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Defending Genesis

25 May 2012, 09:28

Defending Genesis

In recent article’s the Book of Genesis in particular has came under attack as a confused account of contradictions. Light is made on the 1st day, and then the sun is made again on the 4th day. Plants are made on the 3rd day, and again on the 7th day. Animals are made on the 5th and 6th day before man and then again on the 7th day after man. Some galaxies are billions of light years away from earth, which means it would have taken its light billions of light years to get to earth in the first place, yet it seems the Bible says heaven was made in 6 days. I agree it could cause confusion. But could it also be that we misunderstand the Bible in the first place? Here is what I concluded after studying works like that of Rev. W.M. Branham. While some may not agree, I would like to use my freedom of expression to explain it the way I understand.   

1. BEFORE DAYS ARE MENTIONED Gen.1:1 “ In the Beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”  Period. The Universe, with perhaps 200 billion galaxies each with billions of stars is created. Here is where the SUN was created whose light we now enjoy. How long did it take God? It doesn’t say. As I said before, this verse is timeless.

 2. BEFORE GOD GAVE EARTH ATTENTION Gen.1:2 “ And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” Earth cools down and accumulate water, and become dark. Again this verse is timeless.

3. DAY 1- In Gen.1:3 God’s Spirit visits earth and God says: “Let there be light” -so life could begin to become possible. God moves earth to the sunlight. Light falls on the spinning earth in Gen.1:4, and days comes into existence for the first time.  Day 1’s job is finished-that old dark sinner is in the presence of sunlight and the first step to make life possible has been done.

This is what God did for the sinner who became Christian also. Saw his terrible state, went over to him/her with His spirit. And then began moving him over towards His word-Light. Where there was once darkness light now came-purpose came. God has something in mind for you. He wants you to host LIFE-His holy life. He wants to pour His character and abilities into you.

4. DAY 2 “ GENESIS 1:6  †      ¶  And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.”

Earth is in the presence of sunlight, it is spinning to 24 hour cycle’s to make days and nights as we have it now, but it is still covered in water. What happens from day 2 naturally? EVAPORATION.

Earth was covered in icy waters as it was far from outside heat. Big icebergs have to be melted. What happen if heat is applied to water? Some goes up and some stays below. What do you create in your kitchen kettle if water evaporates? A Space, or FIRMAMENT between waters below in the pot and those on the ceiling. You can make your own firmament in the kitchen if it has a ceiling.

How far did these waters that go up? Beyond the stars? I don’t think so. Stand back a little on day 2 and see what you’ve got. Earth still with much water, then a space upward [firmament] and then evaporated waters above. Do you see it according to the verse? What does God call the space or firmament between the canopy above and the waters below? He calls that firmament heaven also. Can you see the stars from earth? No! The waters above blocked view to it.

This is the second stage of a Christians journey also! Sanctification. Remember you had many bad habits deeply rooted into you by continual practise. I am not only talking about smoking, drinking and that, but also about terrible character flaws. Quick to anger, fast to condemn, indifference, foolish pride of we are better than thou art, impatience, lack of kindness, lack of love, and so forth. It takes time to be holy!

Here I wish to ask forgiveness TOWARDS ALL ATHEISTS FOR ALL THE HURT WE AS CHRISTIANS HAVE CAUSED YOU. I have seen so many glimpses of people so badly hurt by Christians that some have turned their backs on Christianity completely. They see the bad parts of us, and now blames God. It was never God or the Bible, it was us acting in the old evil cold nature not yet removed. Some of us realize our shortcomings. We don’t want to act like we do sometimes. You just don’t know how sorry some of us are after we’ve done wrong.

Forgive us if you’ve found us in growing pains. We pray to God, beg God to change us, but ultimately we have to let go of the evil we cling onto. Good character is not a gift-it is a victory! You have to overcome the old you. Overcome greed, overcome lust, overcome the urge to give in to temptation. All the rewards in the book of Revelation is given to the over comer. [Rev. 2-3]

How do I overcome? I need to let go first. Let go of the fast temper- it’s an iceberg, don’t defend it. Don’t say I got angry because I was pushed to it. If something wrong is pointed out, confess it. Don’t hide sin for then you cannot prosper. The only way God can learn us to let go of it is to tell us what we should be, and that He is willing to help us with it, then put us under pressure-turn on the heat, to see if we would hang on to the old way or act out the new.  We need to shake off the old evil character, melt the old icebergs. Christianity is not a overnight thing, it’s a process.

