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Essay: The blunder of aid to Africa

05 September 2013, 09:15

I hope to help more people understand why charity directed at Africa continues to be the blunder that it is and always has been. Prepare to swallow a bitter concoction if you read this article…

The backstory

Much of the world has classified Africa as the host continent for dictatorships, genocides, poverty, AIDS, and political and social unrest. Much of the white West continues to blame Africa’s ongoing struggles on the complexion of Africans, which is assumed (without evidence) to result in mental retardation.

I often see how racism, bigotry, and religion allow humans to have the most contemptible views of each other. Worse, the derogatory assumptions that result from these unreasonable ideologies are then used as an excuse to forever enforce the discriminations they authored.

The people who show affection towards such discriminatory opinions are frequently the ones caught in the act of flavouring the data surrounding the subject. This is usually done by circulating spurious chain mails that reference sources supposedly ‘silenced’ because of their ‘political incorrectness.’

Any claims that scientific evidence suggesting an intellectual gap to exist between various races of humans (and which is being suppressed for this reason) is, of course, utter nonsense and the deductions of minds in collaboration with racism.

The reality is that those ‘controversial’ sources have been rejected by mainstream science exactly because they are biased misrepresentations that try to prove a point not alluded to by global data. We already know what causes IQ differences between races: nurture, culture, environment, nutrition, education, etc. Even more critical to the topic is what IQ actually measures? IQ most certainly does not measure absolute intelligence (another strike for those who judge people by IQ results alone), and IQ tests are often culturally biased and don’t take into account environmental variables and the effects they have on the performance of the test takers.

It thus stands to reason that the colour of one’s skin or the shape of one’s nose or the texture of one’s hair has no effect on brain function, and the only reason people would even suggest something this preposterous is to promote a stigma that certain races of our species are closer to apes than to ‘humans.’ Of course, it gets hilarious when one hears that the ones labeling other races ‘half-ape’ don’t consider themselves associated with primates in any way, shape, or form, and that they revile evolutionary theory exactly for its claims that all Homo Sapiens are in fact primates.

Like it or not, science does not permit or empower one to select the bits of it that appeal to one’s predeterminations. Religion and politics are where one should go to in order to filter facts down to a trickle that promotes a narrow-minded assumption not born from honest research.

A lesson in African aid

Two groups are responsible for the dissemination of internationally funded aid in Africa: On the ethereal side of things are the missionaries and religious organizations with an interest in Africans, and on the corporeal (to be read corporate) side are the businessmen and profit-driven companies with a vested interest in Africa’s resources, not Africans themselves. Both groups are guilty of using charitable funds to erect structures in their own image that are then simply use to secure more donations and funding with—money that will never reach the intended targets.

I admit there are cases where the aid is received by a charitable organization and not wholly absorbed by their administrative overhead or expansion efforts. In these rare cases the odd road, school, hospital, or community center is built. But this is far from good news for the poor masses, and here’s why:

An impoverished population cannot benefit from a school when its young are starving to the point of having developed marasmus. Many of these schools are situated kilometers away from most of the rural population meant to benefit from their existence and demand of the already starving students to undertake a potentially fatal daily voyage, kilometers in distance, and hours in duration while carrying heavy books and bag just to reach the classroom. Then, if they even make it to school and later back to home, these physically exhausted students would need to spend hours learning and doing homework instead of helping their parents tend to the failing crop that is their only hope for survival until the next harvest—and god forbid there is a drought.

Need I even elaborate on the other ‘improvements,’ like community centers that teach African children how to use Microsoft Office—a commercial product which entire community could not collectively afford or in any practical way benefit from? Need I even elaborate on the effectiveness of soup stands and prayers in getting an economy going? What about the effectiveness of a police station filled with untrained staff desperate for a paycheck, would they be able to ensure a stable governance of that budding economy?

Let’s us also not forget (for it is convenient to do so) that these improvements to infrastructure are basically business ventures meant to turn a profit, and that profit is to be sourced from a population that cannot even afford to feed its members. How then can the intended beneficiaries be expected to pay taxes and charges for essential services and aid?

Schooling is not free, healthcare is not free, and going to church is not free (god needs money even from the poorest of the poor). Billions of dollars have been misspend in this way, and when the organizations pull out and move to a more profitable spot, it leaves headquarters and bastions for gangs, warlords, and dictators who now demand their turn in the chieftain seat and have the requisite infrastructure to do so unfailingly.

The only things the poor masses of Africa have ever pleaded for from the developed world are (1) aid to prevent them from starving, (2) security to ensure a peaceful existence, (3) medicine to prevent and treat curable diseases, (4) and investment to help stimulate their broken economies so that they can overcome the political stalemates paralyzing their countries and preventing them from prospering like the rest of the world. Africans are willing to build the infrastructure and render the required services to themselves as they rise to the point where first-world infrastructure would become of use to them, not a hindrance—and then they’d already be out of the darkest part of the woods.

