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EFF vs Neo Liberalism

13 May 2014, 12:06

The people that voted anc, were merely pushed by fear, hunger, pleading for favor and pure ignorance. Mainly, they voted without thinking. This is the pathological problem of this country. Eff is here to free our people from this legendary mental yoke. Our people are in chains. Anc is thriving on this public malaise.

Many whites voted anc in the effort to stop eff. Others voted da, hence the numbers. These votes doesn't mean those people love those parties. On the other hand, blacks, the middle class that love neo liberalism and desperate to protect the product of capitalism and the comfort they enjoy from it, also voted da and anc in spite of its negatives. Other poor blacks voted out of hunger and asking for favors and fear of loosing out. And many others voted to secure jobs given by anc. It didn't matter how eff tried to get its manifesto to suit the blacks who are mainly the majority in this country. People voted like cows. This is this country problem in a nutshell. What I can attribute to the mental damage done by apartheid damaging people right from the genes mental make up. Hence we see useless people like Zuma clad on anc colors and reaping the benefits of this legendary malaise. Eff work is a very serious one. We are the true liberators of this country and we love our mission and does it with passion. Hence we never minded to fund our own movement until it made it to parliament.

 You see what Eff is dealing with is the results of longstanding apartheid damage. A reality that is so disgusting in this country and many, even in the new dispensation still want to protect and want to continue to make it our reality at all cost. It's the reality they know and the reality they gotten used to and no matter how skewed it can be, it's what they have accepted as a fact. Trying to show these people the alternative possibility is like asking a dog to put on a coat in winter. It will not. These people even hate their true liberation. They have accepted it as a fact that they deserve to live in low class townships and whites live in nice town by default. It doesn't matter whether they are in power and can change that. They don't believe it is possible. But they have power. They believe in the despicable rdps, roads here and there, some low paying jobs which basically are paid slaves, etc etc. They have accepted that they are low human beings. And whatever they do, entrench that. Like voting a party that only think as low as they think about themselves like anc. So liberating these people of this country is a mammoth task. People accuse me when I say they are monkeys. They think alike and don't like it when people define them according to their actions.

 It's very difficult to be a black person. Very difficult indeed. You are born with a stigma and already, your misery mapped right from your birth. It's not about being born in a rich family or being educated. Living in a big house, driving a big, luxury car doesn't mean you are liberated. You are only an ape that managed to secure western niceties. You still carry the yoke. Overall, you are still defined like any other black. Low class race. You aspire to b white and that makes you a fake. You are a black that only have white symbols. Until your race is liberated from its legendary shackles. You still carry the stigma. This is the core existence of eff to deliver these people from their twisted existence they accepted as a fact. Eff aspiration. Is to have a new born child born in positive odds of a bright future right from birth. That living good become an automatic not an achievement. Today it's. Vice versa. A new born baby is born in hardship and has to work hard to live good. This is not nature. It's a man's design. It can change. But people are used to this existence that it has become the fact. A bad fact. And if you show them the other possibility, which also can be man's design. They look to you like you are mad. It's easy to accept the bad design, but not the good one. See I will demonstrate to you what I mean. A white child by design is born in a positive existence fact, and it is also by design and not nature that a black child is born in a negative existence fact. ANC FAILED ITS TASK. A TASK APARTHEID REGIME CHAMPIONED. EFF IS HERE.

Zuma is hundred percent right to say the cries about things like nkandla is clever people issues. The general public don't care about such things. He's very true and was blatantly demonstrated by these despicable votes results that have secured thieves legality to further their mafia factory. Exactly the problem of this country that makes me define the people of this country as monkeys. Zuma also noted that they don't think. Apes don't think. They just live. Exactly what the people of this country does. Creating a monumental problem for the rest of us described by Zuma as clever people. Because you see. We are few. And monkeys are so many. And it is easy for jackals like anc to thrive in this environment, because no matter what clever people will say to make monkeys see. A monkey will always be pleased with a banana a day that keeps it jovial regardless whether it's caged or kept in a zoo. Freedom for a monkey is not appetizing because it will require it to think. Regardless whether you put all good prospects for it to thrive with that freedom. A caged monkey given a free banana a day. SEES THAT AS LUXURY.

I will support a law that Zuma should put to prohibit any protests. We have to have that law in this country. Only eff members should be allowed to do that because we didn't vote for Zuma. 11 million that voted for him must be arrested w+when they do anything like that. They must even b arrested for complaining about their government.

