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Confessions of an Ex-Christian | Part 2

29 August 2012, 07:21

See part one for the prelude to this article:

In this second part, I’ll be divulging a bit more about my experience with faith and what caused me to finally decamp from jesus camp.

My Experience with Faith

There are, needless to say, christians who go into Yoda-mode when an ex-christian, such as myself, tells about their experiences with faith and the christian religion. This is only natural as christians are trying to build up that wall of faith that blocks out reality from their own minds.

Faith was probably the most intense thing I’ve ever experienced. Faith is a drug of sorts and as with any drug, some people have to go from the user to the abuser state.

Even to this day, no scientific theory has given me a comparable feeling of certainty about reality and myself or my future, as faith did. I also know the void of thoughtlessness and the absence of contemplation that is required to sustain TRUE faith.

I was as certain of being born again as any hardcore christian ever could be, even to the point where I could go for weeks without sinning (a feat most christians cannot claim). And this is the hilarious part. If one is made anew, born again, or transfigured from a sinner to a saint when the holy spirit finally brands you ‘the property of jesus,’ why is it then that ALL born again christians still sin?

It goes against the very logic the believer wants to put forward about being reborn and not being able to fall from grace as you are a new entity free from the weakness of succumbing to sin. But neither The Contrarian nor any other fallen ‘christian,’ was really born again in the holy ghost, because if they were, they would not be atheist today—that is if certain irrrational christians are to be believed.

The christian argument, of course, in a fashion which we are so familiar with, will upend, invert, and ridicule itself just to claim ‘authority’ and to hell with whatever flaws in reasoning they commit doing so. The all-knowing sheep have spoken, and they threw in some misinterpreted scripture to back themselves up.

When I argue with christians who tell me I was not really reborn, but that they are, the conversation becomes rather ridiculous when I point out that they sin even more than I do! How can they claim to be something that I knew as surely as they do that I was? The best I’ve been able to get out of a christian, so far, is this, “Well, then maybe I am not a born again christian either, but that still just proves you weren’t a ‘true’ christian, else you’d not be an atheist today.”

Yes folks, there you have it. The very best comeback I’ve even seen from a christian on this subject. It is enough to make a pig laugh.

My Fall from Grace

I suffer from a severe mental disability called ‘having been born stupid’ syndrome. As I look back through the years of my existence, right back to my birth, I see an ever dumber, ever more confused version of me.

Of course, this observation has one good thing to it: I realise that I’ve been making progress my whole life. I know more and think deeper with every successive year, and this slow but ongoing process of self-improvement is what helped me escape christianity and faith! I dare say it was inevitable.

The self-serving authors of religion made one crucial mistake in how they try to keep their flock of believers mentally enslaved. They knew that competing ideologies would rob them of their source of income so every religion has the following two underlying tenets:

1.       You may NOT question!

2.       You must believe WITHOUT proof!

See, I broke out of those two intellectual concentration camps because I was born stupid and curious, and I didn’t know anything about anything, so I constantly had to teach myself how everything around me worked.

Other people are very lucky; they are just born all knowing. At no point in their existence do they ever stop and say, I really don’t know what is going on. That is the big illusion of faith. Religion claims it can give you ultimate knowledge and wisdom, the core answers to the biggest questions. Thus, every believer walks around thinking that they can be taught NAUGHT about reality! They know everything there is to know about reality… and they don’t need science or any experts to educate them on the subject!

Therein lies the trap of faith. The fool thinks of the wise man as the fool; therein lies the fool’s stupidity! It is also the very thing that will keep the fool from becoming wise because he/she is of the conviction that the lack of understanding lays not with them but with everyone else.

Until the believer can comprehend that he/she is the fool (this happened to me at age 16), they will never be convinced by science, reason, evidence, or anything that an atheist can bring to the argument.

And while I do enjoy reading the arguments of my fellow atheists, I know that they will have absolutely no effect on the believers, whatsoever!

So, let me explain to you believers what we atheists are doing with our arguments and articles. We are simply putting the breadcrumbs out there that will lead the stray back to reason. There are believers who are reaching that state of inner contemplation. In short, the fool is realizing that he is not the wise man, after all.

Those crumbs will lead them to science and reason, where they will undergo a real, tangible transformation and become independently thinking HUMANS! Not primates that are caged by their own stupidity.

A second reason why we atheist will keep going at you christians is that we have already succeeded in changing society to the point where you believers are now subjected to the very same ridicule and criticism you (and you alone) were allowed to make against nonbelievers, throughout the history of our specie!

How nice it is to see the mighty fallen. (Who does not cheer for the underdog?) Just recently, in the 1990s, there was no way I would be able to write and publish this or any other article that criticizes and exposes religious bigotry and its double standards. But today, this article will tally thousands of views, possibly hundreds of comments, and the mere fact that it can do so shows how powerless religion has become.

Oh and I know all about your “prophesies about the end-times.” They will be your downfall, because as you see faith and religion dying around you, you will feel even more uplifted by the idea that jesus will soon come to chauffeur you off to heaven. Well, my dear believer, I will stand there the day when you finally realise nobody is coming for you.

You may yet live to see the day when all the signs have passed and still no judgement day has come. Personally, I pity the religious. I don’t think you will handle that too well. Your entire existence is based on a lie. A lie which was the first serious and effective attempt by human kind to control its own masses and profit off them indefinitely!

That is why I am glad that I escaped faith and religion, and other atheist and I will continue to lay the breadcrumbs. The more you use your faith and scripture to argue with us; the more ridiculous you look as you invent your own model of logic and reason. Let us continue to shake the tree, for that will allow the ripe fruit to drop.

Gone are the days where your dungeons and torture pits gave you the advantage to silence and murder all who challenged your narrow-minded views of the universe. And this is why you are losing. The barbarity of religion has been exposed to the world; the folly of religion is now open for all to judge; the authority of religion has been bleached away by the progress of science.

Enjoy the fading rays of the sun my dear believers… for the darkness is upon you! This is one pit you will not be able to dig yourself out of. In another 20 years, religion will be a fringe fanaticism and the majority of people on the planet (the ones that count: the educated, civilized ones) will enjoy a new age of progress headed by science and reason, not superstition and prostration!

The wondrous progress of our modern world—the cures for diseases that once decimated our numbers, the technology that helps us peer into the depths of the universe and our own past; the advances in living comfort and education that have raised humans above the standards of a beast—NONE of it has  been authored, invented, or commissioned by RELIGION! In fact, as the human race fought hard and studied without pause to better itself, the religious fools were standing on the side criticizing the progress being made.

The Hypocrisy of Faith

Religion can claim nothing for itself in this modern world, yet it deems itself worthy of judging the comforts, advances, and morality of science. Why don’t you believers go and live in the desert then, huh? Why don’t you rather pray when you are sick or when you are stricken with cancer, as opposed to taking up a bed at the nearest hospital to be treated by that filthy SCIENCE mumbojumbo? Why do you send your kids to school if all they need to know is in the bible? Why don’t all of you believers do as jesus commanded, “Give your belongings to the poor and take up your cross and follow me”? Come now, you are the ones claiming to believe everything this dead jew had to say, so why not obey his commands too?

… I forgot, hypocrisy is one of the virtues of faith.

Thus concludes my article.

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