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Could Atheists rule the world one day?

30 March 2012, 07:08

I read the story of an atheist in an article called “ Prophecy from a Atheist”  dreaming of the day when they will rule the world and all religion has been banished from the face of the earth. He saw churches empty and a vastly scientific world taking trips to outer space. Some others also had a plan on how to achieve this dream through the education system. A severe form of evolution is to be taught in schools, capturing the minds of the youth [the future] till the people is free from the delusions created by religions. How likely is that to happen?

Just think of this, 33% of the world are Christians, 21 % Muslims, 14% Hindu, 6% Buddhists , 6% African traditions, 6% Traditional Chinese.  Of the total 16 % is non religious of which half of that group is “ theistic” but non religious, and a smaller percentage of the rest is atheists.  Not everyone may agree with these stats, it is included just to give you an idea.

My point is that if these big guns find out Atheist scientist is actually introducing evolution into schools so as to finally replace them, do you think scientists will be allowed to continue unhindered? Now we know the Catholic Church in the dark ages before stopped science, so we have that in the back of our minds. It is not that I agree with them having done this, not at all, but I just think if they find out about the grand plan of some bold atheist to replace them, they will retaliate to protect their interests.

Do you think for one moment the billion dollar religious industries will just sit back and watch how their milks cows are led away? Religion is money and we all know that! Will the Muslims who owns much of the oil wealth of the world say: Okay here is our schools, teach us out of power.  You know better than to mess with their prophet or Allah. Will the Jews who run much of the wealth of the world have scientists take their Old Testament Bible away? Will governments that go along with this plan of these scientists be voted into power? No friend, the contrary is more likely than this plan.

The world is in dire financial problems, and religion does have a lot of money. That alone gives them a firm standing in today’s crumbling markets. Just think of the Catholic Church who has been taking 10% of the wealth of the people in many nations through tithes willingly paid by the people since 325 AD. Whilst I do not criticize this, I want you to see the power through wealth gained over this period. The Vatican must be the richest entity in the world. Could they ever be taken out of power? Could they be taught out of power when they existed for more than a thousand years already? 

Now when we begin to prophecy like that atheist did, we better take into account the Bible prophecy also. It has an impeccable record when it comes to prophecy.  

The Bible [Rev.13] prophecy a very religious anti-Christ will be worshipped by all whose names are not written in God’s book of life.  This anti-Christ pale horse rider is by no means an atheist-no he requires worship, so he is religious, only his religion is in opposition to that of true Christianity. Let me make an example: Luther said the pope is anti-Christ. What he meant by it is that according to him their teachings were anti-Bible, so he went on to write a 95 theses document to proof it. Now this 4th horse rider of Rev.6 is the same kind of thing-religious but not exactly Biblical.

He is called death as he will unite every religion under himself, and will not only sow spiritual death through forced religion, but also natural death to opponents. [Rev.6] Instead of peace coming through subtle education of the youth into atheistic evolution, the Bible sees a brutal anti-Christ taking over for forty two months. Oh dear atheist, according to the Bible you will see the dark ages return with a religious leader same as back there, only with more terror! When that becomes a reality, you will either be part of their plans or run around hiding from them same as pagans did in the dark ages. I am not trying to scare baby with fairy tales-it’s prophecy same as the atheist prophesied. Now the atheist prophesied, and here in Rev.13 the Bible also prophesied. Here I compare two different prophecies saying two different things. Of course you may reject the Bible at your own peril, but you will see it if you are still alive by then.

You will see this religious group built a temple in Jerusalem according to Rev.11 who will put the anti-Christ in Jerusalem sitting in the temple of God pretending to be God. States and church will unite once more to ride out a brutal reign of terror for 3 and half years. A quarter of the people of the earth will be killed during this time according to the fourth seal in the Bible.[I suspect the bulk of these will be protestants left behind.]

