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Cruel religion+state=Mark of the beast

03 March 2012, 12:03

Cruel religion + State=Mark of the beast

We are such a privileged people to live in a democratic country, a secular state where church and politics are separated. We should really appreciate this privilege of having a constitution in which the freedom of religion is enshrined, wherein every man can choose to worship his own God or gods in the way he chooses. If he choose not to worship a specific god, that desire also are accommodated according to our constitution.

What does the Bible say about freedom of religion?

Right in the beginning, God gave man the freedom to choose. Many people wonder: Why did a loving God place a tree of life, as well as a tree of knowledge of good and evil, with fruits unto death in the Garden of Eden? I guess it was because God did not want to force Adam and Eve to worship Him. He gave them free choice to eat from the fruits of the Tree of life [Fruits of the Spirit] or eat from the fruits of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. [fruits of the flesh] Life and death was placed before them, and they democratically made their choices.

Did freedom of religion continue since the garden of Eden? Has it ever happened that government supported a specific religion with dire consequences for those not part of it ?

If we look back into the past 2000 years, we will know that religious intolerance has caused a lot of bloodshed. The earliest bloodshed in the history of the Christians, was when our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ was handed over to the Roman government and crucified simply because He disagreed with the great religious orders of that day. Pilate’s Roman government could find no fault in Him, no state law He broke, but due to the religious pressure the Jews exercised upon Pilate, his government crucified Him. If Jesus lived under a democratic constitution as it is now, He could never have been crucified. Or could He? Later on His disciple’s suffered the same way, under the Roman Empire being influenced by the Jews at first.

This religious pressure from favourite religious groups onto the state caused much bloodshed. The Pagans under Emperor Nero and 9 other persecuting emperors killed many thousands of Christians simply because they refused to include emperor worship along with their own worship. Even later on many more died through the ages for the same type of reason.

As for us today: Will the democratic constitutions we have stay that way or will it be altered?

Over in the Book of revelation 13:15-16 it is prophesied that sometime in the future, a beast will rise, and take away the freedom we have to worship according to the dictates of our hearts, and force us to worship the image the beast will setup. Under that mark of the beast, people will be condemned even to death if they don’t have the mark. Now this is a very important issue not only for Christians, but for everyone. Life as we know it now, will then become the same as it was in the dark ages. As it is Rev.13:12 says the second beast will do what the first beast done already, so it behoves us to look back in history and see what was done there.

What is a beast and what is the Mark of the Beast that is coming to take away the religious freedom of mankind?

Let us dismantle the words Mark , in the forehead or right hand and Beast. The mark is said to be in the forehead or in the right hand. Ever since man came into this world, he had been having marks in his forehead.

Mark of sin

Since the fall, we are born in Sin, shaped in iniquity, speaking lies the moment we can speak. Inside your forehead is your brain. And with that brain you think to do good or evil. That is a terrible mark we bear in the forehead and are accordingly called by it, namely -“sinners”. When we are converted to a religion or become atheists, we get another mark and are called by it. Perhaps-Catholic, Baptist, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, and so forth. From then on we are marked to BELONG TO THAT KIND OF MARK, just like sheep or cattle. And like a Ranch owner owns his sheep or cattle they own us. Many choose not to accept any other mark and remain “sinners.”

Mark in the right hand

With your right hand of power, you execute that which you thought with your brain.

So the Forehead [brain] co-operated very closely together with the right hand. One is the originator of ideas, and the other the executioner. With that right hand you hold the cigarette, the wine, the pen you sign documents with whether legal, just, or unjust. With it you can kill, steal, and do all manner of evil or good. Sometimes you can get someone else to be your right hand. In our language we can say: “This man is my right hand. He is a very good man, I can‘t do without him in my business.” Such a person might not necessarily agree with all you instruct, but will execute it, and for that reason you call him -your right hand. Here we see some may have a mark in their right hand, but not necessarily in the forehead because they are mere executioners of someone else’s orders. Think of soldiers and so forth. Seeing that he/she might be employed by you, or might fear or respect you for some or other reason, [maybe you have lots of money] he will execute your wishes. In the same way, Jesus was the Right hand man of God, willingly executing all His wishes, even going to the cross.

