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Mega Mega Mega - 666

17 July 2014, 13:21

“If that’s how it has to die, go ahead and kill it; then kill the false prophets who sold you on the mystery in the first place.” – (Bahti)

And so - a minority forthtelling and free atheistic prophesy…

In the Islamic tradition it is taught that if your neighbour’s family sleeps hungry while you do not, then Allah holds you, his neighbours, morally responsible for their children’s miserable condition. This theocratic obligation is said to have come about so that ideally the poor would not have reason to envy and hate the rich and in so doing would keep subsistence crime from undermining the core political issues of that society.

Between a father and a son - is the Spirit and love of a Father.

“In that hour the disciples came to Jesus, saying, "Who then is greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?" Jesus called a little child to him, and set the child in the midst of them, and said: "Most certainly I tell you, unless you turn, and become as little children, you will in no way enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Whoever therefore humbles himself as this little child, the same is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. Whoever receives one such little child in my name receives me, but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to stumble, it would be better for him that a huge millstone should be hung around his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

So reflecting … I have come to understand that the only existential continuum in which deities, celestial entities and the accompanying doctrines and unleashed slavering dogmas of theology actually do exist, is in fact, deep within the complex, neuro-chemistry of the living human mind, because taken into regard outside of its own strangely consensual, highly subjective paradigms – the practice of any religion is utterly irrational and actually makes no logical sense at all.

As far as I am concerned, its only usefulness lies in objectively extracting the essential supporting sociological systems, proto-ethical manifestations and technical moral mechanisms, which are found embedded in the anthropological metaphors all religious societies attempt to employ through their various political rites, historical recordings and profoundly subjugated public ceremonies.

Discovering there is no God came through a long, very personal and intensely painful process of discovery. A progressively darker emotion-based understanding, which was by necessity fearfully wrought, expressed in acute post-traumatic distress and accompanied by a defiant specie of critical and objective observation born of too many rejected questions and ugly unrequited experiences, but - for all intents and purposes – eventually treated, analyzed and subsequently understood most infallibly through years of dissembled evangelical Biblical studies, and by, being forcibly immersed in the so-called Renewal Church and becoming well acquainted with the: psychological, financial and anoxic political power of several branches of its immensely popular, yet deeply corrupted fundamentalist theologies.

Simply put, the applied models of Christianity in South Africa, at least those that I have observed and experienced over more than 30 years - prove to me empirically that there is no such thing as a God, a Satan or even a Lord Jesus Christ.

Just people drawn together by their exclusively shared primal fears, sickening lusts, criminal and psychological weaknesses - burdened with brightly vivid imaginations, and each individual – on demand, most capable of both: very good and very, very, very bad things.

No matter how much these attempt to tag, strawdog, promote and then sell themselves to the outside world.

Secondly, to me at least, the overt corporate behaviour of the Church continues to demonstrate nothing more than consensual narcissism, political manipulation, hypocritical pseudo-morality, and a bewildering array of piously contrived rituals completely embedded in stubborn self-ignorance, stone-age myths and ancient peasant superstitions, which is of course, mellifluously modulated in beatifically worded evangelical Gospel™ rhetoric: Deo Gloria via - seemingly intelligent human personalities.

Persons who jointly subscribe to psychologically denying their very own rational dread of physical and our ensuing psychological oblivion, through gating their minds to this inevitable medical reality and purporting their pointless - myths and self-delusions én mass.

It is Christians, especially South African Imperialist; White Afrikaner and Fundamentalist Christians and their so-called Leaderships who have proven to me conclusively that there is no God. Not Science. Particularly the Fundamentalists. And it isn’t just the wildly pretentious and copycat eschatological nonsense they write and/or preach or even the ludicrous supernatural rituals they engage in for mass entertainment and brand as Gospel™ products to sell to each other publicly. They prove it by their intellectual denialism, blatant bigotry, insatiable greed, Biblical fraud, passive-aggressive manipulation and quasi-puritan religious politics.

Their slick media-personalities prove, as conclusively, that corporately: Jesus™ and Holy-Spirit™ - are nothing more than politically self-appeasing; über-merchandised media-products up-up for sale, albeit to a specific disposable-income demographic, within the exceptionally prosperous, multi-layered up-marketing Gospel™ business they occupy, high up-up within the hierarchy of an international, exploitive capitalist system.

A multi-media based parasite-industry they alone have come to call Church™.

As a socio-economic parasite, its loud-mouthpieces, as an almost virtual set rule: personally produce no food - feed, produce, energy or materials. In fact its leadership can only consume money endlessly within the GNP, even when bespeaking honeyed lip-glossy altruisms and buying tear-jerking acts of public charity, like AIDS hospices, where little infected orphan children and babies get sent to die out of sight and mind in order to favorably publicize their flawlessly glossy Ministries.

However, like any political macro-parasite - cut off from its one-way supply of promissory and fraudulently solicited CA$H – Church™ would shrivel away and disappear virtually overnight.

You always get what you pray an’ pay for. Even cANCer.

It would be inappropriate and completely remiss of me to make such bold and such seemingly sweeping statements without at least quantifying and qualifying all my remarks.

It might also be necessary for me to mention that while I am clearly a theocratic non-subscriber – I am also of the free and open opinion that the Christ’s apparent Hebrew upbringing, ostensible pro-Egyptian formative education and retro-interpretation of filtered Buddhism as he applied it to a very personal, fatally dissembled paradigm within his own geo-political and socio-economic environment is of as much human significance today as are the barely heard echoes of Gandhi’s equally grievous moral admonitions to South Africans, Indians and the warring and waning British Empire in just the last century. The point? It is utterly moot whether Christ is an absentee God, very dead Madiba or even a real or composite character at all - because these so-called charismatic Christians contradict their co-opted grandiose claims by either being purposely self-ignorant or flatly ignoring the man’s collective core sociological teachings to the point of ALL financially engaging in what Christ himself defines as:

Unforgivable Blasphemy.

