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God is a Comet

07 March 2013, 07:32
As far as I understand, we should respect our Maker.  So whatever it was that we came from (let's call that 'thing' God) we should worship and adore it.  After all, if it wasn't for God, we wouldn't be here.

Ok so how did we get here?

It's tempting to think that in an entire universe there is only one Earth, one special place God made for his special creation to spread their legs.  Wait, that didn't sound right, but you get my drift.

And I think for millenia that's exactly what Christians believed. That God created the entire clockwork of the universe around the Earth, the Earth was the living centre of it, and everything else was kind of an elaborate decoration.

When you study a little about the planets, and galaxies, and you simply compare the planets of our single Solar System to each other you start to see how tiny the Earth is (compare the size of a button on your TV's remote control, to the biggest beach ball you have at home, and that approximates the size of Earth compared to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.)
There are other planet's elsewhere in the universe that dwarf our System's largest planets; in fact they make Jupiter look like the size of a pea compared to a bowling ball.

But let's get back to the point.  We imagine that life started on Earth.  And probably, that there isn't life elsewhere in the universe because God created us, and only us, and thus, we're unique.


An interesting theory to consider, then (or not - maybe good not to read this if you're not an atheist) is known as "panspermia"  Funny word isn't it; and most of us haven't heard of it.  We should, because someone called Kelvin mentioned it around 120 years ago.

He came up with the idea that perhaps life here was seeded from elsewhere after observing a volcanic eruption totally annihilate an island; the isle exploded, vaporized itself and then there was nothing left.  But gradually, life started to come back and assert itself in the ash.  It wasn't life reasserting itself, all life had been incinerated.  So where did it come from?  If the entire island was sterile after Krakatoa's eruption, how could life 'spontaneously' occur?  A miracle?  Did the spirit of God move over the island, and did God once again do something and say "this is good"?

Although that may seem an extremely likely answer to some, if you think about it for approximately a minute, another answer begins to emerge.  Life probably drifted there from nearby islands.  While the island was isolated, it was nevertheless connected via the ocean, that 'living space' that separated it from other places. 

Why then should we think that life STARTED on Earth?  Why could it not be a very old product of the universe, which simply germinates when and where conditions arise that support life.  In other words, on planets that - for a particular and probably brief 'Goldilocks period', are just right. 

4 Seasons on Mars

Furthermore, did you know that the axial tilt on Mars is slightly greater than earth.  What that means is that the planet Mars is also capable of having 4 distinct seasons.  There are also signs that Mars was once a far wetter place than it is today, and in fact, the planet still supports ice at its pole/s.

If one uses one's imagination, and considers an infinitely large universe, and an infinite number of planets, and that the one going traffic accidents caused by stars exploding, planets crashing into each other, comets doing whatever they want - it's very likely that the spores of life are carried upon stellar winds.  Bacteria are an example of not only a fantastically abundant unit of life, but a fantastically resilient and diverse form.  Bacteria can withstand, in some cases, a vacuum, UN exposure and otherwise lethal conditions.

An asteroid bearing a single bacterium might crash upon the Earth, the 'egg shell' casing would break open open contact, and under special circumstances the bacteria might 'hatch' on a substrate that support life.  Lest we forget, for 2 billion years the dominate form of life on Earth resembled a rock.  It was a form of bacteria that occupied shallow seawater, and it still exists today.  It's called a stromatolite and basically looks like a pile of fossiled dung squatting in shallow seawater.

If the idea of meteorites hitting the earth and hatching bacterial life seems fanciful, try having a look at the pock-marked surface of the moon.  Once the Earth endured similar bombardment.  In fact, South Africa has the largest and oldest impact crater, 300 kilometres in diameter, in the world - so far as we know.  More than likely, South Africa exists as a nation, and many of us live here, because of that space rock.  It exuded the Witwatersrand, and the neighboring area - the Bushveld Igneous Complex.  If you don't know what it means - it means this: the world's largest gold and platinum reserves occur side beside, and right beside the world's largest surviving meteor impact crater.

Platinum is an extremely rare metal.  Other places that it occurs on Earth also, oddly, coincide with meteor impact craters.  Where the meteor brought the platinum from outer space, or whether the impact event caused it to form isn't really relevant - what is is that an event that starts in outer space strongly influences things on the ground, on our planet.

If this seems very exotic, consider the Hoba meteorite, near Grootfontein in Namibia.  At 60 tons, it is too large and too heavy to move.  It is the world's largest single piece of iron, present at the Earth's surface, or to quote Wikipedia:   the most massive naturally occurring piece of iron known at the Earth's surface

So if such massive pieces of rock can land relatively unbroken on our planet, why couldn't they transport bacteria intruded within? Bacteria predate all fossils today, and some rock forms are fossilied bacteria.  More on that here: other words, the first living things on our planet were bacteria.  I'm not sure about you, but I don't recall God saying, "Let there be bacteria." Although possibly if the men who wrote the bible, had they known this, then that's what they would have written.  For man's(limited)  knowledge always represents God's (limited) knowledge.

Read more - and learn to think!

A final thought: If more people had learnt to read, and not wasted their ideas and capacities on fanciful vainglorious beliefs, we might have gotten to where we are a lot sooner.  Take the steam engine.  We only really figured out the steam engine in 17-something.  But the idea actually came about almost 1700 earlier, when a Greek fellow called Hero, in Alexandria, came up with a machine, which was also part rocket, which he built on steam power.  He even provided a drawing and a description of how to build it.

Unfortunately, nobody bothered to read Hero's work for hundreds of years.  Despite the fact that we live in the Information Age some people in South Africa had never heard of Oscar Pistorius until the 14th of February 2013.  Some people still think that Evolution is 'probably not true' because 'it's a theory'.  Those people are not hard to find.  They're called Christians.  Unfortunately, although they think their beliefs are incredibly special, and by implication, they think they are also special, that God actually knows how many hairs are on their head (and presumably how many Bacterium in their intestines) there is nothing special about them at all.  In fact these beliefs reflect the sad state of human vanity, and the human capacity to be incredibly stupid.  One of the reasons for that is we don't read.  The other reason is that we aren't capable of thinking about something for more than a split second.  Where did life come from?  Now that I think about it (for a split second) I think it makes perfect sense that God did it. 

If you're serious about worshiping God, your maker, your Creator, go outside tonight.  See if you can see a Comet.  That's probably your Creator.  Now let us pray to it:"Dear Comet, who art in Heaven, halo'd be thy tail..."Wait a second, sorry to interrupt.  There's another comet right there... Behind you.  Yes. It could be that one.
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