Go to Ez. 9-to have Scripture of mark in the forehead

He saw 6 men coming toward Jerusalem. One dressed in white with an inkpot on His side, marking the foreheads of the people who sighed and cried against the evils that were done in the city. This was prophecy! Prophecy of the coming Son of Man-Jesus Christ, savoir, dressed in white of righteousness. But also prophecy of the impending doom waiting upon Jerusalem shortly after Him.

About 500 years later Jesus Christ came, with the Holy Ghost to change the MIND [forehead] of the people away from sin unto Himself. For the first time there were now people marked as CHRISTIANS. A new mark was placed amongst the sheep. That was such a glorious time! Minds were changed, lives were changed-right hands that did evil, suddenly no longer obeyed a mind of evil. Herein we find the evidence of the existence of God, when He heals, do signs, and save the lost bringing radical change.

Let the mind that was in Christ be in you-say our Bible.

After the Holy Spirit of Jesus marked the people [Christians] Rome came in and destroyed Jerusalem. And mind you, 5 armies attacked Jerusalem as Ezekiel saw and starting violent abominable war AT THE TEMPLE, just as he saw it. Daniel 8and 9 saw that abomination coming to the temple also. 1. Herod’s army tried to quell a feud at the temple in 66 AD between Pharisees and Zealots. Herod however failed. 2 A Roman army from Syria came. They failed too. 3. An Idumean army was called into temple ground to help one of the fighting Jewish parties. It failed to bring a decisive victory. 4. Then came Vespasian’s army. On the verge of victory it had to withdraw because emperor Nero committed suicide, and Vespasian’s men wanted him to be emperor. In the mean time those who had been marked with the Holy Ghost in the forehead, fled because Jesus said if they see Jerusalem encamped with armies they should flee. [Luk.21:20] Josephus reported they left. 5. Vespasian then send Titus and in 70 AD Titus massacred thousands of Jews, took many more into captivity, and even the beloved temple was torn down as Jesus said. So Ezekiel [9] to me saw a vision of the future of Jerusalem, which came to pass exactly so.


=Your revelation in the forehead. Be it sin, atheism, communism or some of the many religions and denominations.


= that which you execute with your right hand of power, accordingly.

Every belief like religion, or non belief in religion like atheism, communism, or sin is a Mark in the forehead. Whether it is Islam, Christianity, or what ever idea we follow-THAT IS A MARK we bear. We are proud of our marks. “I belong to the Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Islamic religion,” and so forth we say. Yes you are right-They own you, because they control your mind. You believe what they say, and will do what they prescribe.

Paul says -” We have the mind of Christ.” I Cor. 2:16. In Phil. 2:5 he again admonish us to have the mind of Christ, and belong to Him, not owned by some other entity.

If you murder steal, cheat, sin we know, you by the actions of the right hand of power you execute. It then does not matter whether you profess Christianity, we see the actions, and know you by it. Jesus told us to watch for true Christians by the fruits. [deeds] Usually when they make mistakes, they ask forgiveness.

Beast =

According to Daniel 7 a beast is a government. 1. Babylon, 2 Medo-Persia. 3. Greece. 4. Rome is how he described the 4 world governments that were to rise and also did. The history of these beasts interpreted the Scripture. The character he described to each beast, identified the characteristics you found in those governments. Well come to think of it, governments is much like beasts. Sometimes they roar laws like lions and the poor people has to obey like terrified sheep. Sometimes they kill and steal, ruling with terror, like the very beasts we behold in nature. God is usually excellent in His descriptions!