Allow me to elaborate:

  • Consensual narcissism

If one is to take the evangelical Gospel™ propagated out of TV’s and PA pulpits at face value – on sale is a contrived product package not unlike a life-insurance advertisement and both have imaginary future wealth after-death at the heart of the sales pitch. In evangelical Christianity the potential buying believer is encouraged to reject the inferior world (which physically and psychologically sustains their symbiotic experience of life [apps, peak oil, touchscreens and all], albeit with that dread, built-in, sapient awareness of ultimate demise – game over) and close the deal by instead pursuing the paradigm shift of a FREE fantastical perfect eternal life, in a mutually-exclusive love relationship, with an unseen Jesus™, via an invisible Holy-Spirit™ and for every earthly and heavenly reward the faithful (paying) subscriber can want for, or indeed, ecstatically imagine. Words like a hundredfold, miracle healings, glorious mansions and crowns-of-great-glory get bandied about liberally in the various Father Xmas flavours of the Gospel™ presentation. And, both products sell very effectively, although evangelical Christianity much more so being a narcissistic proto-product, because at the deeply embedded, nine-inch-nail crux of any form of religious totalitarianism is the self-enthused ideal of interminable personal perfection and unrelenting physical satisfaction at any non-personal cost.

Ultimate narcissism and Übermensch self-entitlement via a little psychologically creative, ape base-lined, Pavlovian eschatology. Er … John 3:16?

  • Political manipulation

Simply put: (Imaginary) Jesus™ will even burn You in (imaginary) hell and for (imaginary) eternity ... if You do not … Sieg Heil!

Onward Frankenstein evangelism, marching as to war.

The finishing political touch to essential Pavlovian eschatology.

Only, this time goodbye-bye cartoon land of carrots and a scarlet cross-dressing cocoa Bugs-Bunny - here cometh the banana schtick. Something better known as – negative reinforcement.

Consider … an experiment was once conducted to prove how a belief can become entrenched and rigidly held to within a society without any person in that society truly knowing or understanding exactly why.

Five monkeys were released into a large cage with a narrow vertical ladder in the centre that reached a banana dangling from the roof. They quickly got used to their surroundings and started doing normal monkey business until one of them discovered the ladder.

It was allowed to climb up and take the banana unmolested – however the other four were blasted with iced water.

They recovered, the banana was replaced and soon enough another monkey went up after the banana. Again the other four were blasted with icy water.

Again and again …

It {obviously} didn’t take the monkeys long to realise that every time one of them climbed the ladder – the others got blasted with icy water because - from a certain point onwards - every time any monkey strayed and tried to climb the ladder once more - the other four attacked it.

From then onwards - no monkey tried to climb the ladder and there was “peace” in the cage.

In the second phase of the experiment, one monkey was removed and a new monkey (unaware of the ladder-rule) was placed into the cage. Almost immediately it made a bid for the banana. It was attacked. Again and again until, through violent peer pressure - it learnt the rule.

Another one of the original five monkeys was removed and a new monkey placed inside.

With the same results.

At the end of the experiment, all the original monkeys had been replaced with new monkeys, none had ever been blasted with icy water - yet when the banana was once again dangled, no monkey would dare to climb the ladder because the others would attack it viciously.

Fear be: draakons, Hell, the Lost, Kaffirs, vrot bananas, many be-ringéd, ravenous and very violent Monkeys dressed in fine silk of repetitive primal colours … and ooooh, yessssss … satanists …

  • Hypocritical pseudo-morality

According to the evangelical advertisement, potential paying subscribers are incapable of being moral sapient beings and those who somehow are and willfully and stubbornly choose to be – God will still reject for being born in sin and burn in hell.

This of course neatly deflects, circumvents and negates social and political responsibilities et al, however … God is apparently willing to forgive any abhorrent, personal anti-social behaviour ad infinitum if the perpetrator has, or is, willing to accept Jesus™ as their - Personal Saviour.

Veni vedi quid pro quo deo.

Er … ad nauseum?

And that flings all doors and borders wide open to ersatz-ethics, moral-superiority, slavers, emo-parasites, pedophiles, racial supremacists, hucksters, anti-humanists, maximum deniability and glib spinning con-doctors by the tens of thousands.

From Hansie and Ray (a lying, cheating, national sports-hero backed up by his stinking-rich, very publicly and Biblically adulterous, Gospel™-media-darling Pastor on national television) to Jub-jub the junkie, Gospel™-star - a sickeningly indifferent and utterly remorseless child mass-murderer in S.A.’s higher courts - when eventually caught, trapped and the voice tapes are played or the narcotic blood tests are entered into evidence, they ALL allege beatifically: “The Devil (banana) made me do it.”

Preach IT!!!!!

Back-doors slam closed onto teenage satanix homicides - flipping mea-culpa born-again claims to Christ’s Blood for actual legal pardon, accompanied by: suitably flowing mascara smears, pitiful wails of self-pity, kotching and psychological pro-self-decriminations for muddied crocodile TV.

Neatly rests the whole, media-frenzied defense.

#Hi-OP! #gimmemyalibi @Jesus™.com

Q: How does a punishable crime on earth transmogrify into a mere forgivable sin in Heaven?

A: Via satellite TV emissions called undeniable holy hubris.

  • Intellectual denialism

A plagiarized (Sumerian) story of an apparently perfect garden, which took just three days to flourish and reach full fruition, on a five day old planet in a six day old … erm, flat monoverse, inhabited by singularly sentient two-day old snake, biologically equipped with … erm, full human-speech and hearing capabilities and determined to initiate a manipulative verbal discourse in an undeveloped, and until then, unspoken language (it ostensibly being hell-bent and twisted all over upsetting the whole banana-cart one ripe forbidden fruit and gloriously stark naked, lusciousss human female at a time …)


Scientifically-tested ossuary recoveries held in accurate milieu to empirical conclusions made by the combined fields of paleo-botony, paleontology, archeology and prehistoric-anthropology, which simultaneously confirm and conclusively predate the seven-day Sumer/Genesis myth by eons. A perfectly fossilized, CSI’ed, zillion year-old, booked, photographed and carbon-fingerprinted - no-brainer.

Guilty as hell and as ugly as original sin on all counts.

