Horrible crimes

2010-04-29 09:51

Dear Editor,

Just when I think that the criminal element cannot become any more barbaric in the perpetration of their crimes I find to my even greater horror that I was wrong.

The tableau of horror just seems to expand even more with a tiny baby and her minder being mercilessly beaten to near death, another baby watching from a cot as it's father bleeds to death on the floor next to him, twenty five defenceless animals having their legs hacked off and allowed to die in agony, a young boy being set on fire by school bullies, and so it goes on!

What has become of our society and where will this all end? Or have we just reached a stage in our so called evolution where we revert to becoming unthinking, uncaring, barbarians with no conscience driven by sex, drugs and greed?

Is it that the actions of the criminal element will just escalate, each outdoing the other in the violence used, with there being no real accountability for wrongdoing until we find ourselves in absolute hell on earth?

If we do not stop and take stock of what is happening in this country, and take immediate and positive steps to eradicate this plague, I fear there is little or no hope for us.

Ian Rhodes

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  • Silver Surfer - 2010-04-29 09:58

    That is exactly the problem, there is a certain element of the SA population that has not yet evolved. They are STILL barbarians !! And these "people" are allowed to vote ?

  • Jacques - 2010-04-29 10:03

    What I can't understand is that there is still people that don't take this crime issue seriously.I still think we must just bring this land to an still(non violent strike) stand and demand from the ANC to see an plan on paper and make sure that it is implement.If all the people say bring back the death penalty so be it.

  • Zizo - 2010-04-29 10:09

    Today an article has reported that a gardener was shot by his employer (I assume non-payment of wages). It really shows how narrow your concerns are, our people are dying in the hands of a master. If you really concerned about the country, you also need to look at the cries of black people. Your letter sounds like a criticism from a british journalist about SA affairs..... clueless yet big mouthed.

  • Eddy - 2010-04-29 10:09

    I agree with you. I cannot find the right words to express my anger. The only solution is to reinstate the death penalty and completely remove these savages from the human race.

  • TB - 2010-04-29 10:10

    And it seems like we even "import" them by the thousands/millions by not having effective border controls in place.

  • bm - 2010-04-29 10:10

    Well put Ian. The problem is that these animals are supporters of the government. Animals can not control animals and we have animals ruling the country. I'll bet you that these animals will not be convicted and they will go on with their slaughtering. That includes babies. All systems in Sa including the legal system is falling apart and that is the reason why crime wiil always be part of our lives. Government protect them

  • Mango - 2010-04-29 10:11

    That is why the death penalty is such an important matter, and the government should seriously look into this. Bring it back, make an example of someone, and I'm sure these brutal attacks will be reduced.

  • Juan - 2010-04-29 10:12 it politically incorrect to point out the one thing that all these 'suspects' have in common?

  • Johan - 2010-04-29 10:12

    More promisses of action by the Police will soon be made, but nothing will be forthcoming. The criminals are allowed to rule

  • jerry - 2010-04-29 10:13

    there is little hope for us . this type of violence is part of the culture of these people ala the ritual by a certain group of killing a bull with their bare hands in order to prove that they are "men" , when in fact they are prove this point - why dont they try to kill a lion with nothing but their bare hands? exactly!!! so cowards will harm defenceless people and animals alike , because it is in their culture. this is not a new phenomenon - watch the movie "Africa Adieu" for a glimpse into this savage continents mindset.

  • @Silver Surfer - 2010-04-29 10:13

    Would you also agree that the atrocities meted out to people pre 1994,ie state violence was also barbaric?This "certain element" you talk about must have it's roots somewhere,don't you think?

  • Vigilante - 2010-04-29 10:14

    How can it be stopped? Our hands are tied while we get mercilessly slaughtered. Who do we think complied to the gun amnesty? The criminals? I'm afraid this is urban terrorism we have and appropriate action needs to be taken to combat fire with fire.

  • Gustav - 2010-04-29 10:15

    Spot on Ian!!! Think it is high time that we accuse Zuma as the responsible party and hear what he says in defence!!!!

  • Fry them! - 2010-04-29 10:19

    Electric chair, gallows, lethal injection, whichever appropriate means to rid society of this scourge of human faeces we have here in South Africa!

  • @ Zizo - 2010-04-29 10:20

    I am black like you but i have to defend the writer on this one. In the letter there's nowhere where the author refers to race or racism. I think you are reacting to the BLACK V/S WHITE war you have in your mind, than to this article. You are just over-sensitive to NOTHING. u must be resolute and stop being insecure and feeling like whites are out to criticise you. Your response is way off the mark. The author is worried about the general violence in our country, including that suffered by black people.

  • SimonP@Zizo - 2010-04-29 10:20

    The gardener attacked the employer, did you miss that bit? Why do assume its about wages?
    Gert your head out of the sand.