The Bible in Rev.13:11-18 says they will enforce worship and mark every citizen with their brand of religion right in the forehead where your reasoning is. If you don’t bow to it and take the mark you will not do business or get a job or buy or sell. In other words they will apply personal sanctions, something that is very normal today in the political realms. The coming sanctions will be on those who fail to have this mark. Religion is a spiritual mark in one’s forehead. And the state is a beast like Daniel 7 says. Join the two together and see what you get. Religion+ state =Mark of the beast. So when the Bible speaks of mark of the beast it talks about the unity of religion and state. It is exactly the opposite of what the atheists envision in their prophecy. They see the end of religion, but the Bible sees the return of it in dark ages tyranny! Look back at the dark ages and see this truth. Back there the Roman state [beast] had a religion [Catholic Christianity] which it forced onto the people. If you didn’t belong to that religious mark, you were deprived of privileges, banished from public offices or even killed.

“….just listen to the edict of Theodosius X. Theodosius' First Edict.

«  200-2       †        PERGAMEAN.CHURCH.AGE  -  CHURCH.AGE.BOOK  CPT.5

This edict was issued immediately after he was baptized by the First Church of Rome. "We three emperors will that our subjects steadfastly adhere to the religion which was taught by Saint Peter to the Romans, which has been faithfully preserved by tradition and which is now professed by the pontiff, Damasus of Rome, and Peter, bishop of Alexandria, a man of Apostolic holiness according to the institution of the Apostles, and the doctrine of the Gospel; let us believe in one Godhead of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, of equal majesty in the Holy Trinity. We order that the adherents of this faith be called Catholic Christians; we brand all the senseless followers of the other religions with the infamous name of heretics, and forbid their conventicles assuming the name of churches. Besides the condemnation of divine justice, they must expect the heavy penalty which our authority, guided by heavenly wisdom shall think proper to inflict..."

«  200-3       †        PERGAMEAN.CHURCH.AGE  -  CHURCH.AGE.BOOK  CPT.5

The fifteen penal laws that this emperor issued in as many years deprived the evangelicals of all rights to the exercise of their religion, excluded them from all civil offices, and threatened them with fines, confiscation, banishment and even in some cases, death.

Do you know what? We are headed right that way today.”

[ Quoted from –An exposition of the Seven Church Ages by Rev. W.M. Branham]

Rev.13:11 says this end time Mark of the beast will have the backing of the most powerful government in the world-that is America.

This atheistic dream to ride evolution on clouds till everyone believes will really crash land on the church roof with the occupants of this dream ride coming to a horrible clash with the religions. Religions are way too powerful to stand back for science. The only people in this entire scenario that will make it safely out of this mess are the true Christians who will go into the rapture before this reign of terror. [IThes.4;16-17]

How likely is it for religions to unite and get state backing? As likely as it was in the dark ages. Do you know why? Religions have been fighting for ages. They are the cause of many wars today.  Think of the chaos in the Middle East and Africa with Islam against Jews and Christianity and vice versa.

Now they need to iron out their differences. What must they do to solve the feuds amongst themselves? JOIN THEMSELVES ALL INTO ONE COUNCIL. Now this is their plan Mr atheist. They already have a WCC organization working hard to bring religions together. This way they hope to achieve WORLD PEACE. Do you think world peace is possible if religions could stop fighting amongst each other? Certainly. Just put Jews, Christians, Buddhist, Muslims and what more into one council and give them rules to behave amongst themselves and what do you have? PEACE, combined wealth, prosperity in the world. 

Give them a powerful leader to oversee the council and what do you have? A Anti-Christ who will govern the world. And if the religions of the world gets together like this don’t you think governments would just love that? THEY WILL BACK IT UP! What do you then have? A spiritual religious mark in the forehead + state backing=Mark of the beast, as it was in the dark ages.

That which was shall be again. What will then happen to you? Same thing that happened to the pagans in the dark ages.  Where are they working on this idea right now? America. In Rev.13:11 they are the beast that comes up out of the earth. Now watch this. Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome all came up out of the sea. [Dan.7] The sea in Bible symbols means nations [Rev.17:15 and Is. 17:12] In other words they conquered nations, subdued them to pay them tributes and so ruled the world. Not so with the Beast of Rev.13;11. It comes up out of the earth.

After moving the Indians safely into reservation camps, they worked that large American land, and prospered. From the East coast to west coast, they gained wealth, power and status in the world through their ability to make the earth productive. Thus the Bible there describes America coming up by conquering the large earth-not the nations. Today they are reckoned because of that.  

