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Evidence of the existence of God

18 April 2012, 12:08
The God of the Bible has many ways in which He makes Himself known unto people. When ever someone say: “ proof to me there is a God“, we need to read first how Scripture promised God would declare Himself in our time, and then work from there. There was a dispensation when God as the Angel of the Lord came to Moses and led out the children of Israel. Anyone saying-“ show me God”, could look up at that Pillar of Fire [Angel] and then see God. When He appeared to Moses like that, He introduced Himself and said “ I am the God of your Father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.” [Ex. 3:6] In that day the Spirit of God was manifested as a supernatural Light, also called the Angel of the Lord. Moses saw Him, the Pharaoh saw him, and the children of Israel walked in His Light at night.   

Then there was another dispensation wherein that same Holy Spirit came down as God became human flesh and God walked the earth as The Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is that Anointed Messiah having the Spirit of God dwelling in Him. [John 14:10] Anyone asking like Phillip did: “Show me your God”, could look at Jesus in that day and see God. But then Jesus went into heaven. In the time we live, God promised to return as the Holy Spirit. God is a Spirit. What kind of Spirit? The Holy Spirit. Satan is likewise a spirit. What kind of spirit? Unclean spirit. Spirits cannot be seen, unless that spirit makes Himself known in some way, such as Moses saw the Pillar of Fire.  

It’s like the wind. You can see it’s effects, but you can’t see that wind itself. Anyone saying: “ Proof to me there is wind- can feel it’s effects, see it’s effects, see the dust particle’s the wind blow around, but not see that wind itself. Like in the Old Testament God chose to work in the New Testament as a Spirit.  This time He promised to be known as the Holy Spirit coming into mankind. Jesus promised His disciple’s that the works He had done, they would do also. He promised in Scriptures such as “ MARK 16:17  †     And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; 18     †     They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”  

This is exactly how men like Paul and the rest of the apostle’s made God known unto the people as the true God.  Paul once bitten by a dangerous serpent, survived that ordeal on a Island, and led many to believe in Jesus by God confirming His promises of Mark 16. By the Holy Spirit present with Paul and many others throughout the ages, works of salvation, healings, and other forms of deliverance was performed. God has always been in the business of liberating slaves. While He delivered Israel physically out of the hand of Pharaoh, He did even better since the coming of Jesus Christ. According to Is. 61, Jesus the Anointed Messiah was to set the captives free. And this is what Jesus is still doing today by His Holy Spirit. Those enslaved by sicknesses, enslaved by sin, or by addictions found Jesus to be a liberator!

Those enslaved by bad habits and bad addictive behavioural patterns found Jesus as conqueror of things  science many times fail to curb. Why does people become religious? Because science fail to provide everything. Those who were hopeless drunks, dope addicts, and evil natured people, liars, adulterers, found evidence of the existence of God by the works He delivered them from. When a mighty wind blows through a place and you arrive there afterwards, you can ask: Who did this? Those who never saw the wind then will tell you: The wind did it. For thousands of years those who had been affected by the Holy Spirit testified of the works of Jesus!
“ I was a dope addict, I cried out to God, and He delivered me!”  “ I had cancer and was sick unto death, the doctors gave up hope on me, people came to pray for me, and Jesus delivered me.” ’ I was a liar, I cheated on my wife multiple times but Jesus delivered me.”  

Now the old unbeliever can say: “Ag you were just delusional. I never saw anything.” And we answer: “Ag you’re just ignorant of the Spiritual forces around us!”  ‘ When I had that cancer you couldn’t bring me any hope. When I was a drunk you couldn’t help me. When I was a dope addict you kicked me out of your society- You were ashamed to be seen with me, now you want to tell me I am delusional? I know what took place in me, and I don‘t care if you didn‘t see anything. I didn‘t see anything either, but I saw God‘s work and you saw the change that took place in me!”

The unseen forces of life is far greater then the seen. Think of life! Who has ever seen that? Bring me life in a bottle so I can bring dry dust to life! How about love? You say you love your wife or your girl friend, but you’ve never seen that substance, yet you‘re so happy to use it. How about happiness? You use substances that cannot be seen, and think nothing of it. Where can I buy love for South Africa so all these murders can stop? Show me hatred, so I can grab it from everyone who has it and destroy it, without destroying the person. How about science using unseen forces? Who has ever seen radio waves? You use that cell phone, yet you never saw the waves operating in it. How about electricity? You’ve seen the wires but you never saw the current! The wireless internet on the computer? The remote control? You ever saw the forces operating it? Who has ever seen TV signals flying around the world? Unseen forces of nature which science uses, is the greater forces that changed the world!

