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Dear Christians

19 March 2012, 07:12

Christians can sometimes be so annoying. They all have an underlying message that speaks of a place called hell and a place called heaven. Some of them are very serious and truly believe what they say.Throughout the ages they tried to force their message onto society. At the beginning of Christianity since the day of Pentecost, they were just a small group against a overwhelming majority of pagans, but as time passed on they pressed on, and today almost 2 Billion people adhere to some or other form of Christianity. What makes them tick? What caused them to keep coming upon the world with the same message for almost 2000 years in the face of sometimes terrible danger? I know for some it is money of tithes and offerings, prestige,popularity or power over people, but for some this does not seem to matter.

This did not matter for the apostle’s who each died as martyrs with the exception of John, the writer of the Book of Revelation, who  alone died of natural causes.  These men never killed anyone, but were killed for what they believe. They were never popular or rich, but hated where ever they went with their message, yet they pressed on.  I believe it was a Russian lady who once said during the times of communism: “ Now we have put Christianity in the museum” as communism momentarily had power.But that did not last as the churches just went underground in the face of communism and flourished. Under imperial Rome many were persecuted and killed,yet their numbers kept on growing.  On the one hand you had these men sometimes called “heretics” giving their whole lives just to tell their message, on the other hand you had those who hated them for doing that. From the beginning of time this war raged on. What makes both of them tick?  Jesus died for this religion, and on the cross He said the most contrary words a dying man should say: “ Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  He seemed to be saying we do things because we don’t really know better. Stephen said the same words, asking God to forgive his killers as if he knew hell was real and he would not want killers to go to such a place. Their message pressed on. In the past they succeeded in many countries to have their message preached and taught in schools.

Today those opposing their message has succeeded in getting it out in some cases. This is a war, but for what? Christians say it is because they want to warn people of the unknown terrors of hell. If hell does exist and is indeed a terrible place, what would a letter from there read like. I now want to imagine what such a letter might be like and ask you to read it just in case hell is real.

“ Dear annoying Christian.My name is John. I was a zealous atheist who spent all my life opposing people like you. My zeal now has vanished. I never thought I would say this, but I wish you were more annoying. I now wish they never taught me anything else then Christianity. Since that terrible day I lost my body of flesh in that accident,life has been so horrible. As my body laid there all crushed, I became aware of another body. I couldn’t understand this at first. How could my body lay there and I see it? But it is true. I guess this is what they call a soul like in Rev.6:9. Remember the story you told me about Lazarus and the rich man? It is not a story, that rich man is still down here! Still creaming just as you told me. Remember you told me the rich man still had eyes after he died? He still had a tongue and a body to feel pain in? Remember you said he saw father Abraham who died many years before. That is true! There are many people here who lived many ages before. We are still alive only in another dimension you cannot see.

They tell me Jesus one time preached here to spirits who died already in the time of Noah. They too are still here. They tell me He came here because they like me never believed in the coming seed promised in Gen.3, and thus Jesus came here to show Himself to them. I want to tell you about another world which you told me by faith not really knowing what you said, but it is all true. I saw the ambulance crew arriving at the scene. I saw them put me in the van. I could hear them saying “ He is dead”. I tried to shout at them, “No!no! try harder, I am not dead, try again!”, but they could not hear me. I tried to get back to my body of flesh but I could not. Great big ugly creatures began to come at me. Today I know them as those demons you told me about. They rule this place! Oh the horror! Today I know all those ugly feelings of hate, rage,and temptations I had all came from them. I now see hatred literally! It is personified in those demons. They are so strong. No one can overcome them. Just as I could not overcome many of my temptations back then, I see now what defeated me in life. My worst feelings are now personified. I am left without power to fight them.  They tell me these were once powerful Angels who sinned and was casted out of heaven and   now is angry at God and His creation. With their evil power they now rule this place,till the day come that God deal with them. How I wish that day may come that they too may be punished.

Oh! that I may have only one minute of life on earth again! One minute so I can just fall on my knees and pray to Jesus asking forgiveness for my sins! I never thought I would wish something like this! I never thought I would say that name. But everyone down here knows that name. You know Christian, this place is bad not because God threw me in here. God had nothing to do with it! I never saw God throw mein here, I saw only demons doing that. This place is bad because there is no God here!

You are the one experiencing the love of God. You should appreciate everything you have up there. Appreciate the government who still gives you health care. For here is no healthcare , only torment. Appreciate the police and the courts who restore your dignity and gives you justice, because here we all cry, but no one gives us justice. Appreciate doctors, nurses who give you medicine and relief of pain, for here there are no relief.  Appreciate the sunlight, the flowers, fresh air, for in here even the air is heavily polluted to punish us.  In here we are tormented in every possible way, because Satan rules this place.

In here are all sorts of people. There are bishops, elders, deacons, and even popes who lived double lives. You come here not because you failed to go to church, you come here because you failed to ask forgiveness for your sins. This place is a place for trial awaiting prisoners who committed sins Jesus never forgave because we never asked for it.

