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Letter to The President of SA

02 March 2012, 14:54

Letter to The President of South Africa, and CO

Dear Mr. President

I will get straight to the point. During your carefully worded state of the nation address, you mentioned  curbing fronting, namely, the act of the rich cooperates disguising themselves as BEE compliant, whilst those who supposedly own shares in these companies lives in Alexander, Soweto, or Sebokeng. Sharing a shack with their kids, and grant kids. I want to thank you for the bold move you made to criminalize that act, It’s immoral, and goes against everything the political freedom fighters died, and got imprisoned for.These window dressers deserved to be punished severely. They should be stripped of their citizenship because their deeds go against everything this country stand for, namely redressing the ills of the past.

Being a Black person in corporate South Africa, placed me in an interesting position whereby I witnessed many acts of direct, and indirect forms of racism usually directed to many a black professional, including, yours truelly myself. I have seen blacks demoted purely on the base of them being black. I have seen them frustrated, and demoralized to a point where they lost all sense of self worth, and end up believing they are good for nothing, and gave up all prospects of ever developing to reaching their full potential.I have seen many a white man join a company with no formal qualification, nor experience. He  would gets placed with the black oaks to gain experience, Before you know he is promoted to become the supervisor of these same black people who taught him the job. When this black people resign out of desperation, and hoping for greener pastures, they are labeled as job hoppers.On a recently visit to Tiger Wheels and Tire for a wheel alignment in Sandton, and I noticed that all the white skinned personnel happened to be the ones overseeing the black man doing the hard work.

Is there no black man who is smart enough or trainable to be a supervisor, or does the system just don’t trust blacks in a position with responsibilities?  That in short is how life works all over South Africa.

Now my question is: what is being done to address this practice of corporate SA, and many other multinationals that sideline brilliant young black graduates, by smothering their job growths, and treat them like second class citizens? The USA has mechanism to combat that what are you going to about that?

Apartheid has been defeated, we still find ourselves living in societies that are every much unequal in everything. Most developments earmarked for blacks keeps being pushed further away from the economical activities. The income imparities that exist along racial lines create a divide that does not needs written policies to sideline, and segregate people. There are very few black people who can afford the outrageous amounts required for a roof over your head in the Northern Suburbs.That mean blacks will have to remain where the oppressive government left them. They are the ones travelling long distances to and from work because the houses they can afford are developed further and further away from the economical hubs.  That directly translates into less time spent with their families. Less time to take up studies or engage in extra mural activities like...gym e.t.c or to enhance themselves by continuing their studies, in order to create a better future for their kids. This in itself creates a loop of poverty that cannot be overcome, because one generation leaves a legacy of poverty for the next one. Their deprived kids who grow up without present parents and guidance from the broken homes become the problems experienced currently in the guise of crime. Employing more police, and building more jails won’t solve this problem. Ask yourself one question, how come we have more jails, than Universities?

If nothing else, education to the previously, and currently disadvantaged people should be at least be free or state sponsored. Now I don’t mean the second rate education being dished out currently to the poor kids in government schools. I believe a child should go to the best schools closer to his home. But that is not possible; there are no good schools around most places where the down trotted stays.So, I will rephrase. All children should go to any so called model c school, and the government should subsidies where the need arise. Where is the government supposed to get the money? Well, the billions spend on the so called Arms deal, the money spend erecting the tollgates, and stadiums, The never ending functions costing the state millions and not benefiting the poor, the building projects that afford only the rich a smooth ride to town via the Gautrain, while the poor get blessed with toll-gates to remove the little bit of cash they could be using for their kids education. All this money could be used towards the education of the poor. If all fails, Nationalization of mines, and other spheres should come in play

The current government is supposed to be pro-poor. No one seems to be interesting to highlight, and act on these evils of society. Then along came Mr. Julias Malema from the far North. A man who knows firsthand what suffering means. He grew up in it. He is a product of the legacy of Apartheid, That’s why he got an H symbol for woodwork. He identified the gap that exists in society for someone to stand up, and speak about these evils I mentioned. Today he has been suspended for speaking the inconvenient truth. I’m not the greatest fan of these gentlemen, and I don’t even know him personally, but the thing he says holds true to most of South Africans. We as a black nation have no land, we have no homes, we have no work, we have no identity, and we have nothing to call our own.All we have is our slums, and the ghettos and people are happy to keep us there. Even happier if we keep quiet about it. Silencing Malema will not silence the destitute youth. It will fuel the fight for economical freedom to a greater extent. How, you may ask? Simple, What Malema utters publicly is what the majority of the black youth say inside. It’s what the young black professionals feels inside, it’s what the homeless man feel inside, it’s what the taxi driver feels inside. In short, there is a little bit of Malema in most blacks. They cannot all be silenced with one swipe. Grant Julias his platform to speak, Grant him the space to make those that are against nation building very nervous. We are better off with nervous anti-democracy individuals, than keeping quit, and pretend we still in a honeymoon, only to wake up with a civil war at our doorsteps. By then it will be too late. The hatred and animosity that exist amongst us is enough fuel to spark such a regrettable, and preventable unnecessary war. There is but one way that can be stopped. Equal redistribution of wealth and land. So, why do you want to silent the one person who dare talk about the liberation of the black-nation out of poverty, This was the same voice that spoke up when it seemed you were treated unfairly by the same ANC you currently a head off. He was good then when he was acting as your personal savior, but he is now deemed not good enough as the savior of the poor, economical deprived black people without a voice.