I have a right to protest because I didn't vote for Zuma. His presidency is an imposition to me because of a lot of monkeys that overwhelm us. So I have a right to be opposition to everything he does I don't like. I'm a citizen of this country and my voice is important too. A voice that doesn't agree with Zuma nonsense. The fact that many monkeys gave him presidency. Doesn't mean that it's right. It's only that monkeys during votes were many than zumas clever people and then managed to get presidency. So it doesn't mean he must gloat. His legitimacy is based on monkeys and he said it himself that monkeys(as opposed to clever people) will vote for him and it happened. It doesn't mean he's a clever president that is voted by people that love him because he's doing a good job. He's a monkey voted by monkey playing a state. My cover pic message.

Let me again clarify a certain propaganda point that the neo liberal system that governs the so called civilized world seems to have successfully managed to sell to our people. Mandela is not an icon hailed around the world because he's a hero. No. See Mandela is hailed and promoted and punted thus, because the western world that is propagating capitalism has managed to use him to quell the wave that the original anc idea was coming with. He was used. He was a toy in the hands of the neo liberal. He is punted as the man of peace. Whites openly cried when he died. He became their hero. For one reason only... HE PRESERVED WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN DISMANTLED FROM THE ROOTS WITH THE NEW DISPENSATION TO THEIR BENEFIT. AND TO THE DISADVANTAGE OF BLACK PEOPLE. The west also are celebrating him for the same reasons. You see the west funded apartheid. Only a few radicals spoke against apartheid and worked hard to expose it's brutality to humanity not just to blacks. There is a reason why apartheid lasted for so long. The west and neo liberals benefited a lot from it. Sanctions against apartheid were only to keep it in check. Not to denounce it. The freedom we got wasn't because there were sanctions. The reason after Mandela became president and declared this country free z sanctions were not immediately lifted. They served a different purpose to liberating us. We liberated ourselves. See. There is a reason Mugabe, Gaddafi, and people like Hussain were haunted and killed by West. Because they didn't become Mandela. The reason Mugabe despise Mandela. He sold his people to capital. What did he get in return. A lasting legacy for his children. Not South Africa. Anc played in the hands of the enemy. They abandoned the freedom charter which, eff took and is running with. And the hatred Anc had before when still pushing freedom charter. Now eff carries. And this Anc, which as Mandela is loved by the west and the whites. Because it only manages what apartheid carried. Aluta continua.

 Why don't you ask yourself why Anc hates eff, when eff manifesto and constitution only speak the language that intend to benefit it's electorate. Why? What is wrong with land distribution, nationalization of the resourceful entities to the benefit of the people. What is wrong with that. If all that fails what's wrong with it because it will fail with good intentions of serving the people.. What Anc and the rest who are against eff say is that what is right is for Motsepe to sit on billions as one man and billions suffer. That is what they mean by endorsing the current system... Aluta.

Now Zuma is coyly speaking about 2030 development plan. A neo liberal agenda which DA, an inherently pro white formation openly endorse hundred percent. So anc no longer exists to serve blacks who votes for it in numbers. It actually serves the whites and capitalists interests. They claim to rule. But in actual fact. They manage what their masters control. They can only do for blacks as much as their masters allows. No further. Nationalization and land distribution is an abhorrent to their masters. Not that it's impossible. Riches has to stay with their masters. Riches their masters are only prepared to share with a few of them. If Zuma was a pest to capital and whites as is mugabe. He wouldn't even have lasted two years in his presidential term with scandals he carries. See Zuma is also a victim of capital. Like Mandela, he's their toy. They noted his weaknesses and using him through them to manage him. See. Malema wasn't fired by Zuma in anc. It's a capital plan. And used Zuma to deal with him.

 See the black populace is only seen as a work force and machinery to generate wealth for capital. Nothing more. They are only seen as objects to make life easy for capitalists. Clean for them, work in their businesses as human machines etc. That is the core reason blacks exists for capital. Their education and upbringing is so they can easily adapt to these needs of capitalists and white people. Nothing more. Blacks by design. Are supposed to serve capital and whites. And capital and whites who are the beneficiary and architects of capital exists to enjoy life and live the fullness of life. That is by design. Hence the birth of apartheid. To entrench that. To legalize it and make it institutional... And the roots of that firmly exists even in the so called new dispensation... Now managed by blacks themselves.

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