They started a secular state with ecclesiastic power and civil powers separately unlike England where the Puritan forefathers fled from. With these two horns [Rev.13:11] they really looked like they stood for the religion of the Lamb of God [Jesus Christ]I mean their forefathers even went there so as to have a more pure religion, and were thus called Puritans.

But it was not long before they made laws worse than any heathen nation ever could make and today looks more like they speak for the dragon Lucifer. Their religious democracy speaks of legal pornography, legal homosexuality, legal gambling, legal prostitution-everything the dragon Lucifer stands for! Now remember they were a religious nation but really they do speak like the dragon. They are no longer the mouth piece of God, but speaks more for the ungodly things of the Devil. [dragon] Oh the Bible is so perfect in describing them here.  

Then by 1945 they in co-operating with scientific geniuses discovered the atomic bomb. One of their scientists then said: “I have become death! Then they made Fire [atomic fire] fall from the sky on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the whole world feared them! [Rev.13:13] Yes the Bible foresaw the day that a beast [government] could actually perform this scientific wonder of making fire come down out of a plane from heaven. And when they did that, the arms race began so everyone could have this miracle weapon.

Everyone is dreaming Messianic dreams of peace. America is dreaming of a world ran by them politically peacefully. Churches are looking for absolute obedience from all subjects where they can rule the spiritual affairs of the world in peace. Atheists are looking for a scientific intellectual Messiah’s that can teach evolution and banish religion. But their dream is the least likely to come to pass. At least not yet! I also give a chance for this dream, but a little later on. The religious dream to unite the religions must first fail.

You see the religious attempt at a world peaceful reign must first fall before Russian atheists try to run the world their way. Oh yes! Communism will have a revival, but not before this 4th horse rider does his thing. You see over in Rev.17 is a woman [church] sitting upon many waters [nations]. But do you also see that she has opposition?   

 Rev. 17 speaks of ten horns that will hate the religious whore. These are communists’ dictators who did not received crowns as legitimate kings. Even the last election in Russia is considered a fraud. The Bible says  these horns will burn the whore with fire. Over in Rev.18 it even says a city will fall in ONE HOUR. One hour? What do you think can destroy a city in one hour? Yep- atomic fire. This is the deal. The anti-Christ becomes a world ruler by joining religions for the sake of peace.  Eager politicians in American and the world back up the idea and by legislation force every religious adherent in their countries to join up with the world religious council so the council can control the actions of the members. Thus a religious attempt to gain world peace begins.

The Russians sees this and is angered in their atheistic hearts, just as other atheists is, but says nothing. For 3 and half years this religious rider does his thing. But at the same time the Bible prophecy 2 prophets in Israel [Rev.11] will try to pull [144 000 Jews] out of the council, speaking curses, economically ruining the world as Moses did to Pharaoh. No rain falls in their days, rivers turn to blood and so forth. Economic ruination comes through these prophets to this religious unity.

In the mean time the communists finally get fed up with the religious government and attacks from the north. Now Daniel 11:40 comes to pass. Now just think of this my atheist prophet: If you who has no nuclear weapons can get so angry about the forceful way of religion-you know forcing their religion down your throat and being a nuisance, how will you feel if a situation of the dark ages return? What would Russians think of it? They too are atheists. This is what the Bible prophecy. A final clash between atheistic Communists, and Religious fanatics, who both have atomic weapons. But unfortunately for them a war fought with atomic weapons will leave little survivors on both sides. Once this clash comes, which it will, the whole world is turned upside down.  Because there will be little survivors after such a clash, God takes out a church in rapture according to I Thes. 4;16-17 before it happens.

After this clash, the raptured Christians now returns on the ashes of the wicked as said in Mal. 4:3. Now you must admit that the interpretation I give you here is possible. It is possible religions in the world may unite for world peace. It is possible they may rule the world as religion proved it could in the dark ages. It is possible they can force down a mark as it happened in the dark ages. It is possible America will back such an idea if they think it will solve problems. It is possible Russian Atheists will be immensely angered  by such a rule if it happens, and a final clash at the end is also possible. Given the prophetic record of the Bible, these things are very possible. But of course I hope I understand the Bible wrong, although I don’t think so.   In the end, only time will tell which prophecy is most likely-that of the atheist or that of the Bible.

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