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Mighty conqueror

03 May 2013, 15:17

 “ DANIEL 11:3 And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will.”

He was only 20 years old when his father died, but long before the birth of this boy, the Bible prophesied he would be mighty. Did the prophecy become true? History interpreted it. Those of you who read my previous article on Dan.11:1-2 will remember the Man told Daniel 4 Persians shall rise and that the fourth will be richer than them, all and would stir up trouble with the Greeks.

If you click on my name “Archibald” you will find the article called: “The Persian prosperity foretold” In it we also saw how Xerxes or Ahasuerus as the Jews called him in the Book of Esther prepared 3 years for war with a massive army and burned the beloved Greek city of Athens before actually loosing the war. His act against the Greeks was however never forgotten. Hatred brewed amongst them, just waiting for one brave enough to take on the mighty Persian empire.

When king Phillip of Macedon died in 336 BC, he left his 20 year old son Alexander to follow him on to a throne with many challenges. Things didn’t start out easy for Alexander. As soon as he rose to the throne his authority was challenged. But he suppressed the revolts in his kingdom with a brutality that had the rest of them feared the young lad for the rest of the time of his rule.

Alexander was a military genius. In terms of numbers according to some, he had an estimated 40 000 soldiers against an estimated 100 000. [Wikipedia] Mathematically he had no chance against the mighty Persians. But at the age of 22, in 334 BC, only two years after he came to power, he set out on horseback, and within 12 years, he ruled a territory from Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria over Turkey across over into the Middle East, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, the Island of Tyre, Saudi- Arabia, into Africa - Egypt, across back into Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, parts of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and India. His fellow soldiers believed he was invincible and history says he never lost a single battle.

History of Britannica says: “ Over eight years in his capacity as king, commander, politician, scholar and explorer, Alexander led his army a further 11,000 miles, founding over 70 cities and creating an empire that stretched across three continents and covered around two million square miles. The entire area from Greece in the west, north to the Danube, south into Egypt and as far to the east as the Indian Punjab, was linked together in a vast international network of trade and commerce.”

In 334 somewhere near Granicus, he defeated the Persian noble’s for the first time. In 333 he passed Issus and defeated them for a second time. It was round about this time that the Persian King Darius III send him a letter offering him a peace proposal and offered him the parts he had already conquered amongst other things. Then came the famous incident:  'I would accept it 'if I were Alexander.' said Parmenion, [a chief general of Alexander] after reading the proposal, 'So would I,' replied Alexander, 'if I were Parmenion.'

Not satisfied with the concessions and terms Darius III offered him, Alexander insulted him, and announced that he would hunt him down and kill him. If Darius wanted to write him again, Alexander said, the Persian should not write to him as an equal, but should regard him as master of the Persian possessions. Indeed the Bible prophesied he would do according to his will, and have success.

Alexander then did what he promised Darius and finally defeated his army a third time. As Scripture said he truly had great dominion. In 332 he took Egypt, 331 Babylonia, 330 Persia, 329 Kandahar, 328 Bactria, 327 Hindu Kush on and on you can follow the trail of victories. Only the tiredness, homesickness, and the unwillingness of his soldiers to seek further conquest finally stopped him. In those times he was indeed mighty, so mighty that  after the conquest of Egypt, he was declared new master of the universe, and son of the god Zeus-Ammon. A mighty king stood up and did as he pleased. Prophecy fulfilled!  Think of it now. A Man from heaven in 536 BC [Dan 10] told Daniel Alexander would conquer and by 333 BC,  203 years later, the words of the Man who spoke to Daniel came to pass as Darius III now had a menace called Alexander to deal with.  

