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Corruption alway leads to Civil War!

02 April 2014, 07:18

Every generation blames the one before! Sings Mike & The Mechanics in their all time classic tune: In the living years.

These words ring true to every single generation in the wake of men-made national disasters of epic scale and failure resulting in the frustration of younger generation.

While corruption maybe seen as some easy and controllable disease, which may be put to rest and overcome by one or two prescriptive jabs obtainable from corrupt labs somewhere underground; it’s not that easy to obliterate from our national pages as long as corruptors and the corrupted remain in power!

It’s very cogent for powers that be to deny in the comfort of their ill-gained position of power; that such a threat exists in our society today.

Those who benefit from corruption always suffer from short-sightedness and loss of memory; and are oft given to senseless debates in their vain quest to justify their obvious greed. Ill-gained position of power? You may want to ask.  Weren’t these people democratically elected to the positions they hold today?

You must remember that politicians are voted by the voting citizens into the seat of power, not as masters and ruthless mafias but; as caretakers and defenders of their hard-earned democracy by providing overboard and constitution-driven leadership. They lose their democratic legitimacy and respect as leaders almost immediately once they embrace corruption and greed at the expense of the citizenry.

Once the electorate surmises that their leaders cannot be rehabilitated and be corrupt-free; it becomes their prerogative to remove the same through the ballot box! Through balloting? Yes, in a democracy this is the only way and means to change governments!

SA politics are not about South Africans, individual citizens, the poor and the marginalised; they are regretfully about idolized political parties and their deified individuals, who shamelessly think they are indispensable and are above the rule of law. The clique “Proudly South African” carries no water for me, at least from where I’m seating. This country is running low of proudly South Africans, to say the least!

It irks me very much to see on TV and be forced to listen to a greedy and corrupted politician, right after the sucker had downloaded millions into his personal bank account; stand up in public and lie through his teeth trying to white wash his cash-stained hands!

SA politics are far from a matured democracy, the lack of moral accountability is very alarming and makes my hair stand straight and shudder with fear of what our dark future has in store for us. I’m scared, very scared!

Why does the ballot box fail to solve pressing issues like those of removing corrupt governments, democratically?

Brainwashing of the electorate by the governing party and stooping low enough to rival the worst soap in Hollywood; lies and deceit used to blindfold simple minds in order to perpetuate their stay in power.

Denying the voting public supporters of the party, access to real education on how to hold the same abusive leaders accountable and what real power the electorate has in their ammunition that can send the corrupt leaders to flight and out of the seat of power!

It is shocking to find simple minds out there in the new SA, who believe the lie that only the ANC can take this country forward, no other political party can.

Need I remind and bother you with unnecessary quotes? Cyril Ramaphosa is the latest and the very recent one, to add his voice in perpetuating this myth. Guess what? Joe Black in our streets out there believes this blatant lie passionately. What you gonna do with it?

Maintain the ignorance of the masses and let’s keep feeding this big python, this big elephant in the house, called Corruption!! After all, it’s our beast we have no choice, comrades!!!

If you repeat the same lie, over and over again, people will eventually believe and accept it as true! These chilling words are attributed to the worst dictator, this world has ever produced, Adolf Hitler himself.

I’m afraid that South Africans might have missed the opportunity to stop the runaway train of Corruption, after it has played so many times in front of our eyes and we watched it a billion times on TV and heard about it via radio and all forms of social media!

I believe we have lost all means of stabbing and killing this beast once and for all; it cannot be defaced or removed from our stage as long as the powers that be remain in power, and the simple minds are willing to keep them perched up there through their “innocent” vote.

We’ve lost the war against corruption, the battle still rages on; nobody knows how long that’s gonna be. Do you know?

Corruption is the way of life in SA politics, and might as well be adopted into our constitution as one of the nobilities and virtues of our overkill democracy.

People’s hearts are already seared with a hot iron as it were when it comes to decrying our fallen state towards the ever growing beast, Corruption. We have lost all human and moral senses when it comes to this one. Completely desensitised!

