Is freedom a myth?

2013-08-21 07:26

Firearm owners and the public in South Africa have suffered a great blow from gun control and government but the public even more.

Public safety has not been increased by removing hundreds of thousand existing firearm owners and denial of millions from the safety and security of firearm ownership.

A government gun control action firearm organisations simply accepted as there was no real complaint when this law was enforced. Most certainly the public were never made aware of the consequences and loss of rights and safety the public would suffer. Neither by government or firearm organisations.

These organisation did absolutely nothing of value to citizens when hundreds of thousand previously licensed firearms were confiscated by force of violence, called voluntary by government's lap dogs, including a judge not worthy of the position. Said not one word of objection when millions were denied firearm ownership by unjustified expense, difficulty, inconvenience, delays and an utterly arbitrary and biased registration process. When nearly one million firearms were destroyed.

Supposedly guns out of criminals hands of which not one of them was. All one heard from firearm organisations was the indoctrination dogma of comply, it is impossible to fight, accept this law and their example of doing absolutely nothing.

One would have thought that at the very least firearm organisations were publicly spirited and interested in the public's safety and welfare. However that is not the case as none of them care one little bit about the defenceless people created by the Firearm Control Act.

Care not about the people impacted by such oppressive and unjustified laws. Care not about the people injured, raped, robbed or killed because they are forced to be unarmed. That not one of them cares about anything but themselves. That as cowards not leaders they are willing to appease and collaborate rather than object as champions of our most sacred laws.

Not one firearm organisation or firearm owner has complained of the iniquity of this law, that it is totally unjustified, oppressive in nature and cannot succeed in its false promise of public safety. Not one is working to rid this beautiful country of such laws that prevent citizens from defending their lives and safety. All are working to enhance, improve and streamline oppression and aid government in removing citizens rights and freedom. All are indoctrinating firearm owners to accept such laws and obey them, that objection is futile, the master must be obeyed.

In years gone by people have spilt blood to free themselves of oppressive regimes monarchs and dictators and tried to install safety nets to constrain a concessionary governments desire to usurp power and take control.

Constitutions fail for one simple reason, the people forget they are their laws and they are responsible to police and enforce their laws. It is not the responsibility of laws, courts or government. The last resort and final arbiter of our laws is “the people”. They are our laws.

How soon we shirk that responsibility to vote, appeal, object and as a final solution to enforce our laws.

We engineer our own failure and enslavement by not doing our duty to society and thinking of the good of society as a whole. We are reluctant even afraid to object or we think this task belongs to somebody else. Yet there is a simple solution. We need to learn and keep learning why we have rights. To never allow anyone to infringe or usurp these right which are for our own safety welfare and protection.

Where does this reluctance to protect our rights come from? Is it an inability to recognise that a solution is possible and can be used to triumph over such evil, inhuman laws and motives. That government quest for more power and control is what any government will do.

Is the power of democracy and republics not “the people” where those who govern by concession of the people must be held in check and accountable or the balance of power swings in favour of one or the other?

Since governments only currency is power government will always try to exploit its concessionary position and make it permanent. It is the peoples duty and job to make sure that does not happen. It is when the people abdicate this duty we are in trouble and finished when government takes the last bit of power from the people. - The ability to object, vote, lobby and remove government by force if need be.

If “the people” want to survive in freedom they had better make sure that government never usurps power or strips them of their rights.

If we “the people” want to survive and win we need to reacquaint ourselves with the most important right, the right to life and self-defence. A right vital to allow us to say no thanks and protect all other rights. When will firearm organisations become publicly spirited and stop being elitists thinking they are better than others?

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