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Defending Genesis Part 3

30 May 2012, 13:00

Defending Genesis Part 3

There had been a lot of confusion and criticism against the Book of Genesis lately. Another question was: Why did God create birds, animals and humans 2 times? From day 5 to 6, birds, animals and humans were created and then again on day 7. I will give you my understanding, while you might differ under a healthy democracy.

DAY 5- With the sun moon and other planets in our solar system fine tuned to sustain life, control our tides, and protect us from space objects, God brought sea creatures. Marine plant life to supply these creatures with food was created on the 3rd day already, and would have been able to thrive since the fourth day fine tuning.

But on the dry earth God had NOT YET brought moisture for plant life there. [Gen.2:5] If you read creation day 5 you’ll see birds being created. With no plants on earth and the Bible clearly saying birds were formed FROM THE DUST on day 7, [Gen. 2;19] I was a bit confused for some time. When I read what Rev. Branham said God did for man on the 6th day, I began to understand. Man was created a spirit [soul] first in the likeness of God who is a Spirit also. Then God took that life form [soul] and placed it into a body of dust on the 7th day. Thus bird life went through the same process. Any living creature is made up of TWO parts. One part is LIFE-the other is DUST.

The DUST is what we see, but the LIFE we cannot see. The land parent creatures of Genesis were created LIFE first, and then that LIFE was brought into bodies on the 7th day. And you will also notice that God blessed the LIFE part of both animals and humans and gave it a command to multiply. It is your LIFE that is given the command to produce offspring. And so is it today.

The flesh plays a minor role in bringing forth the next generation. After mating, only a seed is planted. That seed has a LIFE in it, and it is actually that LIFE who goes on to built a complete replica by multiplying cell upon cell till something comes forth which you call your son or daughter.

We have to admit our role is minor. You plant, but it is the LIFE in the seed that does all the hard work. The life uses the dust and built cell upon cell, till it has a complete building of what it had in mind. It must have intelligence, I mean super intelligence! It is nothing short of a creator! Here is how Loiue Giglio in a You Tube video called “/ How Great is our God/” somewhere on part 3, preaches  the work of Life, from a Christian perspective. He said something in this order:

/ One cell from your Dad, met up with one cell from your Mom, each carrying 23 chromosomes with half of your Mom’s DNA and half of your Dad’s DNA. And when they met, they merged into one single cell. As they did, those chromosomes matched and began to built a brand new DNA code using 4 characters, 4 nucleotides.

If you were to stretch that DNA code out of that one cell, it would be 6 feet long using a 3 billion character description of what you will be, written in the language of God. If we were to read your DNA one character per second day and night, it would take us 96 years just to read the description of who you are. And then that one cell did the unthinkable, as it began to set out to built that model. You are a miracle/ Says Louie.

We didn’t just came to be here haphazardly, that LIFE that multiplied cells as their building blocks, performed a miracle.  Life has to be something, because it is so intelligent. LIFE is also a mechanic. When we break something in our bodies, Life restores broken tissue, replacing those broken, bruised or damaged cells.

Rev. William Branham used to say: Life is the healer. Medicine doesn’t heal-LIFE DOES. Medicine kills germs, but life replaces cells. How about it if you would walk up to the doctor and say: “ Hey Doc, I broke my arm and I heard you’re a healer, so please heal my arm right quick so I can use it at work tomorrow.”

The doctor would say; “You need mental healing sir. I’ll set your arm and you come back in so many weeks and we’ll see if it grew back right. All we do is assisting that LIFE in you.”  Yes we thank God for medical science for what would we do without it, but ultimately, it is LIFE that builds new cells.

What are you life? Who created you? In what realms do you dwell that we know nothing of you? Please share with us your secrets. Why don’t you keep me young? I know you can, for you grew me from one cell to a young man. Who gave you a command to stop refreshing me? Was it God? Come out where we can see you.

And LIFE keeps silent, goes on about it’s business silently in our bodies. And then we grow old and die. At that time the mysterious LIFE leaves as mysterious as it has entered. Never forget-You have TWO PARTS. One part of you is in the supernatural realms. We just can’t see life.

God made part 1 [LIFE] of birds on day 5, and part 2 [DUST] of birds on day 7. Let me show what I mean. When the LIFE PART escapes out of the DUST PART we say something is DEAD. It still has eyes, why can’t it see? If it’s a bird, it still have wings, but why can’t fly?

It still has a body why can’t it move? Why, why, why! Something is missing, and then we cry, because we know not what else to do. We Christians can only look up to the sky to a higher Being and say: The Lord gaveth LIFE, the Lord taketh LIFE, the Lord leaveth the body for us to bury. Blessed be His holy Name.

But now we have hope, for the Lord shall bring resurrection. What did the Lord take? The LIFE of the little birdie He created, if that is what you have to bury. We still have the body of the little birdie, but we know not where the Lord took the life.

At that time as we see that bird dead, we know we have lost a brilliant engineer. I mean that engineer who built that plane we see dead before us, did a marvellous job. He knew everything there is to know about aerodynamics. You know one day I watched a flight engineer.