Oh that I may just have one minute of what you still enjoy. Dear Christian please do all you can to save my fellow atheists. Like the rich man who wanted to have someone come from here to preach, I now wish you preach. I remember I trashed the testimonies of those as utter nonsense who said they experienced hell and it’s horrors, but now I feel it.  Please do not give up!Bother them continually because this place is real. We are nothing down here just as Isaiah 5:14-15 says. There are once mighty kings, dictators here without exception just because of sin. The terrors here is beyond your comprehension because hell is ruled by a psychopath called Lucifer. He and his demons  finds pleasure in tormenting us with fires, and all sorts of sadistic methods. Please tell my fellow living human beings that this place is very real. The little evil you experience upon earth all comes from the unseen demons governing here. Just because you don't see them doesn’t mean they are not real.  Never come this way!

I know some of your fellow Christians are hypocrites who preach that message for selfish gain, but even so, Christ is preached.  Tell my wife and kids I love them and make sure they never come here. Tell them to make sure they confess their sins. It is not going to church that is going to save them, but confessing to Jesus. Make sure they find a good church where people still preach that Bible. Do this for me please.

Love -John.”

This fictional letter is based on Bible facts, but I wrote it so you may understand why Christians do what they do, and why they are willing to die for their message. They love you! Here now is the testimony of person who really went to hell as told by a news paper reporter, called- 48 Hours in hell.

One of the most interesting cases of resuscitation whatever came to my knowledge was that of George Lennox, a notorious horse thief of Jefferson County. He was serving his second term. Sedgwick County sent him to the prison the first time for a similar offense - stealing horses.

During the winter of 1887and 1888he worked in the coal mines. The place where he was laboring seemed dangerous to him. He reported the fact to the officer in charge, who made an examination,and deciding that the room was safe, ordered Lennox back to his work. The convict, obeying, had not continued his work more than an hour, whenthe roof fell in and completely buried him. He remained in this condition fully two hours. Missed at dinnertime, a search was instituted for the missing convict, and he was found under this heap of rubbish. Life seemed extinct. He was taken to the top,and on examination by the prison physician, was pronounced dead.

The most wonderful part of his story was that during the time he was dead. Being a shorthand reporter, I took his story from dictation.

Said he, " I had a presentiment all the morning that something terrible was going to happen. I was so uneasy on account of my feelings that I went to my mining boss Mr. Grason, and told him how I felt, and asked him if he would not come and examine my coal room, the place where I was digging coal. He came and seemed to make a thorough examination,and ordered me back to work, saying there was no danger, and that he thought I was going, 'cranky'. I returned to my work, and had been digging away for something like an hour, when all of a sudden, it grew very dark. Then it seemed as if a great iron door swung open and I passed through it. The thought then came to my mind that I was dead and in another world. I could see no one, nor hear sound of any kind. From some cause unknown to myself, I started to move away from the doorway, and had travelled some distance when I came to the banks of a broad river. It was not dark, neither was it light.There was about as much light as on a bright, starlit night. I had not remained on the banks of this river very long until I could hear the sound of oars in the water, and soon a person in a boat rowed up to where I was standing.

"I was speechless. He looked at me for a moment, and then said that he had come for me, and told me to get into the boat and row across to the other side. I obeyed. Not a word was spoken. I longed to ask him who he was, and where I was.My tongue seemed to cling to the roof of my mouth. I could not say a word.Finally, we reached the opposite shore. I got out of the boat, and the boatman vanished out of sight.

"Thus left alone, I knew not what to do. Looking out before me, I saw two roads which led through a dark valley. One of these was a broad road and seemed to be well travelled.The other was a narrow path and led off in another direction. I instinctively followed the well-beaten road. I had not gone far when it seemed to grow darker. Ever and anon, however a light would flash up from the distance, and in this manner I was lighted on my journey.

"Presently I was met by a being that is utterly impossible for me to describe. I can only give you a faint idea of his dreadful appearance. He resembled a man somewhat, but was much larger than any human being I ever saw. He must have been at least ten feet high. He had great wings on his back.He was black as the coal I had been digging, and in a perfectly nude condition.He had a spear in his hand, the handle of which must have been fully fifteen feet in length. His eyes shone like balls of fire. His teeth, white as pearl,seemed fully an inch long. His nose, if you could call it a nose, was very large, broad and flat. His hair was very coarse, heavy and long. It hung down upon his massive shoulders. His voice sounded more like the growls of a lion ina menagerie than anything I can recall.

"Itwas during one of the flashes of light that I first saw him. I trembled like an aspen leaf at the sight. He had his spear raised as if to send it flying through me. I suddenly stopped. With that terrible voice I seem to hear yet, he bade me follow him; that he had been sent to guide me on my journey. I followed. What else could I do? After he had gone some distance a large mountain appeared to rise up before us. The part facing us seemed perpendicular, just as if a mountain had been cut in two and one part had been taken away. On this perpendicular wall, I could distinctly see these words, 'This is Hell.' My guide approached this perpendicular wall, and with his spear handle gave three loud rasps. A large massive door swung back and we passed in. I was then conducted on through what appeared to be a passage through this mountain.

