Is Whoonga Really a Drug?

2014-08-18 05:00

This is the form of drug that is making waves in the Republic of South Africa. Those that have used most drugs say it is the best when it comes to the high satisfaction.

My interest is really not to people who use it and are from the age of 21 upwards. What concerns me is mostly to teenagers. Most still have to shape up their futures. They are not yet matured enough. Some of them are still dealing with the adolescent stage. This stage is a problem on its own in these days of our lives.

If you are addicted to something you can not think straight. You can be at the right state of mind but if you are addicted to something once that particular thing requires something your focus shifts to it. Even if one has good intentions about something but once the addiction thing peeps in his mind it takes all the attention and to victory it goes.

This drug makes persons enemies with water. It takes away the sense of caring. They have no care in the world I know but for where the next straw is going to come from. They lose their appetites. So they don’t eat, they don’t use the thinking box (toilet), they don’t use the crocodiles house, they just smoke.

Now people who are aware of this drug are also aware with what it makes people become. In my student days particularly in 2008 I used to stay in Durban. I stayed in a flat in Point Road which is now called Mahatma Gandhi. In a 2 bedroom flat there were 4 of us. In the building we stayed in 80% of people were from other countries other than the Republic of South Africa.

Then the xenophobic attacks began. We stayed at the 4th floor. We slept with one eye open like soldiers. We all did so with the fear that we knew if the attacks were to start around our area it would takes seconds for us to be over because in just our floor only our room stayed people from South Africa. In most there were none from South Africa. That was pretty vivid to us and each of us had a plan of escape should anything happen.

During the attacks most people who suffered were innocent people. Some people come to South Africa with the purpose of making money for themselves and their families but at the same time help better this nation of ours we love. Teachers, Doctors, Social Workers are an example of the people that have something worthy in exchange, something we also need. Even those who have Salons, those who are Vendors and those who work 9 to 5 for a living are also close to harmless. These end up loving the country.

Then now there is also another team that provides us with things that takes our country as a whole into a dark deep hole. This is not proven but in my living days Iv seen a South African thief, killer, dealer etc but I have never seen a Zulu person that makes drugs from scratch and maybe you have. If there are, they are not more than a few. Now I’m totally not a fan of xenophobia but the pain that it brought to some of us would not be as much if it affected mostly the people that make drugs especially those like whoonga. And mostly these people were not affected but the innocent.

Growing there was a slogan that made me respect the law more than any other, which if translated directly said the arm of the law is long. I thought that meant wherever and whenever the law will make it to you. When it comes to drugs it is mostly not the case, and even worse when it comes to whoonga.

Is it a matter that the authorities do not know the people who make it? Is the case that we are like Italy or Russia we have mafias now? If so who are they? Is it the authorities themselves? Is it the government? Is it the rich? Or it’s somebody from elsewhere in the world? I do not really care who it is but it is clear that anyone behind it does not care about the future of this nation. We were recently kicked by Nigeria to take first place economy wise. What is next if we still have drugs like whoonga in circulation?

People who smoke whoonga are of their own community. Don’t believe me take some time and visit the railway by the Albert Park in Durban or wherever close to you where they stay, you will find families. They don’t have so who do you think they feed on, the haves. So in the near future it won’t matter if you are average, rich or whatever for as long as you have something, they will feed on you.

They started by attacking people for the anti-retro-viral drugs, now they've moved on to if you have dreadlocks you are not safe, hence I just cut mine. Where are they upgrading to next? Think of all the possibilities and you will come to the conclusion that this country is left with no bright future.

Whoonga is not a drug, it’s a curse.

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