  • Blatant bigotry

To understand why the White Church™ in South Africa holds a deliberate, unrepentant, religious enmity towards people of colour, with all its abhorrent knock-on effects - we are going to have to take a very brief look at slavery. And, the two models of African slavery that we are going to focus on and compare are:

1. Ancient Egypt

2. The Burghers of the Cape.

Scholars disagree on the existence and nature of slavery in Ancient Egypt mostly because of how slavery is defined in modern terms. The modern understanding of slavery, has with history, necessarily become an all-encompassing catch-phrase for anything from ancient peasants selling themselves into servitude to escape poverty - to the kidnapped child sex-slaves and migrant labour marketeers of modern South Africa.

However, what we do know is this:

In Ancient Egypt the hem appeared to be individuals with reduced rights who were in service to either a temple or the Royal Administration. The hemu, on the other hand, were those in servitude to private individuals. What is important here is that we retain and understanding that a slave had reduced rights and a different social state to ordinary Egyptians but one which could change for the better.

Slaves were part of Egypt for a number of reasons:

1. War - These were the conquests of campaigns in Nubia, Syria and Canaan, were usually branded with the symbol ki and generally given to deserving servants of the crown.

2. Punishment - The Vizier had the power to impose perpetual forced labour upon convicted criminals.

3. Voluntary - This was understood to be when individuals sold themselves into religious servitude to a temple or to escape poverty. And often in the case of poverty they gained much greater economic security without losing all their civil rights.

4. Debt - These occurred when a debtor gave a creditor power over his person by contract.

5. Birth - This is where the offspring of slaves inherited their parent's social state.

The important thing about slavery in Egypt is that slaves who proved themselves useful to the Pharaohic or whom had worked off their debts to the regency - could take normal and high positions in government and their society and were very often bequeathed real estate and wealth and married directly into the families of their former owners when freed. In a certain sense it can be argued that as a sociological model, slavery actually strengthened Egypt and its government over thousands and thousands of years because of the legal rights of slaves and the manner in which the most hard working and talented were fully integrated into Egyptian society, culture and ownership after being set free.

Like America, there has always only been one reason for slavery of almost every category in South Africa. Cheap peasant labour and amoral abuse. And the reason why slaves in South Africa were all darker skinned nations was because it was against the law to enslave a Christian. That is also why most of the slave labour force came from Madagascar, East Africa and Malaya. The European slave owners did not want Christian slaves and when slaves were born in captivity they were encouraged to convert to Islam or Hinduism because a Christian convert had to be set free and taken moral and financial responsibility for. The other reason for their import was because it would have been dangerous attempting to enslave the indigenous people of a foreign country and the Khoisan of the Cape had proven to be inept slaves, not capable of extended heavy labour. Then, because of the extreme brutality of slavery in the Cape, ever more laws had to be passed to control slavery, with the result that slavery became more and more expensive and was slowly replaced, since by that time, the displaced indigenous population was growing to the point where it had become possible to use hired labour, which replaced legal slavery completely eventually - because cheap migrant labour could be replaced easily if damaged.

Very easily replaced...Viva vulva Vavi , Viva Marikana Viva

And in our modern economy that is still the socio-religious paradigm that is, as yet, widespread employed:


“Christians “

- find it impossible to see that their very high position and ownership of most of the wealth in S.A.’s society - does not come from being blessed by God - it comes from an expendable non-white labour force in the true South African Christian tradition. They are utterly blind or in abysmal denial to the fact that every single thing they own, covet and indeed ravenously consume, actually comes both directly and indirectly from the sweating backs of a desperately poor, ignorant and exploited people who cannot afford the same, or, imported from similar people. That is milk-and-honey opaque or completely transparent to them - because mentally these baselessly objectified human beings are not Christian and saved and therefore as morally superior Christians they are allowed to benefit from these poor folks materially, yet without any ethical responsibility for the socio-economic damage, horrifying political imbalances and eventual heinous runaway crime it causes amongst their children.

The minimum wages of sin.


Unto the seventh generation.

By default, The Corruption in the ANC is apparently the Core Problem and that is entirely the ANC’s problem.

Yeah right.

See, by proxy, Church™ may corporately exploit the unsaved materially, because in a Core sense - they are going to hell anyway. The very word Kaffir means [Muslim] Unbeliever - And to support this apartheid enforced slaver’s theocracy they pay a monetary tribute to “Onse Grooote GOD” in both the quazi-Zionist (Calvinist) NG Kerk traditionally and all the newer Charismatic media-businesses like Rhema, TBN and their IFCC (International Federation of Christian Churches) affiliates and satellites nationwide, re-revised-Gospel™ promotional semantics notwithstanding. The latter call themselves Renewal churches and apparently have broken away from tenets of traditional white South African Christianity. When CEO of Rhema, Ray McCauley, stated to Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the TRC, that: “the previous Government had made the ANC and black people seem like the enemies of Christianity” - he was testifying in all his blanchéd, honest Truth, yet, willfully lying directly to the largest transplanted black church in South Africa – the African Zionist Christian Church, which incidentally, White Fundamentalist Christians and more so “Onse Groote God” – (Calvinist) Afrikaners, have the sheer bald-faced audacity to classify as a race-cult for practicing ancestor-worship. Black people (the then two million plus ancestor-worshiping Black Christian Zionists included), were indeed and fact, the direct enemies of the politically embattled white Christian capitalist economy of which Ray and high-flying associates take an unbiblical 10% religious tax from the richest of the rich’s gross earnings.

People whom are, on both sides of a coin, made obscenely wealthy by consuming this expendable, very superstitious human capital. Ray was protecting his and his faithful flock’s monetary interests like a good businessman and fundamental evangelical pastor.