"For some time we travelled in Egyptian darkness. I could hear the heavy foot falls of my guide and thus could follow him. All the way along I could hear deep groans as of some one dying. Further on, these groans increased, and I could distinctly hear the cry water,water, water. Coming now to another gateway, and,passing through, I could hear, it seemed, a million voices in the distance, and the cry was for water, water. Presently another large door opened at the knock of my guide, and I found that we had passed through the mountain, and now a broad plain lay before me.

"At this place my guide left me to direct other lost spirits to the same destination. I remained in this open plain for a time, when a being somewhat similar to the first one came to me; but instead of a spear he had a huge sword. He came to tell me of my future doom. He spoke with a voice that struck horror to my soul. 'Thou art in hell,' he said; 'for thee all hope is fled. As thou passed through the mountain on thy way hither, thou didst hear the groans and shrieks of the lost as they called for water to cool their parched tongues.Along that passage there is a door that opens into the lake of fire. This is soon to be thy doom. Before thou art conducted to this place of torment nevermore to emerge - for there is no hope for those who enter there - thou shalt be permitted to remain in this open plain, where it's granted to all the lost to behold what they might have enjoyed instead of what they must suffer.'

"With this I was left alone. Whether the result of the terrible fright through which I had passed I know not, but now I became stupefied.A dull languor took full possession of my frame. My strength departed from me. My limbs refused to support my body longer.Overcome, I now sank down a helpless mess. Drowsiness now took control of me.Half awake, half asleep, I seemed to dream.Far above me, and in the distance, I saw the Beautiful City of which we read in the Bible. How wonderfully beautiful were its walls of jasper. Stretching out and away in the distance, I saw vast plains covered with beautiful flowers. I, too, beheld the river of life and the sea of glass. Vast multitudes of angels would pass in and out through the gates of the city, singing, oh, such beautiful songs. Among the number I saw my dear old mother, who died a few years ago of a broken heart because of my wickedness. She looked toward me and seemed to beckon me to her, but I could not move. There appeared to be a great weight upon me that held me down. Now a gentle breeze wafted the fragrance of those lovely flowers toward me, and I could now more plainly than ever, hear the sweet melody of angel voices, and I said, 'Oh, that I could be one of them.'

"As I was drinking from this cup of bliss it was suddenly dashed from my lips. I was aroused from my slumbers. I was brought back from happy dreamland by an inmate of my dark abode, who said that it was now time to enter upon my future career.He bade me follow him. Retracing my steps I again entered the dark passageway,and followed my guide for a time, when we came to a door that opened in the side of the passage, and going along this, we finally found ourselves passing through another door, and lo! I beheld the lake of fire.

"Just before me I could see, as far as the eye could reach, that literal lake of fire and brimstone.Huge billows of fire would roll over each other, and great waves of fiery flame would dash against each other and leap high in the air like the waves of the sea during a violent storm. On the crest of the waves I could see human beings rise, but soon to be carried down again to the lowest depths of this awful lake of fire. When borne on the crest of these awful billows for a time their curses against a just God would be appalling, and their pitiful cries for water would be heart-rending. This vast region of fire echoed and re-echoed with the wails of these lost spirits.

"Presently I turned my eyes to the door through which I had a few moments before entered,and I read these awful words, 'Thisis thy doom; Eternity never ends.' Shortly I began to feel the earth give way under my feet, and I soon found myself sinking down into the lake of fire. An indescribable thirst for water now seized upon me. And calling for water my eyes opened in the hospital prison.

"I have never told this experience of mine before for fear the prison officials would get hold of it, think me insane and lock me in the crankhouse.I passed through all of this, and I am as well satisfied as I am that I live,that there is a Heaven and there is a Hell,and a regular old-fashioned Hell, the kind the Bible tells about. But there is one thing certain, I am never going to that place any more.

"As soon as I opened my eyes in the hospital and found that I was alive and on earth once more, I immediately gave my heart to God and I am going to live and die a Christian.While the terrible sights of Hell can never be banished from my memory, neither can the beautiful things of Heaven I saw, I am going to meet my dear old mother after awhile. To be permitted to sit down on the banks of that beautiful river, to wander with those angels across the plains, through the vales and over the hills carpeted with fragrant flowers,the beauty of which far surpasses anything that mortal can imagine; to listen to the songs of the saved - all this will more than compensate me for living the life of a Christian here on earth, even if I have to forgo many sensual pleasures in which I indulged before coming to the prison. I have abandoned my companions in crime, and am going to associate with good people when I am once more a free man."

We give this account to the reader just as we received it from Lennox.

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