It is really easy to be an atheist

2012-07-05 09:36

Atheism does not require you to think.  All that is required of an atheist is to let others do the thinking and working out, and the atheist just need to believe this.  Atheists do not apply logic.  Well not properly at least.

I am a computer consultant.  In my tertiary education I was taught to apply logic.  Computer systems work on logic.  Programs work on logic: if you change something in your program at point A, it is logical it will change something in the program's execution at another point.   Everything you believe, should on some level make logical sense.

Here is the crunch:  There was a big bang, an explosion of sorts, that caused LIFE, fauna, flora and geographic features to develop into what we have today.  The matter (or dark matter) or Higgs Boson et al always existed.  All the materials for life to exist was either already there, or developed unassisted without any design into what we have today, over many millenia.

Let scrutinize this.  My wife has all the components needed to bake a cake in her kitchen.  It has always been there since the day it was bought.  No matter how many times I try to blow it up, or throw everything together, I cannot get it to turn into a cake.  Even if I throw all the correct amounts of ingredients together, it cannot become a cake without designed intervention.  Certain steps has to be followed, and you cannot skip step A, and then remember to apply it after step B.  You will have to start over.

So the big bang theory is full of holes.  In any event, where did the big bang come from?  Atheists will say then where did God come from.  Truth is neither of us know, and we will never know. Higgs Boson or not. In fact, the CERN Scientists themselves say it has nothing to do with whether or not there is a God. So it is off to the fossil records...

Now consider this:  In 2000 years some alien race (hypothetically speaking) lands on the earth and do some excavations.  They dig up the skull of a housecat, and decides to call it Scientificus Cataclisimus.  A few years later they dig up a skull of a leopard, and call it Scientificus Leopardius.  They then pick up several bone fragments over many years, and yes, this confirms that Scientificus Leopardius is a descendant of Scientificus Cataclisimus.   Evolution.  Or Not...

National Geographic tells us about the wonder of the first shaky steps the whale gave on land when land mammals descended from sea animals.  Really?  This sea mammal starts swimming on to land and evolve its fins into legs?  Really?? How did this happen, oh yes, over millions of years.  Except for this small flaw, Mr Whale only had one lifetime.  Presumably Mrs Whale did not have legs instead of fins.  So Mr Whale had a good time with Mrs Whale, and their first offspring is born.  With fins, not legs.  What now?  How many times over and over did this have to happen?  Sometimes human babies are born with what resembles a tail.  Atheists believe this is proof we descended from apes.  Yet, when those babies grow up, they do not produce offsprings with tails. See, it was an oddity, and rectified by the next offspring.  Mr Whale and Mrs Whale would have had the same results. 

Eskimo's have been living in snow for many, many years.  There is NO evidence that their feet or evolving into something more suitable for walking in snow.  Have they stopped evolving?  I know lots of people making a living out of swimming, or fishing, or diving.  Yet none of them, on even the most microscopic level are developing an ability to breath under water.  Even if they do, this alien development will be phased out in the offspring. 

Now, what about all the inbetween stages of development?  Presumable the big bang did not produce beings with a penis or a vagina.  Now again it happened over millions of years.  It is always handy if you have millions of years.  Now for offspring to happen, you need sperm.  How did the creature reproduce while developing a penis or vagina for a few million or thousand years?  Did the being produce offspring that were half born some other way and half born from a result of copulation?  Really?  And all the while it was still developing loads and loads and loads of other items needed to be able to live.  Like hearts.  But what the hell did the heart do without the blood?  O gosh!  No wait, the blood came first. How did the blood flow without the heart?  Oops! Oh dear, the heart needed oxygen.  How did the heart get oxygen without the lungs?  Oh, the lungs were there already.  Oh goodness, the lungs need blood....  But not to worry all the billions and trillions of interdependencies all happened by sheer coincidence through processes started by the big bang.  Without design.

Then, there is the animals with camouflage.  Oh yes, that grasshopper that looks exactly like the leafs it feasts on, including the veins, happened by coincidence.  Really?  Yes, it happened because one little baby grasshopper was born that looked a little more like a leave than the rest of his siblings.  And he survived predation because he was a little less visible than his peers.  So he succeeded.  Natural selection.  Oh yes? So Mr. Odd Grasshopper had offspring from his copulation with Mrs. Normal Grasshopper, and his genes got carried over and were stronger.  Yet the gene pool for the entire leaf grasshopper population had the majority of genes from normal ones.  You do the sums.  And grasshoppers don't live for many years.  Nevermind millions of years.  So all this evolution had to happen rather quickly.  And all the while looking out that Mr. Odd Grasshopper is not trampled to death by Mr. Dinosaur, who used to be Mr Whale.

I can go on for years with all of this.  Evolution minus Design equals Impossible!  Use logic.  I know the kind of responses I am going to get from atheists.  A lot of them will attack my intelligence or my person.  Today's scientists do exactly what the Catholic Church did before Luther.  Provide just enough evidence to keep the mystery going, but make all the in between processes seem so complicated that atheists have to believe them.  There are 2 ways evidence can work:  You can make your theory fit the evidence, or make the evidence fit your theory.  You be the judge, but please think logically!

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