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Evil Fraudulent Fighters, Darn scary Alliance or Another Nkandla Corruption Saga?

03 May 2014, 20:00
When a donkey finally decides to be sheep, does not mean it has mutton. It's a common mistake that we seem to make each and every time change or ,rather, 'change' takes place. Election day is around the corner and the question on everyone's mind is 'Who is really worth it?' It's one of those question we ask ourselves quinquennially hoping to finally discover that gem of this liberal democracy.... I'm not complaining.  
Evil Fraud Federation? The DA thinks so. 
The big talking point heading into the elections this year is undoubtedly EFF's big dreams of a nationalised economic sphere and if wether they have done enough to convince the electorate that they are indeed worthy of their votes. EFF leader, more correctly reffered to as CIC(Commander In Chief, because EFF is a fighers' party or military movement), Julius Malema, a very well known firebrand of South African politics, is the one spearheading the surge of yet another bitter movement against the dictator... I mean the ANC. Fresh from his emancipation from the ANC, he founded a movement for the poor. One which the poor travel in Range Rover convoys and are escorted by bodyguards even when they are to meet their fellow porverty-line comrades....REALLY! Promises of doubling tue social grants and free education are the stronghold of their vast(I suppose) manifesto which promises to improve the economic situation of black people in South Africa. Nationalisation of mines and banks are also key towards the EFF's objectives. In fact, the EFF plans to nationalise land, seas and air... There is no criticising or appraising this manifesto as it is solid and looks very much achievable.... air-hem.  
However, the downside of the story is not with the manifesto, but the people who are in charge of making it happen. EFF CIC Julius Malema has a 'proven' record of corruption and tax evasion. Having illegitimately been awarded tenders in one of South Africa's poorest province, Limpopo; it casts a big question mark on the achievability of EFF's goals. Not, as mentioned above, that the plan is over-ambitious or unachievable, but because a plan can only work if the person implementing it has the ability to make it a success.In deliberately little detail: Julius Malema  · was illegaly awarded a tender in Limpopo worth millions of Rands(find out how much, yourself). · owes the tax collectors SA Revenue Services 16 million Rand in unpaid taxes. · currently on trial on charges of corruption  In the real world, one needs accountability and transparency. Julius Malema is not that man(or is he?). Despite never achieving the ultimate power seat, he has proven that very little power can make him start a company that is 50 years old(even though it was founded in 2011). What of total power? A multi-billion dollar tax banking mega-corporation? Ok... I'm just making SOME stuff up.  
The Donkey Alliance  
An almost amusing tale of pigs flying and donkeys bleating that has fascinated me throughout the election campaign is that one of the Democratic Alliance. The DA has totally reinvented itself from being a party that was once dominated by caucasian faces on the election campaign boards to one which is creatively faceless. A coalition of young leaders and an experienced journalist-turned-politician at the helm. It is so creative and imaginitive that the only thing left is for the leader, Helen Zille to spend a week in Limpopo cooking on a fire and fetching water with a (Wheelbarrow). A 33-year old and a 26-year old in power is somewhat immoral in politics... seriously. It did not work with Muammar Gaddafi and it will not work with Mmusi Maemane and Mbali Ntuli either. The terrible suspect in their leadership is not their qualities but the fear that they are probably being remote controlled behind-the-scene... we all know of BEE... We have seen it happening recently in South Africa's Corporations wherein black faces are representative of an entirely white power.Such is  the likelihood of DA's new imaginative move in their bid to sway black votes in their favour. Wether a legitimate change or another African-rental/photoshopped positions, it remains to be seen... but it makes for more controversy and controversy is a journo's buffet. Eat that!
DA's Manifesto is no less similar to the others, promising 6 million REAL jobs, investment in infrastructural development and housing, massive increase in NSFAS' funding, improvement in the economy and a better future for everyone. There is not a single doubt that this is achievable. It is almost a continuity of South Africa's current system, only this time with certain tweaks and improvements. Their longstanding argument that has quite rightly...or wrongly drawn criticism from most people is what I like to call 'OOS'(sounds almost like Ooze) for all or 'Open Opportunities Society for all'. With South Africa's democracy still in its infancy, we are still seeing race-hiring even with the black affirmitive action policy in function. There are still major firms where highly qualified personnel are overlooked and have either foreigners or a semi-experienced white individual given a better position or a similar position with better perks. Though I am totally in agreement with 'OOS for all', I can't help but note that the ground is not level at all. That is the reality. It was tilted but never levelled again. The plan cannot work unless such discrepancies are resolved and I definitely do not believe DA is one to resolve this matter. Just as the University of the Free State does with its overtly racist students(tread carefully here), the DA might just sweep this under the carpet. This is a seriously moral decision and no political party can change it. It's in the people's hands. But hey, it's a free country. Everything is probably legal or semi-legal, especially if you can't be caught. Hire at your own will. It's your money... at least without the tax share.