We all know silencing him improves your chances of getting your second term as head of the ANC, and it also guarantees the position for your right hand man, namely Mr. Gwede Mantashe. But does your position mean more to you than the wishes of the majority of the people in the country.

Do not forget Mr. President what this individual says, it’s exactly what most of us, meaning young, black professionals feel and almost all unemployed individuals. And for your information Mr. President, It is our votes that will guarantee the ANC another term in power. You can retain the position as the Head of the ANC, but the decision of who lead the country, lies in our hands, and most of us, happens to be nun-card caring members who voted faithfully for your party since the dawn of independence, but this vote should not be taken for granted. It's not guaranteed. It has terms and conditions. Like everything else in life. The people who currently cheer you on the decision to expel our voice in society happenes to be voting for other parties, and not the ANC like we did all along. In short, you alienating your constitutiencies and pleasing those who will not vote for you. I hope this is not a decision that is going to be the turning point of the ANC. From being this loved party to a loathed party just because you wanted to retain your position and silenced our only voice. That would be a costly and grave mistake for a fine organization with a history like yours

All we ask for is, equal share in the country of our ancestors. And to be treated with respect with dignity. I know there are those who think leaving the country is their only solution. I say to them, go ahead, prospect the greener pastures, and when you ready to come back and help in the project of nation building, South Africa will have its doors open for you. The rest of us, will remain, and fight for justice. We will fight for what’s rightfully ours, and we shall not fear. Like Julias says, we will die with our boots on. Every generation has a struggle, and this is our struggle to stand up, and claim what is rightfully ours. The previous freedom fighters have laid the foundation for the next phase of liberation. Economical freedom is a must. Julias Malema has made it his fight; He is the Chief Commander of the Economical Freedom fighters

Those against the calls for Nationalization of mines, and banks, in order for the proceeds to be used towards the upliftment of the poor, and those against Julias Malema are either sitting on the other side if the poverty line and have benefitted from the previous regime or the current regime of enriching the poor, or they are simple are just not informed or ignorant. Political emancipation did not translate into economical emancipation for all. There is a Revolution happening in front of their eyes, and they don’t even know it. They are happy with the way things are. Slaves in the land of their forefathers. This kind of remind me of the slaves in 1865 when slavery was abolished through the the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution following the American Civil War.[1]

Most of these slaves actually went back to their slave masters to beg them to stay on as slaves as they were too afraid to take responsibility for their own actions, and lives. They cannot be blamed because most of them had no formal education. So they stayed on as slaves, and died as slaves.The same thing is happening in South Africa. People got their freedom, but are hell bent on remaining tools in the hands of the oppressors. They are willing to take the crumbs that are left behind for them, and they scavenge those like dogs, in exchange for eternal loyalty to the Bass. Most of them are hired, for the sole purpose of doing manual jobs. Those with degrees are employed in capacity whereby they don’t have any major say in dealings of the corporation. When the masters see you have ambition, they swiftly get rid of you, and replace you with someone who is easier to bend, and use for window dressing. I understand these people. Most of this people are happy to be at least earning a living. They are selling their souls for money. And in the process, selling out their next generations as this offspring will have to live the same way their fathers did because their fathers never had the balls to challenge an unjust system. The enemy is not white or black, but capitalism, and greed. The enemy must be defeated, and in time it will be. There will be casualties of war, but victory is guaranteed. We cannot be silenced forever.

History will record this generation as the deprived generation: We have been deprived of education, economical freedom, corporate oppression, and abuse, and will History will also record this generation of the youth as the one that push the agenda of Economical Freedom in our lifetime.

History will know Julias Malema as the young lion of the north who defied. Those who stood in the way of the economical emancipation for the people. Mr. President. You of all people should know, trying to destroy someone tends to come back to haunt you. You sir, are a living example of that. You helped create Malema, and you going to make a martyr out of Julias Malema, the Chief Commander of the Economical Freedom fighters

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