Tutu had to be at the TRC, to, amongst other things, facilitate and empower Ray as very partial Christian referee, definitively keep the faith and somehow try to obscure and justify having personally lived deep within a safe Cape Town millionaire’s-mile, warmly coddled in the soft, yet slightly prickly, ermine lap of British Imperial and acquiescing NP Apartheid luxury, all the while having extreme-fun being heads-up in the media and playing noisy deflective political-economic games like ‘disinvestment’, which never touched upon or cost the Imperial Emeritus Vicar a centime (or bankrupted his Croesus-rich colonialist flock and neighbours for that matter), bought him everything any manipulative, media-hungry priest could ever want politically, but at the, as yet, non-audited cost of hundreds of thousands of actually destroyed and consumed non-white lives. Those completely forgotten and destitute non-white imperial-papaced people who paid on demand for Tutu’s ‘disinvestment struggle’ with their extended families, homes, re-fractured communities and actual lives when they all lost their jobs and sources of income - while His Holiness reveled in and reaped the glittering international white attention and supped on and on at the rich white-potjiekos of upmarket liberal Apartheid’s well fattened kudos – smacking his lips moistly, laughing deeply, always very happy, comical to tears and wagging his fingers away peacefully in stridently pious distaste. No political prison lunch-bars in sight, yet hastily tucking the shiny medals and awards away greedily into his very deep pockets and bobbing away funnies at the flashing cameras.

Gimme, gimme, another hot-chocolate-altruism photo-op - Jesus™.

So it appears heavenly investment returns on human capital be damned from all sides. See, evangelical pastors only accept EFT, CA$H or credit card ... it’s the One-Way™, Word-of-Faith™ - CA$H-flow …

John 21 be damned too.

Remember, Ray justifies his business and political policies by shifting theocratic blame onto the previous government, which was apparently as deeply Christian as he and Tutu claim to be, yet he has now also admitted that Rhema was/is currently raking in or around R100 000 000.00 annually. Yes, one hundred million rand. And that’s just the glistening tip of the IFCC icingberg. Ergo, in a certain sense, the entire renewal Church™ of South Africa is still theologically clinging onto protecting its right to exploit the distastefully (not-the-hot-altruism-photo-op Jesus™) enslavered unsaved and thereby maintain its current massive economic position, that very genesis of human corruption - even though its real, horriying, causal effect - remains the greatest divide betwixt extreme wealth and life-threatening destitution in human existence.

World politics, another Zimbabwe yo-yo, global recessions, climate change, The Titanic, Easter Island, shattered moral compass and gross unforgivable blasphemy notwithstanding.

Ergo sum.

Today, and far more profitably for self-confessed and supposedly repentant racists like Ray McCauley, this now includes the new economically empowered affirmative-action, BEE, tenderpreneurial Black Elite who have learnt to mimic their new economic Gospel™-partner’s business models perfectly and even quite willingly cough their share of looted State coffers heavenwards. And this customary 10% religious-tax, plus the new ­non-apartheid Gospel™-media market, is deftly caught and delivered, in Ca$h, to the bankers of all their elitist self-serving theocracies.

John Hancock by Hancock. Hannibal Cannibal pig by pig.

An apparent glittering tribute to God’s Glory expressed beatifically in expensive trophy wives (and willing or unwilling mistresses), silk suits, overpriced pondokkie-khaya palaces, global jet-setting unto global jets, stilted TV appearances and luxury supercars. Perfect orthodontics a must-have.

Much cheaper than even filthy-dirty cheap.

I’m even saying,

even if I am saying it

I’m even saying

even much less

than even thirty pieces of silver.

Even much less.

Even if I must tell the you the real price.

Then even then, I’m still even saying it…

The Price, is still – even: one banana.

The silky, kleptocratic, finely be-ringéd leadership of the ANC and other ilk - covet the raw economic and psychological power that their new (previously-whites-only) Gospel™-partners wield so smooth, saccharine, passive-aggressive and effortlessly, that incestuous acquitted rapist and reportedly non-prosecutable and widely alluded massive State embezzler, Jacob Zuma [Whom God walks with] – made a plan to spork-up a cozy with Ray and then upstaged him and further alluded to the world, from Ray’s rudely usurped pulpit - that merely voting for the Ruling Party [and strolls in the chicken-hoks of Nkandla fo sho] guarantees salvation and a place in heaven with Jesus™ for the voter (another imaginary single party totalitarian state where even every One is filthy-rich on State Tax, whilst simultaneously spouting post-neo-Marxist-Leninist PC “revolutionary” horsey-poo but ethical choices, good moral governance and actual service delivery is undoubtedly Someone Else’s problem) or of course – boooooooo ... you are from Satan…

Julius Malema is down on his weight challenged knees, slobbering, pontificating in red-beréted Louis Vitton toi-toi, spewing punk pidgin political rhetoric and earnestly praying to even get his drying beak even back in and even much, even much wetter … wetter, than pissing on Parliament and even much Wetter. Even if he is like the Holy Spirit™ inna helicopter with a Rolex.

Even SARS sequestration and IEC deposits notwithstanding.


The golden rule is: If this boer can, and I definitely can … then - Piel your piesang as much as you want … but be … careful, remember, you cannot bribe, intimidate, kill or even pay off real love.

And, u’JZ says a hot shower on the head fixes everything. Really. Including HIV Contagion (As long as you have actual water and even electric, no problem).

And while our depraved, slavering nation mimics its equally depraved Ruling Party Role Model adulterously and sexually assaulting his own sibling’s so sickened child regardless, because it’s traditional - from Modimolle, to a massive variety of +-four-month year old baby girls, boys and other things onwards: Why don’t we just toss in Hepatitis, KZN Cholera, Typhoid, syphilis, psycho cum socio-pathology and frothing rabies … any more suggestions???


Are you even listening?

Can you even hear me?

I even said NO

I smell siff, dead, suppurating bananas dangling from even everywhere!

This clearly proves – Church™, as a self-declared moral majority, has clearly reaped a whirlwind bumper crop of what it is still sowing politically and spiritually. Especially spiritually.