Political glaucoma has covered our eyes and deafness from our ignorance made us hard of hearing, completely oblivious to the corruption beast prancing fearlessly up and down our parliamentary corridors, like that proverbial Philistine called, Goliath. We are doomed.

SA is probably the only so called democracy in the world, where prisoners have a right to vote. Shocking! How can this be a constitutional right while someone is serving their time in jail?

Our borders are wide open foreigners can enter and leave as they please.

Serious allegations have been doing rounds over the years that illegitimate foreigners are issued with SA ID’s and told to vote for ANC or else.

 It is a known fact that none SA citizens from Mozambique and Swaziland cross our borders every month in order to collect “their pension grant” and share with their SA masters who got them listed fraudulently.

The roots of corruption run deeper than we’ll ever know! So, you think there’ll come a time in SA where all service delivery strikes come to an end? Think again.

If only all our citizens where educated enough on realities of democracy, these sorts of things will never take place.

Our minister of Finance maybe meaning well when presenting the annual budget, based on the realities of our total population figures as confirmed by Stats SA; but hey, what about our open borders?

What about the thieves from other countries who are stealing our pension money aided by corrupt SA officials? So after all is said and done by the minister of Finance, in terms of apportioning the budget into relevant ministries; all happy-clappy!

Does our budget take into consideration all legit foreign nationals living in SA? I think it does. But, what about the ballooning numbers of illegal foreigners aided to sneak into SA by corrupt border officials; where does their portion in the budget come from?

Like cancer Corruption will always dig deeper holes into our embattled budget.

While the government is wasting time in trying to defend corrupt ministers and officials, SA continues to burn and we remain more divided than we were before ’94.

Lack of accountability and lack of conviction of all fraudulent persons in the government, the president included, there are no holy cows here; it’s supposed to be a democracy where rule of Law and Constitution are held in high esteem and followed to the latter without favour!

But alas, this is South Africa, we see no corruption, we hear no corruption; we’ve been desensitised decades ago. Corruption earned her place and keep in our deluded hearts, she’s part of who we are, our sister! C’mon be nice to her!!

While this generation drowns in their corruption-induced stupor and intoxication, the younger generation is watching in fury; and finds this leadership wanting and not fit to govern.

 And to the horror of government fat cats, as if not altogether expected, the younger generation determines that it’ll be a waste of time trying to vote out a corrupt government through the ballot box; after all it has spent so many years in entrenching and making themselves invincible and immune from losing any fathomable elections.

The younger generation then decides to take up arms and plunges the whole country into a civil war, as they battle to remove a corrupt government.

Who can blame them after democracy has failed them; when the generation before failed to make right decisions and protect them from future sufferings brought about by corrupt and selfish politicians who thought they’d rule forever.

SA, you’d better believe it: Corruption leads to a civil war!

In a war there are no winners, we all become victims and losers with SA going down the drain of corruption and oh my God, the bright future we all would have had and enjoyed for generations to come! Corruption is senseless!

Lives will be lost and it will take a miracle to end this war; and decades to rebuild SA afterwards!

And so, you think SA is immune from a civil war?

We are not like Ruanda! We are not like DRC! We are not like Serra Leon! We are not like other countries which landed into civil wars as a result of corruption in their governments.

No, SA is far superior and better, civil war is a remote thing to ever happen within our shores! Really now?

I want to put it out there to all South Africans, that we as a country are not immune from a civil war, no, so long as we willingly accommodate corruption and embrace corrupt politicians…Death stands at our door and I cannot imagine the devastation that will follow.

It is easier today to remove corruption from our Parliament than it will be to handle all the consequences that follow after Corruption has hatched enough eggs to lead this beautiful SA into unprecedented civil war.

Lack of power sharing leads to corruption and that leads to all sorts of anger by a gatvol electorate and incensed younger generation…war then becomes the only solution!

Wake up,

 O South Africa,

From thy deep

Corruption-induced sleep;

Lo and behold,

The younger generation

 Standeth at thy doors

 With swords and daggers drawn,

Ready for thy slaughter!

For thou refuseth to let go of thine harlot;


Now, there’s no one

To save you

From thine own greed and,

Thou shalt surely die,

 From thine own vomit,

By the hand

Of thy young ones!

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