To assume and insist that Africans sit and waste away in front of CNN’s cameras just to get free handouts from rich nations is a contemptible claim and one void of any humanitarian inclinations. I doubt any creature capable of experiencing suffering would idly sit by and just look really pathetic so as to get benefits without actually working for them—but such are the claims of the experts who don’t even bother to read about what is really going on north of the South African border.

In the west we don’t hear much of anything about the success cases in third-world Asia where aid was used in a revolutionary way: Placed directly into the hands of those who need it most with NO intermediaries save for the volunteers unloading the trucks and handing out the bundles cash to the people on ground zero. This form of DIRECT intervention has miraculously lifted numerous Asian communities out of deficiency, then dug a grave for, and buried, the poverty they once knew. These lucky regions now have viable economies, trade, agriculture, and farming. These villages and provinces may not be enviable abodes to us in the developed world, but the people there keep themselves secure and productive with their jungle courts, their lynch mobs, and their community patrols. They don’t have democracy, but the best part is that they don’t need it!

Were the billions of dollars intended for AFRICANS, not AFRICA, delivered into the pockets of the people themselves we would likely be seeing the same miracles as those observed in select third-world Eastern regions that also once relied exclusively on international aid to gain their dignity as humans.

But Africa has never gotten a fair deal and is continually shorthanded in every transaction it makes with the developed world.  So it is no surprise that charity to Africa has always been about giving the poor emotional encouragement, moral instruction, and bowl of soup every other day; and then the whole sham is topped off with more beseeching directed at the sky (prayer) to alleviate the remaining desperation of the poor.

So let’s be clear on this; most of the aid destined for Africa is received and absorbed by those charitable organizations on the ground who have always done a great job at advertising African poverty and its hellish effects to the rest of the world for the sole purpose of attracting more donations and investments to benefit everyone but the people in the photos and videos. These lugubrious entities need the African situation to be desperate and heart wrenching—their very paychecks and bonuses depend on it!

Please don’t think I am unaware of the fact that there are, indeed, a few sincere and honest (though utterly ineffective) charities. Unfortunately, all of them are of the unwavering persuasion that charitable deeds and donations must be stretched out to milk the resultant and imaginary karmic effects and pay off heavenly real estate in a paradise resort situated in another dimension. After all, it’s the thought that counts, not the actual material assistance rendered. Am I not right?

With the testimony of a few poster-boy beneficiaries fittingly discounted, none of these organizations have shown statistically detectable results in the regions where they operate. I say the whole lot should be fired for doing an utterly pathetic job! In every other instance we demand that useless politicians, policies, and practices be eradicated. Why then do we not demand that charity be overhauled similarly? We know for a fact that it does not work in its current form, but we feel to good knowing that someone is at least doing something wholly ineffective rather than nothing at all.

Bu all this brings us to a conspiracy that seems more credible than most: If poverty is eradicated in Africa, what happens to the natural wealth under the African soil that remains untapped by the African people? Too many people and first-world governments lose if the world has a rich Africa, because Africa already has all the resources in its ground that other countries fight wars over to get. And dumping bags of maze to be allowed to take precious mineral resources is much cheaper than fighting wars with more developed and capable nations. There would be a dramatic change in the world if Africa were to be allowed to pick itself up from the ground and stand to its full height and punch at its match weight.

So I hope that it is finally clear to many caught up in other people’s lies and agendas that a black epidermis is not to blame for the non-effect of charity in Africa or the lack of progress there either; the intermediaries, proxies, and certain world government, however, should collect the guilt check and cash it in.

A history lesson for Western skeptics

In their own defense—though their position is indefensible—the propaganda relays, racists, bigots, and classists will often resort to what they think is a clever rhetorical question meant to disarm people like me: “But how did Europe build its civilization, which is so superior to African civilization?”

Well, permit me to educate you on the European history you evidently assume started at the peak of the Victorian era.

Europeans—every living white person’s ancestors—were painting their faces with muck and bashing each other’s skulls in, for centuries, before Christianity (a fucking moral breakthrough at the time) came along and felled the macabre Druidic religions that kept Europe living like the alabaster-skinned savages that they were. And Europeans fought tooth and nail against Roman attempts to civilize them, and so Europe remained stuck in its savage ways, and seemed much beyond hope for a very long time.

When the Dark Ages finally came to Europe, it came as a cultural, technological, and moral revolution, so backward was much of Europe at the time. And after the Dark Ages, Europe’s crowning jewel—the British Empire—under the exploits of which all Caucasian successes have been born, was still pretty far off and uncertain. And when that eventual greatness finally came, much of it can be attributed to the Empire’s greedy appropriation of human and natural resources belonging to weaker and less sophisticated nations and peoples.