The dangerous Mark of the beast in history

Any belief or non belief of any kind is a mark in the forehead, as it controls your actions. Now here is the danger. If your belief of any kind gets support from the state, then it becomes a Mark [belief] of a beast [state]. When your religion, belief or non belief is without state help, it can only win converts by words or deeds of some persuasion, but when the state backs it up, you suddenly have a sword, and more powerful means to make converts. Suddenly your state favoured religion can built temple’s from state coffers, and persecute opponents with state armies and resources. Now history can sometimes be offensive. Sometimes people don’t want to be reminded of history but it still remains a fact and it is facts we can learn from. The Roman empire in history is a beast according to Dan 7 as its characteristics identifies it as Iron Rome, the terrible unbending empire, which was the last of the 4 world empires Daniel saw. During the dark ages and just before it, they DETERMINED specific religion to be the official STATE RELIGION. That was a terrible MARK they insisted and subjected their subjects to. Here was a beast [Dan. 7’s beast] and it had a MARK [State religion]. What happened next was the most horrible thing that ever happened in the history of Christianity. Instead of love, there came cruelty, murder, lust for power, endless feuds. The religion of peace Jesus so expertly portrayed, became the religion of murder, as they executed those who dared to differ with them. Freedom of religion was a thing of the past.

The freedom of religion was compromised.

The Beast

[government] had a Mark [Catholicism] which it forced unto all the subjects of the state, whether rich or poor, small or great. What made this mark so bad was Rome controlled much of the known world through this religion. You could not escape it, for it was just everywhere. If you did not belong to the official State Religion [Roman Catholic religion] in the many European countries and else where, then they deprived you of our basic privileges, such as rights to business or food. A bloody red horse with the sword of the state were riding. Instead of bringing peace to the world like their master Jesus, they now took peace away, becoming the anti-type of what Jesus preach.

John Huss, Jerome, William Tyndale and many others were killed for the crime of preaching what they conceived truth, or for trying to print the Bible, in their own language. John Wycliffe lost his job at the University, because he tried to preach the truth, and print a Bible in English, his fellow country men could read. Martin Luther equally lost his position, and had to hide being declared free to be killed by any if found. Countless others through the ages, were put in prison, tortured through inquisitions, and many more got killed. You could not do business [buy and sell] freely unless you had that state sponsored mark or religion. The state imposed the will [mark] of the Catholic church onto the people with brutal force. Imagine you getting killed for saying the our father in English out of your own Bible? It’s hard to believe now, but it happened. Such were the tyranny of the Roman Church backed by equally unreasonable states.

Ingram Cobbin-wrote THE FOXES BOOK OF MARTYRS, book speaking of unimaginable evils executed by Christians on protestants and pagans.

Another Christian Rev. S.S. SCHMUCKER delivered a work called -“ The glorious reformation” In it he states that the Roman empire killed 68 million Protestants in recorded history. What Pagan Rome did to Christians were now done again by Catholics upon pagans and protestants. This is what Rev.17 describes the Roman woman [church] did to the saints of Jesus Christ, as she rode on the back of the Roman state being carried by it.

Other marks of other beasts

Later governments [beasts] followed this example. Think of Islam and how it rose. Another beast had another mark and forced it upon its subjects and nations it conquered. Think of Russia, China and so forth, where the state [beast] adopted a mark [belief] and forced that belief down on all its subjects through violence. Communism was harmless when it was just the idea of a man, but when the state beast backed it up, they had power to get conversions and stay in power. Here was the anti-type of the religious ideas of Catholics and Islamists. This one banned all religion, and yet another a mark of the forehead [communist ideas] was forced down with much bloodshed, by a beastly state. And these marks with it’s state backing continues. Right now in Iran, Afghanistan and such places, Christians are being killed or persecuted simply for being Christian, and not following the official state [beast] mark [religion]. Radical Muslims worldwide tries to kill others who refuse their mark. Everyone wants his mark implanted in someone else’s forehead sometimes with violence. As in the dark ages those outside of the favourable state religion [mark of a beast] suffer financially as well as physically. They are not allowed to do business [buy or sell] openly. Ultimately they face death.

[Sources; The Bible, Holy Ghost inspiration, and works of men like Rev. W.M. Branham, Rev. Martin Luther, Ingram Cobbin, Rev. S.S. Schmucker, Rev. Alexander Hislop.]

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