A top-down elective poll and choice sample of its almost artistically stinky and even dangling rotting fruit:

    • Highest international statistics of RAPE and extreme violence against women, babies, children and domesticated animals on earth. Viva u’JZ. Viva!!!
    • Most Fetal Alcohol Syndrome cases on earth. Dankie broeders en susters, kom ons bid dan nog vir die volgende ma-se O.E.S.
    • Largest gross, and growing population of HIV and TB infections on earth
    • Highest number of political assassinations and State massacres per capita on earth, welcome to New Anzanzi Marikana.
    • Millions and millions of unwanted orphans and fatherless worth nothing more than killing for Lotto Muti or using as sub sixty-second rutted and disposed of: warm, wet, bleeding and ripped meatholes. Tik-tik.
    • In short: One of the most sickening, amoral, crime ridden, baseless, greed-stricken, lust-infested and utterly godless countries on the planet, yet - ostensibly stuffed to the gills, eyeballs and wide-open borders with Holy-Spirit™ [filled], born-again Christians - all fall-down and roll-over drunk on 666 proof Holy-Spirit™ and praising and worshiping the socks off Jesus™, because:

That’s all God wants for all eternity!!!

It is all about Jesus™!!!

Praise Jesus™!!!

Hallelujah Jesus™!!!

It is all about Jesus™!!!

Viva Julius Malema Viva!!!

Viva Economoronic Freedom Fighters Viva!!!

Viva Commander in CHIEF.

Viva Holy Spirit™ Vivaaaaa!!!

Oopths … double fucking oopths


Acquiesce unto the fly-ridden black banana at the top of the ladder and convector unto it complete control over the whole cage and then blame it for taking control, and - making the whole cage smell bad.

The deep, darkening, cold oceanic depth and magnitudes of the unforgiveable sin of their fathers is something that the overwhelming vast majority of white Christians in South Africa, Europe and America are simply not willing to assimilate emotionally, intellectually or theocractically and take personal responsibility for - and attempt to correct through serious financial restitution, blood-sweat-and-tear-drenched social revolution and actual, selfless, Christlike works directed entirely towards synchrotising and assimilating the fatherless children and orphans of their re-enslaved generations of economic victims into their own families and potentially renewable societies - which is exactly what Christ actually commanded of his followers - because, I think, quite simply, through this shrewdly contrived and highly creative emotional religious deflection, coupled with carefully crafted religio-political avoidance and utterly meaningless but very sparkly, cacophonic Gospel™ entertainment, which they are quite willing to swoon into dramatically and pay for in spades - they hope to justify perpetuating this insanely dangerous and ugly social imbalance unto their own mega-mega-mega gratuitous financial advantage - for as long as possible. And, oh praise their loving Lord God in Heaven they are terrified.

Laterally put … they are indescribably shit-scared.

As they should be.

Although, re-laterally put - they reckon they are engaged in Spiritual Warfare.

Consider then: For this reason, the poor hate the rich so much that the largest employer in South Africa is private security companies and simultaneously the sole reason why South Africa now has the second largest and one of the most brutal and utterly corrupted police forces in the world. But, it appears the old and newly-saved nouveau-riché hate the odious masses of economically enslaved unsaved even more, and they, regardless of monochrome paint-jobs, can afford better violently-disposed men armed with foulmouthed and fork-lipped service to counter-corruption, state-of-the-art weapons, hard ammo, serious gas and very, very, vicious dogs.

Status quo be damned too.

Re-crucify and Kill Him for good this time!

The worst and most hard hit by this twisted theocracy in every instance are poor non-white children who simply get born expendable economic slaves to the greedy Church™ and all its Gospel™ demi-gods, doctrinally intertwined to their POS viable über-pious über-über-capitalist flocks old and new. Especially the big stakeholders in racially repentant Rhema and the rest of the IFCC, which has been solely educated, carbon-copied and skillfully indoctrinated down the bureaucratic pyramid by Sub-Mason-Dixon-Line Americans in order to establish and entrench their “Word of Faith” (business) model of the Christian Church™.

An exploitive Gospel™ advertising-media & entertainment entity, for the minority of super-wealthy - globally. They affectionately call it: Name-it-and-claim-it-teaching. Those who cannot afford IT on rolling Global stock exchanges and are subjugated to and affected by It as collateral damage in the shareholding, minimum-wage, disposable-slave labour markets call IT: political-and-economic-oppression.

Julius Malema’s stolen, platinum-plated skateboard to hell.

There is no separation between bigotry, economic slavery, political manipulation and religion, IT was exported here by warring-imperial, greed re-sickened proxy and exists as: One agéd and inseparable, rampant and internecine antichrist.

IT is the spineless, yellow-backbone of highly organized-avarice and passive-aggressive religious fascism. The new political alter-ego to the pastor’s newest wife’s overlarge silicone breasts, which also can’t nurture anything naturally, except of course – attempt, or undoubtedly eventually fail - to slake his very own, obviously, jaded lusts.

And remember Cousin … in the heart of a hardened slave is not a living ideal uttered towards real freedom for ALL as the singular means to experience the substance of true freedom, but a dark covetous yearning into ownership of personally subjugated slaves. Even unto cannibal pigs.


In essence: Self-enchained minds only as large as contrived ownership of their most secure and passive-aggressive banana cage. Creating lines of divide where none exist to any good purpose for mankind. Never to know true freedom because the chains and cages they cast men into, seen or unseen, real or abstract – are forged entirely in the gluttonous, envy stricken and fear-ridden poisonous crucibles of their own minds. Turnkeys and religious bond-clutchers, usurers and/or slavers trapped and bound inextricably within their own tacky enguilded impounds and absentee gods far and away in their contrived heavens and paradises. Erstwhile propagating and making feel the razor sharp, cutting raw pain of their own imagined and very, very real hells.

Never to freely watch a beautiful green plantation slowly breath and grow a healthy crop of golden bananas … or ever ultimately pick and share a nice ripe bunch.

  • Insatiable greed

To close the salvation deal perfectly … the Gospel™ is always advertised and sold for free … until … the South African born-again punter is helped to believe that their absolute re-post-natal certainty of being front row and absolution dead center in Heaven on That Great Day - depends entirely on acquiring all the following purchasable Gospel™ commodities:

    • A long-term, personal, paid-up-monthly membership to the right Spirit-filled IFCC Church™. Hallelujah.
    • A paid-up subscription to Joy! Magazine. Double Hallelujah.
    • Avid addiction to TBN and other Gospel™ infomercial TV channels. Click, click, clique.
    • A library of expensive and exciting Gospel™ titles with everything by Frank Peretti, Rick Joyner and fellow definitively counter-expurgated, badly re-regurgitated - yet best-selling anoxymoronic eschatologists.
    • Private ownership of at least one of new-kid-on-the-blockbuster - Angus Buchan’s: Mighty-Man!! Holy-Spirit™!! Sacred-Potato!! Faith- Healing-Prophesy!! MIRACLES!!!! MIRACLES!!!! MIRACLES!!!! MOVIES!!! - Fortunately for you!!! - Holy-Spirit™ Miracles!!! junkies - those blessings (read charismatic opiates) come at only 150 faith-spuds a popcorn show.