  • Smurf - 2010-04-29 10:21

    The sad part to all of this is the people complain about jobs, money, housing etc and something might get done about it, but murders, rapes, robbery, hi jackings nothing gets done about that what so ever its just a smack on the hand and bail. How can it be ok to strike over jobs and a money but when it comes to innocent peoples lives then everyone wants to run and not take responsiblity for it, if a crime is committed there should be no apply for bail all that should be given is a life sentence straight why hesitate they did the crime now suffer the consequences of your actions.

    The only way to bring the crime down is if somebody wipes their eyes and says right lets bring the death penalty back, if that is the way to stop all these evil crimes then DO IT. Stop complaining about all the nitty gritty's and sort your dam country out and get the crime rate down.

    South Africa is a beautiful country and with beautiful people that live here, why must we immigrate cause of people who cant act like human beings. Its so sad that it ends up like that where people who are proud to be South African have to leave cause they dont feel safe and dont want raise there families here.

    God did not put people on this earth to be so evil its ment to be heaven on earth not hell on earth.

    Wake up and do something about it....

  • GailR - 2010-04-29 10:21

    @Zizo, trust you to pull out the race card - come one man, try another excuse for a change! Who said anything about non payment of wages? If ANYONE threatens me or my family, he/she is dead, with so much savagery around, I wouldn't take a chance. What about the 60 yr old granny and kids (note they were black!)that were brutally murdered by a bunch of black men, how are you going to explain that one? This country is being run by greedy, self enriching, irrisponsible idiots and until they are ousted from the government, the savagery will go on. All we can do now is take the law into our own hands until the powers that be "wake up!"

  • Spiderman - 2010-04-29 10:22

    The result of removal of corporal punishment, discipline at schools, moral and the death penalty!

  • Al @ Zizo - 2010-04-29 10:22

    Zizo, you are inferring an attitude which is not apparent when I read in the letter. Ian makes no mention of any particular demographic in his reference to the issue of crime in this country. Any intelligent person KNOWS that crime does not discriminate (either in terms of perpertrators or victims) - we need to get beyond the stupidity that seeks to racialise crime, and the knee-jerk reaction that sees a racial comment where there is none.

  • SimonP - 2010-04-29 10:23

    Crime is rife in the government, the masses see their "leaders" stealing billions and living the good life, they therefore feel it is their right to commit crime.
    Solved crimes 15%. The government do not give a rats arse about crime.

  • Ross - 2010-04-29 10:23

    Re-introduce the stake, it worked very well for King Shaka. His underlings were disciplined.

  • Juan - 2010-04-29 10:25

    Leave the police and the 'justice' system out of this. They have poved themselves to be utterly pathetic. Time to hand out vigilante justice as it is our ONLY option.

  • Thomas - 2010-04-29 10:26

    It is a pity that most of these crimes are committed by the foreigners i.e. they seem to be biting the same hands that fed them during Xenophobic violence. Yesteryear, most people dig deeper into their pockets for them and now they have brutaly attacked a "baby". The solution is simple: FOREIGNERS MUST GO BACK HOME, S.A. is crowded as we speak and they are not helping the situation by doing these violent crimes (remember some of them were in wars in their countries, yet we don't have a profile for each and everyone of them) very sad!!!

  • @Zizo - 2010-04-29 10:28

    Zizo, the gardener was shot because he was about to hack his 'master' (as you put it) with a panga. So for once the victim wins, and you only see one side of the story.

  • beans - 2010-04-29 10:30

    @zizo read the article again - self defence another criminal about to attack

  • Amethyst - 2010-04-29 10:31

    There seems to be a generation of very angry people out there, what do they think will be acheived when all the white people are dead? Who's going to give them hand outs at the robots, come to their aid during winter when the cape flats get flooded again because their government hasn't done a thing since last year to fix the problem. When I was 18 I was a liberal with high hopes for our new democracy, I'm now 29 and am angry, disappointed and tired of being made to feel guilty for something that had nothing to do with me as I was only 12 in 1994! This whole thing is going to end badly, one way or another.

  • SeanO - 2010-04-29 10:31

    @Zizo. You are absolutely right in pointing out that there are two sides to this vicious crime scenario. The point is, that no perpetrator of violent crimes, black or white, is being sufficiently punished by the system. Like many other systems in our SA, the legal/justice system is failing it's citizens. All these systems are ANC Gov driven, so one concludes that our Gov is a failure, sorry to say.

  • @ zizo - 2010-04-29 10:35

    The baby and father was white. The childminder was black. I don't know what colour the cows were. Point is, the article refers to how crime affects all. Ps. the gardener attacked his employers with a panga and got himself shot in self defence. Maybe read the article before making ridiculous assumptions

  • senior - 2010-04-29 10:36

    @Jacques u're 100% correct i support that...

  • @zizo - 2010-04-29 10:36

    can you not read??? the poor littel boy who was burnt is black. It does not make him any less a victim.
    As to the attcker who was shot in the head by his victim - it is called self defence - whatever your skin colour you should be allowed to defend yourself when someone attacks you with a panga and a knife.

