-seeker Gareth Cliff is told where to get off by the SABC, and suddenly we're living in Soviet Russia, asks News24 User Sipho Hlongwane.

    98 comments   |   62 views

    'May her soul rest in peace'

    2009-11-27 14:30

    A News24 User who was at the scene of Thursday's bus accident in Pretoria which claimed the lives of ten people shares his experiences from Moloto Road.

    72 comments   |   187 views

    Back to the dark ages

    2009-11-02 11:15

    If the dark ages were shrouded in backwardness and decay of society then we are living in that same shadow today in South Africa, says News24 User Wayne G.

    86 comments   |   4 views

    African solutions

    2009-10-26 15:08

    Outsiders, even the ones who appear genuinely compassionate, cannot make any significant dent on the levels of poverty in Africa, says News24 User Mphatjie Monareng.

    74 comments   |   2 views

    Obama's Prize: Have your say

    2009-10-09 11:31

    United States President Barack Obama has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Does he deserve it? Have your say.

    204 comments   |   2 views
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