That bird would fly like I’ve never seen before. It would go up into the air, and shoot down at a sharp angle towards the ground, then just before hitting the ground he would turn another sharp angle, fly half a meter above the road, darting in half circle’s, comes straight towards the house wall, turn metres from it straight up the wall slow down, stop at the edge of the roof and sit there, as if he just did nothing.

The season had just began to change, and I guess he must have migrated from some far country. He was just enjoying himself in the warm weather, and gave me an air show. I stood amazed. Today I am thinking, that intelligence should have worked for Boeing!

He built that plane starting in a egg and had everything he needed in just that egg. That’s something isn’t it? And after a few tries, he took his first test flight, and never went back to the drawing board to redesigns anything. Who is he? At what institution did he graduate? He left his plane for us to bury, but where did he go?

In Genesis I read God blessed the LIFE of the birdie and told it to multiply. By putting that LIFE from the 5th day into a body of flesh on the 7th day, God gave him a body with blue print, some DNA code, and told LIFE to multiply, impart some of itself into the next generation, and go ahead and built another marvellous plane in the next generation.  

And they are still building it according to the original blue print given there in Genesis. You will perhaps believe this if you are Christian, if not, please don’t be offended. It’s just one of those places where I have another opinion.

What is that life? I don’t know, I am sorry that I don’t know, but am I so happy to use it. It is something we cannot see, it’s a substance we enjoy, yet it had to be created if it is a substance. As wonderful and intelligent as science is, they have not yet seen LIFE or discovered the secret of how to bring back LIFE after it’s gone a couple days or so.

Science does many wonderful things, and we enjoy it. But this is one thing they haven’t got figured out yet.  [I am not talking of manipulation of existing life] And until they have, we are forced to keep on having funerals for formerly living things.

But in this department the Christian hopes is not built on what man can achieve, for there is One named Jesus who have the keys of Death and hell. On the day He died, Death said: “ Ah! Finally you died too, after helping others to evade me for a time. I’ll go back after them later, but for now, I will lock you up same as I did all these other guys. You see that guys over there?

They are here from before the flood. See those mighty men over there? They are kings who ruled after the flood. I have them all here, and none had any power to escape. None!” But then Jesus could have said something like this: I am not here to stay. I only came to defeat you. And then He took some knowledge keys that could unlock death, and unlocked not only Himself, but all the Old Testament saints.

And from that Sunday morning they walked free, and many saw them. It was then that Job could have said: “ I told you. I told I know my redeemer liveth! And thou the skin worms eat my flesh, yet in my flesh, shall I see God! Here is that redeemer I prophesied about.”  And there they went, rejoicing in the streets of Jerusalem. For Jesus have the keys, the knowledge of how to overcome the chains of death.

O Death, O Death! Where is thy sting? You had a terrible jail break and lost prisoners. You are stronger than Fort Knox, better than Pollsmoor, and none escapes your jaws, but now Jesus and the Old Testament saints have escape. You have a breach in your impeccable record now. Someone overcame your knowledge.

Our hope is on Him, for He told John on Patmos, that He has those keys of DEATH AND HELL. He knows that secret we all so desperately covet, of how to find LIFE after it went out, and how to unlock death and bring back LIFE!

When I googled “ What is life” I came across this:

“ What is life? One hundred and fifty years of serious, secular study have brought us to a better understanding of what constitutes all living organisms, but the why and how of life itself remain elusive, says Tim Radford. Life looks increasingly like a chemical experiment that took over the laboratory. All living things turn to dust and ashes when they die, or, to put it another way, to constituent atoms and molecules of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, phosphorus and so on.

But, in another sense, living things do not die: they begin again, from a tiny cell, and scavenge the dust, the air and water, to find the elements necessary to fashion an aspidistra, an elephant, or an attorney-general, using only the raw materials to hand and energy from a thermonuclear reactor 93 million miles away. The freshly minted, self-replicating organism then grows up, grows old and melts away, but not before imparting a fragment of itself to generate yet another copy, but not an identical copy. The process is visible and transparent, everywhere on the planet, but it is ultimately mysterious.” [Quoted from the internet]

The human eye can’t see LIFE, only the work thereof. It surely wasn’t just oxygen that went out, because you can pump a dead thing full of it, and still it won’t live! It isn’t any of the substances we know. What is it? I don’t know, but the Bible says God created it.

The 5th day birds, and 6th day animals as well as the 6th day humans are all LIFE parts. On the 7th day God gave them natural bodies, and since then it have been doing the multiplying themselves. I believe in young LIFE in natural bodies on the dry ground, no older than about 6000 years, because the historical record of my Bible says it so. Others have their opinion, this is just mine. I mean no offence, but was merely trying to answer what happened in Genesis from day 5-7.

Death teaches us the lesson of 2 parts to any living thing. Why do we cry? We cry because LIFE took a flight to a destination we know not where, into a realm we cannot see. But don’t cry no more. There is One who knows where to find LIFE after it left the body. Jesus is His name. Give Him your LIFE, and He promised He will bring it back again, same as He did for the Old Testament saints.

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