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Letter from a dying dad. Awesome!

03 March 2012, 09:44
Hey Kiddo.... :)


You are amazing.

You are unique.

You are invincible.

You are my superhero.


There is no one else on this planet like you, sure there are similar people, but none like you.

I will love you until the Universe is no more and stand by you no matter what you do or feel.

You are not alone, you are never alone, you are celebrated and adored.

You have no need to do foolish things to impress anyone for the acceptance you seek is already yours.




if it is respect you seek, EARN it. If it is love you seek.. GIVE it. Be friendly and understanding always.


Wisdom and understanding are worth more than any physical treasure upon this earth, all else fails and disappoints you.


Love wisdom, she is the only companion worthy of your adoration.

She will heal you, feed you, strengthen your relationships and make all your dreams come true.

Wisdom should be higher than all else in your life, above your spouse, above your fiends, above your parents!

Beware her brother knowledge though - he puffs up and makes you haughty.

Never study to be qualified, study to be informed!

Wisdom is information you can actually apply.


The most important information you will ever need is how to have great relationships and how to manage money.


Relationships are the blood in the veins of happiness.

If you fail here, you fail!


Failed relationships inhabit your soul and plague you to your grave.

They hide in your subconscious and whisper lies about those who love you.

They force you to be someone you are not and cause you to say things you do not mean.

They are the fertilizer for regret.


Become an expert at relationships!

Understanding people and earning their respect is very important.

You need more allies than enemies, but the input of enemies is just as important as the input of allies.

Enemies show up the weaknesses you need to fix in your life.

Don't be a proud fool.

When you see a weakness, work on it and fix it. Once it is healed, it is healed and you are that much happier for it.


Study Marriage.

A great marriage is the only doctorate you will ever really need.

Study it, consistently work on it, throw your life into it for when it is healthy it will be the launch pad for every impossible dream you have.

It will be your haven, your resting place, your place of strength.

But refuse to work at it, refuse to have patience, keep a log of your partners wrongs and focus on the things that matter least at the expense of the things that matter most and marriage will be the worst nightmare you can possibly imagine.

It will suck the energy from your soul and steal your life.

It will crush your dreams and steal the power that you have to make them come true.


If you want to get a degree in anything, get a degree in marriage - If you get this right, life will fall into place like happy dominoes! You will have a partner who will help you, inspire you and drive you to survive every storm and climb every mountain!



Money lives.

He is ruthless but respects a good steward.

He demands leadership or he will lead you and he will lead you to destruction for he has contempt for those who are not wise enough to lead him!

So LEAD him.

Understand his nature, study him, be disciplined with him and he will become your loyal servant, submitting to your every command.

NEVER even speak of his power over you, but continuously speak of your power over him.

Treat him like a servant, not like a master!

Make him work for you, never work for him! A career for a boss can only be a means to an end, part of your training to be a master! Never be a slave to money, be a student and serve accordingly, but never be a slave.

Slaves have to break their backs to pay for expensive things that have no real meaning.


When you are a master, an Aston Martin will be one of your toys, when you are a slave, that same car will be a noose around your neck, forcing you to work long hours to own it.

Be a master of money.

Not a slave!


Read everything you possibly can to know him better, for any form of ignorance with him will cost you years of your life.

He is an enslaver of the ignorant and a slave of the informed!


Every decision has a consequence.

Make wise decisions, make wise decisions all the time.

Wisdom must be your everything, she wants ALL your dreams to come true.

Every action has an equal or opposite reaction. There is no such thing as 'getting away with it'.

You will never have a money problem for it is in truth a wisdom problem.

You will never have a relationship problem for it is in truth a wisdom problem.

You will always be calmer and wiser than your enemies.

Calm is control. Calm is power.


You are not an animal, you are a creature of grace and power.

To give in to foolishness attaches parasites to your life.


Here are some examples of parasites:


Don't smoke.

It steals money, makes you sick and cuts years off your life.


Respect alcohol.

It is the most dangerous substance on earth.

Nations have lost their birthrights because of it.

Consistent drunkenness is for the ignorant.


If poverty and ignorance is your desire then do such things.

But you are not a fool, you are amazing and your future begs you to make wise decisions.


Do things with healthy chain reactions, not things that will destroy your future.

Most who have done those things lose years.

Some will lose their families.

Some will lose their lives.


Don't gamble with your life, you have no need to roll the dice for your happiness.


Choose good things.

Never take the council of a fool, they have only justification for their advice and seek to pull others into their misery so that they do not have to face their own mistakes or own up to their incompetences.


Sex is special.

Don't cheapen it, for you will lose one of the most satisfying experiences your body and soul can experience.

Sex is a lot of fun, but to those who cheapen it, sex will be nothing more than that.

To those who understand its' purpose, it will be a powerful emotional experience that will give you strength when you are weak.

Respect it enough to study it as you study relationships and money.

In your marriage bed, it is the third allie of your relationship! Husband, Wife and bedroom :)

When you experience it, you will know what I mean.

It is well worth waiting for!

Save it for someone who truly deserves it.



Sleeping around and cheapening sex cheapens relationships and weakens that home base that marriage should be.

You need a partner who sees only you and seeks to please you alone.

It's frikkin awesome!


There is nothing greater in the world than knowing that someone else lives for your every pleasure.

(And you for theirs of course).

This is what real marriage is.

Don't give in to public opinion, it has never worked for anyone.

The weak are governed by instant gratification.

They gamble with their futures and the futures of others for the sake of an orgasm.

Masters think in years, slaves think in days and weeks.