And, in clichéd charismatic-preacher-bumper-sticker slogans (first broadcast by mega-successful American televangelists, then cut and paste from those millions of fouler exhausts guzzling away at high-collateral-damage fossil-fuel wars, self-precluding any actual formal theology of any kind and avidly re-mixed volubly: old-Rhodesian-Quasi-American-Uncle-style - by Angus) - Jesus™, is not only in the real-here-and-now business of selling Holy-Spirit™ Miracles though him [read Angus] as His Chosen Prophet and (recently televised) Show-Business-Partner™ [read Angus again] - Jesus™ apparently wants each Mighty-Man [read Holy-Spirit™ Miracle junkie] to be singularly powerful, healthy and rich too [read like Angus]. God said it; Angus believes it and that saddles it … with a cute cowboy hat? {OR is that actually} Angus said it; God must underwrite my re-plagiarized mishmash evangelical Gospel™ TV collage [read God’s Untouchable Anointed Holy Prophet’s Message from Jesus™] and that Pilgrim - settles IT.

The usual: Praise The Looord Jesus™ (and pass-the-loot) whilst … every head is bowed and every eye is closed … the Holy-Spirit™ is right here with US!!! praise Jesus™!!! And, He is telling me … He is saying ... HE wants to perform a Holy-Spirit™ HDTV Miracle, right now!!! Hallelujah!!! For YOU - PRAISE Jesus™!!! It’s all about Jesus™!!! Can you say amen? And - Jesus™ is telling me to tell YOU …

Mamma gonna git a new set of pappy-daawgs, an’ pappy, he git a bran’ new pussy ride!!!

Touting and mega-peddling Gospel™-of-Jesus™ HDTV merchandise to the mega-mega-mega-greedy for mega-mega-mega CA$H and other online transactions.

Mega Mega Mega

My Brother, My Sister

in spreading

The Gospel™-of-Jesus™





For fun

material blessings

and gross heavenly profits

Can you say Amen again…?

  • Biblical fraud

Fraud: A crime which regardless of modus operandi is actually the theft of Trust. But, the bread and butter of the confidence trickster is greed, because the easiest means to manipulate a mark into any hoax is by playing into their own venal voracity.

Welcome to the miracle fuel that runs the whole profanely holy-money - CA$H gushing gravy-machine. Works in every recipe of politics way too well.

Q: Stripped of tithes, offerings, gifts and very exorbitantly priced Gospel™ merchandise - what is any rich evangelical pastor?

A: Some annoying bum yelling and pandering crude Bible ransom-notes at passers-by in a public place for a fat concealed sack of pocket money, and personal inferiority-complex relief.

Keep your children away. Block it, change channels or switch off the TV. Beyond cravenly selfish, egocentrically sick and very bad for all kids anywhere. Especially the real fates of the lip-service fatherless ones.

In fact – IT Has nothing to do with Christ or his core teachings.

Caveat Emptor: Nowhere in the Bible, either Old Testament or New Testament – does any Jew or Christian ever “tithe” money. Neither does Christ or any of his disciples. It was illegal to do so.

When the Jewish priests put their own corrupted religious-tax into Christ’s hands to test him over banking and investing it politically sans cost, he tossed the currency right back at them and told them to give it back to the minter and rightful Owner – the Occupational Government.

Instead, being lovers of that money, they used a devalued portion of it to pay off his betrayer and sign a warrant to put him to death - illegally. Funnily enough, Judas Iscariot tossed the same cheap coinage back at the Sanhedrin too, including one serially homicidal religious terrorist, a stilted misogynist and an eventual death-row convict named Saul of Tarsus - then apparently went off and quietly did the semi-decent thing and properly hung himself.

Simply put, in ancient Israel, during the time of Christ and under Mosaic Law:

    • Only landowners were legally compelled to tithe.
    • Only agricultural food products and legally selected clean livestock were tithed, no aquaculture.
    • Only ordained, circumcised Levites of the tribe of Aaron were legally allowed to receive the tithes.
    • Outside of landowners, only ordained, circumcised Levite priests were legally compelled to tithe a “tenth of the tenth” themselves.
    • No money was ever legally tithed by any citizen, priest or King of Israel.
    • By Law, all tithes were to be shared, by the Levites, in an annual feast with the tithe payer and together with his entire household and employees, plus all the orphans, fatherless, widows, sick, disabled, destitute and the poor disenfranchised foreigners living in the nation of Israel.
    • The Disciples did not tithe.
    • The Early Church did not tithe.
    • Christ did not tithe. He was a Nazarene and a mostly seafood-eating carpenter with a thing about figs, hypocritical Priests not stoning his heart-of-gold slutty girlfriend he loved to death and apparently getting up very early eventually, ostensibly with holes in his feet, to fish, then bake enough bread and roast on a beach-braai - the fish he had caught to share with his distinctly dumbassed friends whom he was patiently waiting for.

In South Africa on the other hand:

    • Rhema/IFCC evangelical Christians are glibly taught to pay tithes and offerings (10%) of their gross earnings/salaries to their non-circumcised, non-Levitical, non-Aronic, Christian pastor, in Ca$h - for the Gospel™ of Jesus™ of course!!!
    • They are taught vrot-banana style that they will “be blessed with a blessing” if they hand over the Ca$h and “cursed with a curse” by Jesus™ if they do not. A blatant adulteration of poor old Malachi (3:8) - deliberately misconstrued to importune Ca$h from ignorant believers in direct criminal violation of the Law of Moses as prescribed in Deuteronomy (14:22-27), as well as the freedom of religious expression clause in South Africa’s Bill of Rights which states very clearly that religious observances conducted in public places are to be: “free and fair”.
    • The men and women who defraud this tithe and offering CA$H in Jesus™ name - also ALL self-decree to be anointed by the - Holy Spirit™.