How would you like to go back to the using that old candle flame which you could see? No way, they’ve discovered electricity and we’re not going back to that. Gravity, we don’t see it, but we are just so happy to use it! We jump for joy knowing for sure gravity will bring us back again! Why would anyone using so many unseen forces complain when I use the unseen God?

Millions testified of the unseen God’s work in their lives, and millions more saw the drastic changes, and as long as this age continues, God will show Himself in the lives of those who seek Him. So if you are serious about finding evidence of God, look no further than yourself. Try find Him when everything else has failed to deliver you, like I did, and you will find Him doing the works in you He promised to do in our time. God is long past working in nature to create plants and things. He now recreates human lives that has been broken by spiritual forces we are sometimes clueless to combat. We are clueless on how to effectively combat bad behaviour and bad habits.  While technology advanced, the character of mankind continually degrades. Many a great man could have said: I have conquered the world, but who will conquer those evil things in me? People don’t know it, but there are really many things about me that I hate. I just can‘t get them off me! Presidents, generals, great men and women, mighty men of war like Napoleon succumbed to demons from within. Everyday we watch the news and see how great people fall due to bad habits. Marriages, lives, broken up due to man’s inability to control himself.  

If only we could instil honesty into all mankind, think of what a great world we would have! If only that one characteristic of Christ could be instilled, the Police and Security companies would run out of work. Think of what we would save economically if every corrupt official had honesty! This is what God does today-He changes those who seek Him earnestly. Now I know there are those who confess God changed them and then they actually go back to where they came from. Did you know the Bible said if a house was cleaned out, it can become 7 times worse than it was before? That is certainly true. Backslidden Christians did some terrible things in the dark ages and even today. But there are those who hang on in the face of much temptation, who lives a clean life. Make it a point that you will be one of those. Seek Him for those things in yourself whom you know you cannot conquer. A sincere confession is all God asks. You will not see a flesh, but you will see the work of His Spirit as He promised to be here in Spirit first.

God will not come to you in flesh and say: “Here I am” because He did not promise to show Himself that way. If He does that for you, He will have to disregard His own Bible. Rev. 1:7 said He will come in flesh, BUT AT THAT TIME EVERY EYE SHALL SEE HIM, not you alone. That can only be after the rapture of I Thes. 4:16-17, after He has finished working as a Spirit amongst both Gentile and Jew. You see today it is possible for every eye to see something at the same time as TV with world wide coverage has been discovered. The Bible knew it would be so by the time He comes, so, in my view, His coming must be near now! Rev. 14 , Matt 24:30, sees Him coming to the 144 000 Jews same as Rev. 1:7, but then people will weep as He then comes in judgement. By the time He comes like that, its better that you already believed in Him if you are not one of those 144 000 Jews, because He only shows mercy to them then.

He however promised to work as the unseen Holy Spirit before then, delivering gentile slaves of sin, and that is why you see millions flocking to Him! Don’t just say they are all delusional without weighing the evidence, or hearing out their testimonies. It won‘t be fair of you to do that, because a court first have to investigate the evidence and the testimonies before it can conclude - it’s all delusional. Did atheists really investigate every evidence of every believer who said God did things for them? No! They say from a distance - it’s all delusional -because that is what they want to believe. They are a very unfair court of judges whom I will never trust.  There are two sides to every coin and a court must hear both sides to be just.

Until you have tried finding Him the way He promised, you can never say: There is no God. And even if you tried and did not find Him that way, ask those who did find Him that way. Ask them what you do wrong not to have found Him. Look at the millions of testimonies from ministries like that of Reverends William Branham, Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and others. Investigate the it and then make a conclusion. In the case of Rev. Branham the FBI in America, in 1950 investigated a picture of a supernatural Light same as the One Moses saw in his ministry, and came to the conclusion that it was real. George J. Lacy, head of the finger print department back then, certified the picture as a authentic picture of a supernatural Light, and back then they hanged it in the Washington DC hall of religious Art.

Another way of finding out whether God is real, is by looking at prophecies. Investigate it, and then ask yourself if any other Book can prophecy so exactly like the Bible does. If you have truly investigated those testimonies of people, and you have debunked it all to be delusional, then I guess you have a right to say: There is no God on earth, and no works of God on earth.  And even then you can’t be sure He isn’t somewhere in heaven. And when you have visited every star in the universe, looked at every planet out there, searched every place on it,  then you can say: There is no God in the universe. Until then, you’re just guessing wildly, and might be found wanting.
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