“Khaya” is SA’s First Black Idol???

2012-07-16 11:48

There have been mummers that SA Idols on M-Net is very racist and focuses on white talent.  Mara Louw has raised this issue in 2010 of racism on Idols and soon after that she was booted out. She said the competition is riddled with racism and that there will only be a black winner if M-Net were to sell the rights to the show to the SABC.

"Blacks don't have access to DStv, so a large portion of South Africans are excluded. Whites vote for whites and the blacks are the ones who suffer
." Mara once uttered these words to the press.

Idols has been around for about 10 years since 2012 with no black winner. With a country of 49 million people and over 40 million of them being black how is it possible that Idols has failed to produce at least 1 black winner. Does this mean that blacks are not talented in SA?? Certainly that is not true.

It is not rocket science for anyone to realise that M-Net is on a mission this year to finally get a black winner to save face. Also it on a quest to increase its black market share as it has reached the ceiling with the white population. It would also make economic sense to have a black winner for Idols because there is just more black buying power and therefore more record sales and concert tickets would be sold. Not to mention that this year the “Live” shows will be broadcast from the Soweto Theatre therefore attracting more blacks.

I have been an Idols fan for years now and I would personally like to see a black winner but I have a problem with the manner in which M-Net is going about to get a “so-called” black winner.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Khaya Mthethwa is the “chosen one” much to the dismay of the other hopeful contestants.  Given the preferential treatment that he gets maybe; just maybe he was head-hunted to ensure a black winner.

At this point it may appear as a conspiracy theory but the evidence is there and it speaks for itself:

1.       Khaya's audition in Durban was the last one shown - but if you watch before his audition, when he walks up to speak to Proverb - there is no other person, and in all the other clips you don't notice him sitting there in the waiting area with other contestants. He seems to appear out of nowhere, next we see him in front of the judges with a piano.  At Sun City (Theatre Week) during “Group Stage” his group was also shown last (WHY - so that it's sticks in the viewers memory?) Everything about him is OTT and gets more coverage on the show compared to the other contestants.

2.       There was even a website put up for him before the Top 16 was announced. But it has since been removed after Sondag's article. This was the original post: Official Khaya Mthethwa Idols 2012 contestant website  (http://khayamthethwa.com/how-to-support-khaya-mthethwa-sa-idols-2012-campaign/)
It read:
“Idols 2012 contestant Khaya Mthethwa website launched. The aim of the website is to campaign and raise funds for Khaya Mthethwa's fans to earn money online and vote for him free. Judging from his impressive auditions, his chances of progressing to top 10 are extremely high. We decided to create the website free of charge. (Thammy Zulu, old friend, owner of www.sellonlinefree.co.za website). We have also put together packages from sponsors to empower his fans to earn cash and redeem for prepaid airtime so they will be able to vote.”

3.       Before the Top 16 was even announced Khaya already had newspaper articles and TV interviews touting him as the next Idol! Timeslive and the Star and Vuzu channel on DSTV- (to name a few) are already giving Khaya unfair media coverage.  (We all know that media propaganda is a powerful weapon)

4.       The official Idols website posted an article called “ Khaya Mthethwa-the star from Durban- http://idolssa.dstv.com/News/15831/NewsKhayaMthethwathestarfromDurban.html - There are plenty of articles about him floating around=è

·         http://www.timeslive.co.za/thetimes/2012/07/10/black-idol-in-waiting

·          http://blog.sellonlinefree.co.za/2012/07/public-hungry-for-khaya-mthethwa.html

·         http://www.mio.co.za/article/idols-contestant-khaya-aims-high-2012-07-12,

·         http://mzansimagic.dstv.com/2012/07/idols-8-khaya-sihle-hit-the-high-note/

What raises a big concern for me is why was the website aimed at promoting and raising funds for Khaya removed after the expose by the Sondag?? Could this mean that they have something to hide? Surely if everything was above board they would have simply ignored the “rumours and false” accusations by a tabloid newspaper. 

Like the old cliché says: “Where there is smoke; there is fire”. Why is Khaya receiving this much attention compared to all the other talented contestants? Surely he is not the ONLY talented Idols contestant this year. There are plenty of other ones like Simphiwe Gwegwe, Shekanar, Monde and also Obakeng to name but a few.

As a matter of fact Obakeng is also a talented and professional singer like Khaya is. The only difference is that Obakeng sings with Zahara currently SA’s biggest artist since Brenda Fassie. Zahara won in 8 categories at the South African Music Awards (SAMA) and also the biggest selling artist in SA. Surely a person like Obakeng who sings with Zahara should also be getting the same media attention like Khaya if not more. But why the specific focus on Khaya???

All this attention comes from somewhere high above as the ANC would call it “External Forces of Darkness”.

There is no doubt that Khaya is talented as he is already singing for Joyous Celebration- gospel group in SA. Lindelani Mkhize is the founder of Joyous Celebration, he is also the Executive Director of Universal Music SA.

What is interesting is that the winner of Idols SA will win a cash prize money of about R500 000 together with a recording deal with Universal Music SA. The same very Lindelani Mkhize who works with Khaya on Joyous Celebration is the Director of Universal Music SA. Do you smell a rat here?? This may appear to be farfetched but the writing is on the wall.

South African TV shows are infamous for choosing a winner beforehand. About 2 years ago a similar incidence happened where Selimathuzi on SABC was doing a presenter search countrywide. There was a Top 10 and people had to vote for their favourite contestant. A gentleman by the name of Lunga Shabalala was touted around in the media and there were conspiracy theories that he would get the gig. Indeed he did win the competition. The boy didn’t even deserve to win as he lacked the required skills and there were people way better than him who lost. He has a personality of a cabbage. Rumours were that he had close ties with the producers of the show and was hand-picked. Could the same be happening here with our talented Khaya?

M-Net has often been accused of rigging votes like Robert Mugage for years now. If it happens that Khaya wins; it will prove all the above conspiracy theories true and correct. The tragic part is that millions of South Africans will be spending money through SMSes choosing their favourite Idols contestant while the winner appears to have been chosen already. M-Net will simply be taking the masses for a ride with their votes like the ANC does.

This is grossly unfair for all the other talented musicians like Shekanar, Obakeng, Simphiwe etc. Hence I recommend that we should all boycott voting on Idols this year or we employ what is happening in the ANC. There is campaign within the ANC called the ABZ-“Anyone But Zuma” that will be voting against President Zuma for a second term at the Mangaung Conference.

We should call ours the ABK- “Anyone But Khaya” campaign. Meaning we all vote against Khaya to prove the conspiracies theories false and should it happen that Khaya wins; we should request the audited voting results be published to be viewed by all South Africans. If M-Net refuses to publish the results then we would know that this so-called “Idols Reality Show” was nothing but a farce.

I also fail to understand why Idols chooses not disclose the final results to us. We are the voting public deserve to at least to see the final figures that have been verified by independent auditors.

The tragedy is that Khaya is a talented young man, I was supporting him but now he is caught in this whole debacle and I feel that he is being used to say the least for certain agendas. If it happens that Khaya was “head-hunted” and votes are rigged to ensure that a black person wins Idols this year, it would be an insult to the all blacks including myself. This would mean that blacks are losers and need (back-door) assistance to achieve greatness in life.  It would be a sad day in SA if that were to happen as it would take us backward instead of us moving forward as a nation.

Maybe what I am saying is rubbish. Your thoughts??


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