The most sickening commission of this parasitic swindle I’ve ever seen in person is by a self-styled, very cultist pastor and his wife from Stellenbosch. They jointly run a fringe religious group called “Shofar” on SUN campus. These two forbidden-banana preach newly recruited first-year students into handing over 10-20% of their coerced parent’s salaries, student loans, pocket money, gifts, waitering and odd-job tips and should they be orphaned and beneficiaries of an estate – 10-20% of their inheritances after probate. The sudden increase to 20% comes into the Shofar tithing equation because the good pastor claims: “Jesus™ came to raise the bar, not lower it”.

This includes fleecing young mothers with fatherless children of 10-20% of their maintenance incomes regardless of financial source.

The church also compels each new aspiring member to sign a contract to this and other cultist effects. He, furthermore self-proclaims himself a “prophet” and declares that: “God called ME to be rich” (@#Juju). The pastor in question, one Fred May (then entitled Regional-Coordinator of IFCC Western Cape), was backed up by Joy! Magazine in an article defending his psycho-hijacking and blatant financial parasitism of these naïve, emotionally vulnerable and completely unsuspecting young people by block-quoting Malachi (3:8) as his Biblical justification to do so – the cornerstone of the entire TBN/Rhema/IFCC mammonist empire.

Consider: Twelve single-mommy disciples go out and work for a month. Each earns R3000.00. At the end of the month they go to Church™, “raise the bar like Jesus™” and hand over 20% of their hard-earned minimum wage to the male pastor who has done no actual work or single-parenting at all (and probably never will). When they leave Church™, the mothers each have R2400.00 left for the month to care for themselves and all of their babies (in our global economy) BUT, the pastor has R7200.00, in CA$H, to go shopping in Woolworth’s for articles about himself in Joy! Magazine for Jesus™’ Ministry and, after collection, has, with great emotional fanfare, instructed the rest of the (++paying) Congregation to pray for even greater financial blessings from Jesus™ for these poor challenged families.

Can you say … Amen? Again and again?

This is truly bizarre because Jesus™ just took R7200.00 in CA$H from twelve fatherless families and gave it by religious proxy to various high-end retail outlet’s shareholders, which none of those women can afford to enrich, but does effectively service one lone man’s business agenda and ultimately - justifies his craven self-entitlement as God’s Senior Shepherd.

Et tu Julius…

Now consider a combined Church™ with hundreds of Senior-Shepherds fleecing and milking: congregations fattened, not only with starving single-mommies but mostly with: mega-mega-mega wealthy landowners, professional people, plus very highly successful business folk earning extremely generous up-market related salaries and returns on investments in expendable kaffir capital. OOOH Yes, Jesus™ wants them to be rich!!! One hundred million a year in CA$H!

Q: In what way is this Christian and being equal, foot-washing, bread-breaking, cup-sharing servants to each other before God? Or, giving only a simple cup of water to one of these, the least of my little ones?

[Clue] Who even needs the lying, stealing, murderous upper cadres of the ANC and other ilk to even moronically copycat: depravity, civil war-mongering, treason, primitive greed, corruption, pork canibalism and human rot?

A: Silence … Thirty-three years of silence … No cross-examination. No answers.

So be it.

Like I said, these so-called vicars, pastors, priesthoods, bishoprics and visually impared “apostles” ALL deafeningly proclaim to be untouchably anointed by the new HDTV Holy Spirit™ and sweetly slap a fat CA$H (t&c’s apply) price-tag onto their wild eschatological claims … in utter defiance of: The Word of God.

To a schooled theologist, and without regard to men’s variegated creeds, canons and contrived doctrines, which directly excludes all species of eschatological Gospel™ babble in any form (goodbye twisting of John 3:16) - the exegetic books of the Bible are composed of ostensibly inspired Scripture which contains within its texts the fully revealed Word of God. To avoid any confusion at all, Scripture declares that The Christ of the Gospels is the de facto Word of God and stipulates that by his own unequivocal proclamation: his angry counter-theocratic teachings, reiterated social admonitions, recalibrated moral compass and simple actions – His alone … are to be the only ontological point of reference for any adherent’s reflected actions. Anything contradictory is defined by him as: heresy, religious pandering, emotional conjecture, self-serving garbage and utterly unforgivable blasphemy.

A cup of water to a fatherless child - to serve: yes – heaven? no – hell? … the real world?

So … let us see what the Word of God actually says about blood money, slavery and the Renewal Church™’s Gospel™-of-Jesus™ in cut-throat, strait-edgéd, pertinently dissembled and reconstructed Scripture, and, ultimately whom HE, and HE Alone – claims is faced with being cursed by Almighty God for all eternity.

“Alea jacta [nada] Deo est” – almost ham latin, but not quite: - Uncle Berty Einstein

Today starts and will always end here

He came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up. He entered, as was his custom, into the synagogue on the Sabbath day, and stood up to read. The book of the prophet Isaiah was handed to him. He opened the book, and found the place where it was written:

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor Kaffir Orphans. He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted Kaffir Mothers, to proclaim release to the enslaved Kaffir Juveniles, recovering of sight to the Blind Kaffir Toddlers, to deliver those Orphaned Kaffir Babies who are crushed and sick, and to proclaim to every Fatherless, Beaten, Murdered and Raped Kaffir Child the acceptable year of The LORD."

He closed the book, gave it back to the attendant, and sat down. The Eyes of all in the synagogue were fastened on him. He began to tell them:

"Today, this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing."