  • Ir8m8 - 2010-04-29 10:39

    Time to defend ourselves, screw the firearms control act, does anyone have some weapons for me.
    Shoot to kill and drop the bodies off somewhere, the police are so useless, they would probably never figure it out anyway.

    On a more rational level, i really beleive that its time, specially now because of the SWC, that we introduce a curfew and have the army deployed. Specifically in the small holding and rural areas.

  • Charlie B@Zizo - 2010-04-29 10:39

    Hmmmm... clearly you didn't read the article all the way through. The gardener had tried to attack the employer and his wife with a knife and a panga. I would also shoot anyone that tries to hurt or threaten my family regardless of what race they are. I should hope that you feel the same way...

  • Smurf - 2010-04-29 10:40

    The main thing that needs to be done here is sort out the border posts, get the illegal immigrants outta here one by one and bring back the death penalty to get rid of all the people in general who are committing crimes cause they have no place here what so ever....

  • GVA - 2010-04-29 10:43

    When you have a corrupt government with no morals,what do you expect?? The laws of the land favours the criminal, making it a criminal paradise! Children are growing up with no discipline in school and even less at home, I don't think they know the difference between wrong and right any more. Crime goes unpunished from an early age.
    Say what you wan't but when the old Goverment was in power crime was less and discipline was the order of the day.

  • Jason@Zizo - 2010-04-29 10:44

    I am also black like you, but please do not make this a race issue. As far as I understand the writer is concerned about barbaric crime. There are millions of foreigners coming to SA to commit this barbaric acts. Xenophobic attacks few years back can somehow be justified if foreigners come to SA to do this, and look at Hillbrow under Nigerian control.

    Its time we stand together as one (South Africans) and say no to crime and the government must take its stand as well to clarify the issue.

    And lets get rid of the foreigner who are not educated because their stretch our resources.

  • @Zizo - 2010-04-29 10:44

    NO NO you need to get your facts strait that gardener was about to attack and murder the man as your kind do.

  • @Zizo - 2010-04-29 10:48

    You are nothing more than a brainless moron get your facts strait you malebes

  • Smurf - 2010-04-29 10:48

    You we can go on till we blue in the face but is something actually gona get done about it.......

  • Poloyatonki@SimonP - 2010-04-29 10:50

    “Why do assume its about wages?” its because you people pay gardeners crap…..

  • Sick - 2010-04-29 10:52

    @Zizo The crime wasn't about wages and even if it was, you don't charge with a panga. If all white masters are dead, not paying any wages any more see if you can get wages out of your black masters you Idiot.

  • kevin owen - 2010-04-29 10:53

    Nigeria is allegedely the crime and corruption capital of the world. I heard that a big delegation of heavyweight SA politicians went there recently. Apparently to give the Nigerian gangsters some lessons in crime and corruption. Enough said

  • Tsotsi - 2010-04-29 10:54

    How I miss the Roman times when they would have been fed to the Lions - ALIVE!!

  • Stephen - 2010-04-29 10:54

    That is the price we pay for opening our borders wide open. Everybody including criminal of all types are crossing our borders into SA daily.

  • Smurf - 2010-04-29 10:59

    Why is that whenever a nation such as ours try to make our country better color always has to be brought up. We could be green with yellow spots color is color its DOESNT matter, we are all the same, we all humans we all have different cultures etc I just dont understand when a nation is trying to make things right for EVERYBODY in the country its always that color card that comes up. Lets just make South Africa safe again.

  • @ZIZO - 2010-04-29 11:02

    Come on dude - where are you now? You have had a couple of replies to your comments, and I am waiting with baited breath to hear what you have to say? I am guessing we won't hear from you again, as you have been put in your place.

  • PETE - 2010-04-29 11:03

    The crime in South Africa is done buy people from Zim and Mozam its not the South African people thats doing the crime i say shut the borders and get shot of the people that are in S.A that do not belong to S.A (SOUTH AFRICA FOR SOUTH AFRICAN PEOPLE )

  • Stryder@@Silver Surfer - 2010-04-29 11:03

    "Would you also agree that the atrocities meted out to people pre 1994,ie state violence was also barbaric?" Yes it was. So what? Does it mean that this behaviour is now acceptable almost 20 years after 1994? Remember that white people had the choice to end apartheid and did. Also remember that most whites had no idea what was going on to make that system work. But at the end of the day Apartheid's existence is being justified daily by the shenanigans of the ANC and their supporters like yourself and Julius. Still wondering why it is that Whites evolved enough to renmmounce apartheid but the barbarism continues in the townships and in the suburbs against defencless babies.

  • Winston - 2010-04-29 11:04

    @ ZIZO. My friend, let me tell you. If ANYONE threatens my family, I WILL also shoot them... or should I wait untill he hacks me to death? wake up boet... Is the fact that people are dying my fault?? I suppose it is, I have to take responsibility for them aswell... Nevermind that I am a TAX paying citizen that already subsidizes a few unemployed people...

  • @Tsotsi - 2010-04-29 11:05

    I agree with you there......they must suffer the consequences of their actions...