Hardly the sort of history to impart a sense of utter superiority for one’s skin colour, is it?

A history lesson for South African skeptics

Let me similarly take a moment to preempt those South African whites who would argue for their own supremacy, all because their forefathers supposedly built ‘everything’ in Africa, which, is used to propose the idea that their offspring have the unfailing right to enjoy a privileged life in an otherwise impoverished country.

Before I elaborate, I’d like to add that unlike those people who lay claim to an ancestral contribution not directly related to them, my grandfather actually built most of Onderste Poort. So with this direct contribution to South Africa from my own bloodline, let me elucidate to you how my grandfather (and every other white South African’s forefathers) accomplished these architectural feats:

Oom Gert: Phweeeeet!!! Philamon, het jy daai daggha mooi gemix daarso?

Philamon: Hy’s mooi gemix, baas!

Oom Gert: Nou maar gaan kry vir Job en Elias en begin werk aan daai voorportaal; die gebou gaan nie himself boun nie, ne?

Philamon: Is reg, baas.

There is our proud brick-stacking history in Africa, my fellow white South Africans. I can see that our forefathers were leaking spinal fluid as they grafted to ‘build’ the country. To me it looks like Philamon’s decedents have just as much a right to be proud of the South African landscape as we do, for they helped build most of the infrastructure along with us. I am, however, not afraid to admit this and share the resulting credit and (hopefully one day) prosperity.

So it would seem a bit of honesty is due when we teach our children about the origin of infrastructure in South Africa: The settlers committed ink and carbon to paper to draw up the architectural plans, and the locals combined brick to mortar to help realise those plans. It was a partnership and should bring us together as South Africans, not divide us!

And just to rub it in, let us not forget that at night some of your white forefathers and their indigenous female aids—perhaps as unwilling as her modern-day farmworker equivalent—helped bring a part-endemic-part-exotic race to the Cape: the Coloureds.

Now, before someone accuses me of racism, do note that I consider the intermixing of human genetics to be very important for the longevity of our species. But some super proud people suffer a stroke at the thought that the authenticity of their pedigree may at some time be called into disrepute.

Never before have I met a group of people so adamant that their race started fully clothed, properly educated, technologically advanced, culturally refined, and gainfully employed as some of the oh-so-proud and arrogant whites in South Africa. One would swear that they were created perfect by some external agency and placed here to rule over the grasping masses who could only ever hope to aspire to work as maids and labourers for the aristocratic whites…. Oh, but wait, that is exactly what happened during apartheid.

I really don’t know where your blemish-free pride comes from, my fellow white South Africans, but let me say it in no uncertain terms; such pride is the product of a desperate imagination and willful ignorance of your own history. You need to look beyond the settler Corvettes that came to port in the Cape of Good Hope to see that you, too, were once savages; you too were once a hopeless people that every developed nation at the time dismissed as savages unworthy of being classified as humans.


The British Empire was quite lucky that it successfully fended off attempts to invade its lands and secure a firm grip on the natural resources buried under ‘its’ soil. That is the fundamental and stark difference between the British Empire and the currently unrealized African Empire. To deny such is to be deliberately obtuse and spitefully proud of an unfair historical advantage and continued meddling to cripple the African dream.

Africa had to develop in modern world while pinned under the heels of much more advanced and powerful nations, yet most people demand to know why Africa cannot raise itself from the ground. With much of Africa having been conquered and exploited, not merely threatened by equally advanced enemies, most African countries never had to invent and advance arms and technology to the same extent as Rome and Europe had to centuries ago just to ensure their survival and … later … dominance.

Today, Africa is artificially advanced militarily by nations and black markets willing to supply it projectile and thermal weaponry in a reckless manner. This is why Africa is in such disarray as external forces arm—to the teeth—rebels and warlords alike to help keep Africans divided and distracted from the economic injustice that seems to be forced upon them.

But as sad a case as Africa is, at least its plodding along. The might British Empire, however, is dead, and much of Europe and America can’t even distinguish between their own people and those from foreign nations anymore.

The youth of Europe and almost half of the USA are charity cases every bit as incapable of self-sustaining as the their African contemporaries, but the difference is that Europe and America already has the infrastructure, technology, and civilization that Africa is expected to make do without—so what excuse(s) can Europe and America use for their ongoing poor economic performances? America is now $16-Trillion+ in debt and has no way to pay it back if inflation is properly accounted for.

Living in a council flat in the UK/USA and persisting on a monthly cheque provided by your welfare department allows you to endure your own economic non-viability at a much more dignified level than your African equivalents do, but you are still equally useless and have really no higher platform from which to judge and demand progress in Africa when you yourself can’t even progress with all the aid given to you.

As I have given you, the reader, much to contemplate, I think I’ll leave you to it.

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