Moses is said to have been the meekest man on earth. But Moses wasn’t always that way. He had a temper-such a temper that he killed a man. But after being out there 40 years, God finally had that out of him. There was one occasion that it came through a bit, and that was when he got impatient with Israel and struck the rock instead of speaking to it. So you see? We overcome by letting go of the old ways and allowing the new to settle. Earth went through the same thing as it had to let go of it’s old coldness in order to host life. This takes time.  

Each day’s  job takes God 1000 years. [II Pet 3:8] God is a space Being and 1000 years to us is just one day to Him says Peter. Peter gets that from the Old Testament in Genesis where God told Adam he would die the DAY he eats of the fruits of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. After Adam sinned God began counting his life, and he lived 930 years.

Before he sinned his days were not numbered, but after that he lived less than a DAY  in God’s time.  He was 70 years short of living one day, while most of us comes up 930 years short of living just one day in God’s time. But don’t worry, you will live a full day in the millennium if you are a Christian that overcame.

Prophets like Isaiah also talked of the DAY of the Lord which is still coming. To what do they refer? The 1000 year millennium when the LORD shall reign. Days differ depending on where you are in the universe. A day on Venus is 5832 hours, not 24. It takes 243 days earth days to have just one day on Venus. The moon takes 29 earth day around it’s own axis to make one full rotation. Jupiter only takes 10 hours to make one rotation, one day-says certain science sources.  So a day in universe differs a lot.

5. DAY 3. “ GENESIS 1:9  †  And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.”

After much evaporation all the remaining water below was pulled into ONE place. A tide generating force like the sun or moon could do the job. Here is another massive mystery! If you are not careful enough you will read right over it. You look at the MANY CONTINENTS today and you say it was always so.

Wrong –Eden was science Pangaea. Eden was JUST ONE MASSIVE LANDMASS. For that reason Noah could built the ark in one place and God could bring all the animals over land to him. Complaints about rivers of Asia like the Euphrates and Tigris, and rivers of Africa like the Nile being connected at one stage disappear right here. Even a river in the likeness of the Amazon could have flown out of Egypt, onto a united landmass of South America, fed by a fountain in Egypt in a totally different direction.

There were no rain before the flood, and rivers were fed by fountains FROM BELOW instead of by rain from above. The flood changed much of the landscape, thus very high mountains, as we have today, was probably formed only after the flood according to certain sections in the science community.

Note what the verse above says about the seas, that the waters gathered in ONE PLACE, and the ONE dry LAND appeared. Pangaea was called EDEN.

According to our sciences Pangaea was created millions of years ago as they assume plate tectonics can only move slow as they rightly observe currently. But there was a time plate tectonics moved rapidly! Truth is stranger than fiction.

Here I have to call in the help of Dr. John Baumgardner who has proven by a model that catastrophic plate tectonics moving rapidly during the flood, are the most likely explanation for the young seafloor. Adam’s Eden, or science Pangaea, according the Bible, was not many millions of years ago, only thousands.

I urge you to visit You tube and see what Dr. John Baumgardner explains there on “/Global Tectonics and the Flood/” about catastrophic plate tectonics.  While most science stick to a general long term slow drifting plate movement, he proved it could move rapidly also. Our ignorance about the past, can make us say many foolish things. With the total destruction brought about by the flood, the past has become as mysterious as the future.

DAY 3 God also made different plant species. Finally earth was ready to host life, well almost. Why almost? You see not everything was placed right yet. There was no rain cycle yet. The moon wasn’t in it’s right position yet, neither was the sun what God wanted.

The mystery here is they could NOT GROW YET, for it was only by the 7th day that God brought a mist up to wet the earth to have plant growth. The strange thing here is that water canopy of evaporated water above created on the second day did not fall back onto the earth. There must have existed a condition that kept it from raining back. I don’t know, I wasn’t there, and I am not a scientist to figure it out.

All I read is there was no rain cycle, so EVEN if God finished all the PLANTS with SEEDS in them, as fully capable plants, they would have remained in the ground-UNPRODUCTIVE. But God was finished creating plants. The seeds with life in it were there, the potential created, only the conditions needed to be made right. So when people see plants only sprouting forth ON THE DRY GROUND on the 7th day, they must remember you need living seeds, as well as right conditions to have growth. It is just that simple, and NOT  a contradiction. The 7th day is not repetition, but rather producing the right conditions.

To be continued if allowed...

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