He gained the world before he was 30. And he never lost a battle, until that day in June 323 BC, when at the age of 32, one of the smallest demons of sickness came onto him to challenge the strength of his body. It is believed that Alexander died of a fever or perhaps malaria. What ever it was that killed him- it was a murderous sickness or perhaps poison as some suggests. All of us come to such a place one time or another. No matter who you are, how important you are, how strong you are, how intelligent you are, there are forces out there that will bring you down. Sickness is another life that enters your body with the expressed aim to kill the living cells in your body. It has some form of intelligence behind it that attack your vital organs, and kills it’s cells. Once enough of those cells are dead, you feel real ill, and finally death steps in. Sickness is thus some form of a very intelligent life form, comparable to a parasite life, which systematically destroy you. Predators of the wild kill intelligently. They know where to sink in its teeth, and where to cut off air supply from their victims in order to achieve their goal. In the same way, sickness is an intelligent predator aimed to take your life. Medical science has done a lot to help us in our fight against these intelligent attacks, but there are some cases even they cannot help. We Christians call that intelligent murderer of your body cells a Demon. Anybody who wants to know anything about demons only need to study sicknesses, to know there is another intelligence at work here.

But there is one Man who can and has conquered every sickness. He went another way than medical science. He called out the “lives” of sickness growths. Called them for what they were-murderous demons- and cast them out.

Like Alexander he had the world at His feet at the tender age of about 30.  Within just 3 and a half years, He conquered not on horseback, but ON FOOT, by the Words of His mouth, everything man could not conquer. Time after time He conquered sicknesses. When His disciples needed Him most, He subdued and ignored the laws of nature, and walked on water to rescue them. Time after time He ignored the laws of nature [which He made] when He brought water directly to wine. Given time nature can do the same thing through the vineyard. Water the vineyard, and you will see it happen. But on this occasion the creator of the vineyard who gave it its abilities, took a short cut and demonstrated the same ability, because the situation required it. When hurricane winds bothered the disciples one night out on the sea, He spoke to His creation, and silenced it, to show His disciple’s His commanding abilities. No wonder the prophet Isaiah prophesied He would be the mighty God and the everlasting father. [Is.9:5-6]

Then one day they placed this General on the cross. The Pharisees laughed and said “ He helped others, but now He cannot help Himself.” Giving Him the greatest compliment they could ever give. For indeed if He wanted to help Himself, He could have. But for my sake, He took the punishment which I deserved for my crimes, and went to hell in my place. We humans punish all criminals once we found them. In some countries the death penalty is required. In the case of my crimes, the death penalty was required. I remember I had caused those around me so much pain. Hurt so many feelings. Nearly destroyed the life for which I was not responsible so many times with my evil habits. Broke up so many relationships through my selfishness. Even led other people into the same sins I was in, destroying their lives too. But instead of me going onto death row, He went in my place.

As death took Him prisoner those who loved Him became sad, thinking they have lost Him forever. When death captures life we cry, cry because death will keep it there, and it will not return. But then death for the first time ever, lost prisoners FOREVER, never to return. As the sun rose that Sunday morning the most ultra maximum secured prison in the world [death] lost not only the Lord Jesus, but all the Old Testament saints. These were seen by the early disciple’s, and thus it is no wonder that they had such an unwavering faith in the resurrection, that they were willing to give their lives. Every single one of them later died under persecution with the exception of John. When Jesus conquered death He not only unlocked Himself, but also those who loved Him. He is the mightiest conqueror ever! He has the keys of death. He knows the secret of how to get out of death, and has used those keys to unlock Himself and those saints. Someday He shall use those keys again to bring back those saints who died in the New Testament. Mighty Conqueror He is! And to this day, He never lost a single battle.

Lord Jesus Christ is His Name. The Mightiest General that ever lived, and who is still alive today by His great power. He conquered the things the rest of them wished they could have conquered. He conquered those things which really, I mean really matters in life. He conquered sin. He conquered sickness, He conquered death. This year is called 2013 AD. The AD or Anno Domini means- the year of our Lord. This year we celebrate the 2013th year of the life of our Lord and counting. According to the Roman calendar this General is 2013 years old, and still victorious after so long a time over death. Everlasting father! I am exited because He promised me He will give me the same power to live like He does. Even though death may sink its jaws into me, Yet I shall live again! I know My redeemer liveth, and although the skin worms may one day feast on this body-yet in a glorified body of flesh, I shall see God. As the word of God delivered it’s promise to Alexander, even so shall it deliver its promises to the Christians.

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