Those who cannot find the beauty in something will eventually pervert it.

Don't be one of them.


Make everything a quest and relish the rewards. Believe me my child, they are well worth relishing..heh heh.




Love is not an emotion.


The'love' emotion is actually the fruit of correctly applied love.


Love is what you do for people (or a person).


Love is patient.

Love is Kind.

Love is slow to anger.

Love keeps no record of wrongs.

Love seeks first to understand before seeking to be understood.

Love forgives easily.

Love will go the extra mile!

Love will be tough when it needs to be for the sake of the person who needs it. (like when I smack that naughty bum!)


Love is what you do for someone you have made a commitment to, and a gift you give to those who have not earned it!


Love rebukes for the sake of someones' future and NEVER for the sake of emotional release.


Cowards shout at people becuase they have no self control!

If someone shouts at you, just love them and apply wisdom in your answers.

Weak minded people shout, you can't win an argument when people are shouting because love is absent from the conversation.

Raised voices and insults bring pain...

The release is one sided and one person will always leave that conversation in a lot of pain.

Don't get involved in such stuff.. it's futile and painful!



If you want to shout, watch a sport or have fun..



People let you down, they disappoint you, this is true..




...if you love them you will realize why they can be selfish and foolish.


All selfishness is born out of lack, which leads to greed.

These are both false perceptions, but many people are afflicted with them.

They become selfish becuase they think there is not enough of everything to go around... hahahaha.. ignorami!

It is called 'self preservation', when people try to look out for themselves at the expense of others.


Be a healing force in their lives.

Never give more (money) than you have for these people will take it all, but be a source of life for them.

Be a source of wisdom and information that sets free.

Don't share your wisdom to get followers, share your wisdom to bare fruit!

Fifty thousand people who think you are wise are not fruit, they are just a crowd of gullibles!

Five people with happy marriages and better finances becuase of you.. thats fruit!

Money and relationships are the big hurt centres for people, help them there and you help them everywhere without having to lift a further finger.

Teach them to pursue wisdom.. she will do all the work from there onwards!


Be the one good reference of love and acceptance for them, be the one person they remember that was always accepting of them and you will change them without them or you even realizing it.


The world is full of hurting people, do not become one of them.


As long as you strive to be a light in all you do, the darkness will not touch you.

It will try, but it will never succeed.

Darkness lives in the well of bitterness, where forgiveness is not welcome.

To carry bitterness and resentment is to carry a dead man on your back.

The one you hate will rot into your very flesh and cause you great pain, they will become a great burden to you and they will not even realize it.

You will suffer alone!

Unforgiveness is simply not worth the price you pay for the self righteousness.

Never be the victim!


Rise above your enemies and be the righteous one.

They will destroy themselves soon enough.

Such is the nature of foolish things and those who hold onto them.


Laugh a lot,

laugh easily,

laugh for no reason,

laugh for any reason.


Laughter is beautiful and should never be diminished in any way.

Laugh at yourself, laugh at your own jokes, smile and laugh often and your days will be long!


If someone makes fun of you for laughing at your own jokes, ask them why they tell jokes if they don't think the joke is funny.

People are weird.. don't let them get you down.. they think one thing today and another thing tommorrow.


Be where you are celebrated, not where you are tolerated.

Those who despise you will despise you for a very long time.

If they are in positions of importance or influence, get away from them.

A crappy boss will never become a cool one, they are crappy becuase they are in the wrong place.

Stick around and hope they leave... you might get their job..


Become their equal or master elsewhere.

They will sabotage your journey in every way they can.


Go where people are happy to see you and call them your brothers and sisters, but be wise about it.

If good people do not celebrate you, the problem is in you.

If fools celebrate you, I will spank your ass until it moves from your head back down to where it belongs!


Don't think with your ass! I love you but I won't let you burn your hand on the stove! be wise, not a wise ass!


If you fail at anything, that is a good thing!

Pick yourself up and try again.

Don't be afraid to try many different things.

Failure is awesome, it toughens you up and speeds up your ability to overcome mega obstacles!


If you measure yourself by the success of other people you will end up depressed because most of them opt for one career which they hate and buy their houses and cars from banks that will take it all away if two payments are missed.


If you want to flit from career to career until you are 60 years old, do it.

Somewhere in there you will find something you love and you will be happy.


That's also why a great marriage is so important!

A selfish partner who has not made your happiness their priority will force you to be unhappy for the myth of security.

There is no such thing as security.

Things can change with one microscopic germ.

Don't kid yourself.

Life is about fulfillment, not security.


Your kids don't care about what you own, they care about what you love!


Failure is not fun, but anything you can learn from those experiences is solid gold wisdom.

Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do!

Success is impossible without failure, but don't let failure be your master.


You are the master of your own destiny and wars are made up of battles.

Some you win... some you lose, but those you survive will make you stronger!

Never get a Pyrric victory (wikipedia it), fight battles AFTER you count the cost!


If you feel terrible speak to a friend about how you feel and then get advice from a mentor.

If the mentor's advice is 'give up' then you should get advice from somewhere else.


If you decide to quit, make sure that you take something of value from your experience!

Don't mope and never allow the past to drag you down - this is futile.

Grow, take a deep breath and move on!

Quitting while you are ahead is not the same as quitting.

Trust wisdom and follow your instincts.


Obey your conscience and follow your passion and you should be fine.


I love you more than I love my own life and desire great things for you.


It is impossible for you to disappoint me or let me down.

The only person you can let down is yourself. If that ever happens I'll always be here to catch you.


I love you.


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