So when they had eaten the breakfast Jesus had prepared for them, He said to Simon Peter, "Simon, son of Jonah, do you love me more than these [153 large valuable fish]?" He said to him, "Yes, Lord; you know that I have affection for you." He said to him, "Please, feed my orphans." He said to him again a second time, "Simon, son of Jonah, do you love me?" He said to him, "Yes, Lord; you know that I have affection for you." He said to him, "Please, tend to my single-mothers." He said to him the third time, "Simon, son of Jonah, do you truly have affection for me?" Peter was very deeply grieved because he asked him the third time, "Do you have affection for me?" He said to him, "Lord, you know everything. You know that I have affection for you." Jesus said to him, "Peter … my rock … my brother, my very best friend - feed … care for … educate … LOVE … my fatherless ones. To Death.”

But when the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then he will sit on the throne of his glory. Before him all the nations will be gathered, and he will separate them one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. Then the King will tell those on his right hand, 'Come, blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry, and you gave me food to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me drink. I was a stranger, and you took me in. I was naked, and you clothed me. I was sick, and you visited me. I was in prison, and you came to me.'“ Then the righteous will answer him, saying, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry, and feed you; or thirsty, and give you a drink?  When did we see you as a stranger, and take you in; or naked, and clothe you? When did we see you sick, or in prison, and come to you?' The King will answer them, 'Most certainly I tell you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the very least of these poor fatherless children, you did it unto me.'

For whoever will give you, the fatherless, a cup of water to drink in my name at their own expense, because you are My Father's lost little holy ones, most certainly I tell you, he will in no way lose his reward.

Allow the little fatherless children to come to me, and don't hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

Most certainly, I tell you, whoever doesn't treasure and receive the Kingdom of God by wholeheartedly serving it as life unto this Little Holy Child first, he or she will in no way enter into it."

Jesus entered into the Temple, and began to throw out those who sold and those who bought anything in the Temple, and overthrew the tables of the CA$H changers, and the seats of those who sold the doves. He would not allow anyone to carry a MONEY-BAG through the Temple. He taught, saying to them, "Isn't it written, 'My House will be called a House of Prayer for the Fatherless of ALL the Nations?' But you have made it a den of robbers!!!"

Then He made a whip of cords, and beat upon and threw ALL out of the Temple, both the re-sold sheep and the sacrificial oxen and, he poured out the changers' CA$H, and overthrew their tables.

This is an evil and ugly generation which lays claim to being: healthy, rich and be-robéd in the white garments of My Righteousness, yet … It still seeks after miracles and blessings for profit. I will vomit the parasitic testimonies of its filthy, self-serving, synthetic vanities from my mouth like bitter, deadly poison - whilst every three seconds another fatherless child really dies and you continue to attempt to sell My Father’s Spirit for even more personal gain and much worse - by marketing their pain.

So be IT.

Until the terrible naked horror of your own inevitable demises, their generations of innocent holiness will be crying out for Mercy and Justice that you stubbornly refuse to buy and are even less willing to give without vastly bloated expectations from ME, yet the insurmountable evidence of their fatal spiritual rape is awaiting you, a tsunami of blood awash before the host of ancestors surrounding My Father’s Throne. Its evil, injurious, terrible stench to be your singular and only judgment for all eternity. Get away from me blasphemers!!! Re-crucifiers of life!!! Evildoers!!! Devouring Locusts!!! False Priests!!! Snakes!!! Greedy Cunning Shepherds!!! Possessed by Mammon, chronicly obese spiritual pride, craven arrogance and rebellion!!! Get away from ME!!!

I have never known you!!!

Therefore the Word of God has said to you clearly: Every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men. Whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against and cheapens MY Father Spirit for profit or slavery of any kind, and then ultimately abuses the Fatherless for personal gain - it will not be forgiven them, neither in this age, nor in that which is to come.

Either make the tree good, and its fruit good, or make the tree corrupt, and its fruit rotten and corrupt; for [all of South Africa] is known by its fruit.

Now, Children’s Children of my Father, can you beg Him repentance, pray and say:



The Donkey speaks:

[Observed and confirmed fact] … from the point of conception - life, for any complex organism, is a finite existential process of constant evolutionary change in an infinitely renewing and symbiotic universe.

The water in our bodies is billions of years old. In fact as old as the, as yet, fully unknown universe. In total volume, it has taken a speculated 250 million years to reach and effect its violently steamy collisions with our planet. This in the form of super-frozen ice trapped in diminishingly gargantuan rocky meteorites, which mass-surfed in quantum hoards over vast distances, from the shattered asteroid belt in the outer ring of our solar system, onwards and inwards, riding the unrelenting deeper and deeper ripples of gravity, inexorably sucked towards impact with the swirling iron cores in both our own massive burning nuclear oven and the sun’s.

Now that it cools and coats our biosphere - water is carefully suspended in the increasingly hot toxic gasses of our fragile atmosphere, is the only grail for our polluted blue oceans and protects all the simple micro-secrets to our balding and melanomic green skin.

Aqua is life.

The water in me has sustained life in countless trillions of complex organisms, from the simplest single-cell life-form through to the most massive tree, coral or animal to have ever lived. Endlessly passing through and evaporating from my body, rivers, lakes, sea and land, only to be driven upwards by the wind and carried to float and fall once again as vapor, rain, hail, sleet and snow … cyclically co-consumed then re-carried up DNA food-chains quadrillions of times. It has passed through, provided suspension and been a catalytic witness to the formation of the very first and every other DNA strand of every living re-combined cell in every organism that has ever evolved or become extinct on Earth.

Known, or never to be known.

Apparently, eighty percent of me, in molecular form, is as ancient as time and both inner and outer-space. Every last innumerable quantum building-block.

So what about the other 20%?

Apart from yesterday’s truths being tomorrow’s proven absurdities: a small ornamental urn full of spent and heat disturbed elements - surrounded by 0.000001% wild anthropomorphological speculations, shaky philology, evolving science and pure mathematics.

The water will always be moving on…

Life, practicing engineering and being love – is truly enough

Be good to your water. Carve a cup, fill it with rain and give it to a fatherless child like he suggested, and when you refill it again - live some more for everyone … especially You.

Then plant. And laugh a lot.

I donkey.

Al Lovejoy – (Author of “Acid Alex”)

P.S. The only thing a chip on your shoulder is, is a chip on your shoulder.

[Rhetoric is both: utterly self-evident and utterly meaningless.]

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