Back to the DA... Zille attempted and failed to draw one of South Africa's most powerful female entrepreneurs in Mamphele Ramphele to the DA to become the party's presidential candidate. Ramphele joined and then defected from the party in a swift move that 'stunned' and amused the nation(I suspect foul play). In response, the DA Leader threw some... harsh criticism at the Agang SA leader calling her 'untrustworthy'... I doubt anyone also trusts Margaret Thatcher anyway...  Ahem... Anyway. This was to be followed by a string of succesful attempts to discredit other movements by her party through SMSes, Facebook, Twitter and lord-knows-what-else as well as reffering to EFF as an organisation  that is 'corrupt and bad news'(bu they still haven't run the Western Cape!)... a good point for transparency. Though I do not believe that such moves do Zille a favour. I do not believe an individual who gets ahead by discreditting his or her opponents is worth it. It's like a donkey attempting to gallop a horse race. It won't win(and I'm dead, though alive, serious).  Is the DA worth the X on the ballot? They are sure worthy to be in consideration. But hey, beware of the end in the land reform propaganda!(at least Zille can read out R987 456 312)  
Another Nkandla Corruption Saga with a twist  
For 20 years, the revolution of South Africa, from an unjust past into a universal democracy wherein everything is legal, has been nothing short of entertaining. Literally... everything; suspicion of Witchcraft, witch-hunting, Positions on sale, Matricless Execs, rape, theft, Corruption and tender fraud are some of the many things our extremely UN/West-pleasing liberal democracy has legalised. The ANC has led this beautiful(there are better places) country into a global powerhouse both HIV-infection rate-wise and criminally. They are still behind Argentina in terms of Corruption but they are nonetheless about to surpass the Latin American nation... chill, I'm lying. Or am I? 
What I'm trying to say is, the ANC has, in a spectacular manner which does not need all the exxaggerated lies above, fallen short. How a legimtimate political party still maintains a stance, protecting and endorsing a corruption-laden leader is clearly beyond human thinking and/or knowledge(that I'm certain about). Zuma's ANC has manicured the tips of the economy into a relaxation spa for Zuma(I know I repeated that in one sentence... it's effective). Since 2009, there has been a rise in the Zuma name in the BEE benificiary list. A list which is nonetheless a politically-linked corruption scam that promotes the shameful trade of willing Africans to Upper Class level in one instant cash payment. ANC has never shunned the 'African-rental' despite it being representative of the majority black electorate's 'empowerment'. It has instead put in more pressure on corporations to improve their rate of take-n-dump-rich uneductated 50 to 60-something years old former political prisoners.  Really, BEE is an anti-competition scheme. Instead of forcing racist white men to accept black or non-white people within their ranks, why not robustly encourage non-white entrepreneurship? I mean there's a reason one has power. The business world is a cold place after all and with enough power... Ok, just give me power and you bet you'll know what follows next.  
Anyway... ANC's failures in the past 19 years cast a shadow on their manifesto for 2014-2019. Their super-plan to industrialise South Africa in the next 5 years... possibly(as long as the global bullies like the EU,  US, China and, partially, Aussie, think an African country is not supposed to be industrialised and act on that opinion). In fact, it is so super that I doubt it will even materialise. 6 million jobs they have promised and a whole other string of promises which you might have heard before. Scratch that. Which you have heard before(unless you were born after 2008 or, like me, you completely lack understanding).  
[The 6 million industry] 
Since everyone is singing about 6 million jobs. Here's a deliberately partial outlook of the ANC's 6 million job plan... due to my world-class oblivity. Right... The ANC plans to industrialise South Africa in five years. Yeap, you read that right, Five years.  You can only ponder about how they will achieve this. Come on, be serious for a moment; 20 years and... nada.  So, the initiative will be state-led,  which is both a relief as well as agony for most people, and will be heavily focused of youth employment for that matter. Infrastructural expansion is also on the cards and at least/most '250 000 jobs will be sustained via the construction and maintanance of the infrastructure and the manufacturing of local components'. I can only wonder what are those components... We seem to be doing very well in the meth industry...  
Continued- ANC.  
The ANC's plan's achievabiliy is... somewhat questionable. I mean, 20 years of governance and progress is at a snail's pace.  Zuma himself has proven that.... Nkandla. but hey, it's a nice place. Soon it will be a city with an amusement park, a four-storey mall with an aquarium!  
Anyone remeber this?  “A massive public sector investment will play a critical role in employment creation and sustainable livelihoods through the: • expansion of public sector employment, the youth; • expanded public works programme; and • provision of social and economic infrastructure in rural and urban areas.” There was instead a deficit or some sort of corruption going on.  Like my airticle. This is totally laughable.  
ANC will always get good votes and results. The Nelson Mandela psychidelic wonder is still going to be in effect for at least the next 30 years. So don't expect anything to change much. 
Viva Political Propaganda!  
Whether or not the donkey brays or bleats, it will never be sheep.  What a torridly amazing 20 years it has been. We've done this four times before. This will be a fascinating one and casting my first vote and you casting yours will hopefully make a difference or not... Cheers
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