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More on Democracy following Jack Johnson's article

30 October 2012, 12:46

Some of the comments on this forum truly amaze me! You all (most of you, anyway) voted for democracy – not so? Now, you sit back and say: “Oh goodness! What’s happening to our society and our country?” Well what do you think’s happened? Democracy happened and everyone jumped for joy when a “democratic” government came into power; a government of the sheep, by the shepherds, for the wolves. It’s just 51% bossing the other 49% around. For goodness sake … Hitler was democratically elected!

Democracies are rated as the supreme system for our world today; the supreme system which no other can match or surpass. It's the buzzword if anyone uses it in their speech or written word, you become an accepted member of society. It's the system which, if we do not aspire to live under, we are viewed as extremists.

Our government is slated left, right and centre. They’re blamed for everything that goes wrong and yet, you all voted for them – so what’s the problem? Democracy is just mob rule dressed up in a coat and tie. It’s the counting of heads, not what’s in them. Where on earth did this democracy thing first happen? Who was the SOB who thought this one up and got the entire planet to embrace it? Who said that because one tribe breeds more than another, that that gives them the intelligence or the right to rule a nation?! What a bunch of sheep you “democratically-minded” people are! Wake up and smell the frikkin’ coffee – it’s not working and it’s going to get worse unless we have a true leader who is genuinely concerned for the people. This is not negativity; it’s realism!

"Democratic" decision-making is a means for finding and implementing the will of the majority; it has no other function. It serves, not to encourage diversity, but to prevent it. The proper response toward what we occasionally imagine to be democracy is to retain one’s self-respect by not participating in it. Imagine if all of life were determined by majority rule. Every meal would be a pizza. Every pair of pants, even those in a Gucci suit, would be stone-washed denim. Celebrity diet and exercise books would be the only thing on the shelves at the library. And — since women make up a majority of the population — we’d all be married to George Clooney!

It’s bad to be oppressed by a minority, but it’s worse to be oppressed by a majority. There’s a reserve of latent power in the masses. I ask you, “with tears in my knees and bended eyes” how the hell can a country be properly and fairly run by ex-prisoners – no matter their crime, their colour, their culture or their beliefs? How? And yet, the world shouts: “Hail Democracy!!”

The notion of good and evil cannot be resolved by universal suffrage. It is not given to a ballot to make the false become the true and the unjust the just. The human conscience cannot be put to the vote. I tuned in to a TV station last night and was watching one of South Africa’s comedians; I cannot supply his name. Well, let me tell you, the filth that spewed out of his mouth, made me wanna gag!! It was truly disgusting. Oh, he has a sense of humour, alright, but his sense of filth, blasphemy, immorality and degradation far outweigh any humour. The audience was lapping him up! He degraded women, childbirth, the president and ministers, and every second word was the “F” word. Now this is democracy in action!

Democracy has shifted our school children into believing atheism and evolution. They are “not allowed” to question it? Ja? Now take a good, hard look at what’s happened to education. After eighteen bloody years of this democracy crap, still, more than half the population can’t read or write? Oh, wait! People know how to jump on each others’ bones and make babies by the dozen; children can buy alcohol from a supermarket; boy, they know how to get pissed and lose their morals (perhaps make a few more babies); they know exactly where they can buy their drugs, freely and openly. Yet they can’t even add 12 plus 12 or write their own names, for goodness sake! Democracy, you scream? Sure as hell doesn’t make any sense, whatsoever.

We call perversion, pornography and blasphemy, “freedom of expression?” How sick is this? We watch the poor, who can barely afford a loaf of bread, standing in long queues, to buy a lottery ticket in the hope they’ll win millions? Unborn babies are killed – yes killed – in the womb because “the child will interfere with the parents’ lifestyle? (Provided the mother knows who the father is). And yet, oh boy, what fun we had making that baby! Disgusting people – disgusting! How the hell can condoms be dished out to schoolchildren? How? That’s called “enlightenment?” Then of course, let’s not forget … there’s no way we can discipline our children any longer; teachers can’t and won’t dare smack a kid on his knuckles or give him a slap on his backside. No way! That’s called torture, or something. Or, it’s children, building their “self esteem?” Bollocks!!

We allow men – M.E.N. who have male genitals and male features, to dress up as women; to wear women’s jewellery and women’s make-up, to run around the streets, shouting: “Look at me! Look at me! Give me some rights! Give me equal rights!” Yet, they have far more rights than a poor sod, sitting under a tree in the bush, waiting, for lady luck to pass by with a loaf of bread!

I won’t go too far with the prison system, and just about every single person in this land of ours knows, in their hearts and in their minds, that justice is most definitely, not served. Someone will steal a bunch of grapes and get thrown into jail for years and a murderer (who has actually admitted to killing someone) – gets off scot-free? Democracy in its fullest glory!

Democracy is a political system through which the majority of the population rules. It differs from other forms of dictatorship by the size of the ruling class. It is believed that democracy leads to freedom, peace and prosperity. This is not the case. Democracy is potentially the most dangerous of the political systems.

Democracy is rule by the majority. There are no limits to what the majority is allowed to decide. It can decide laws based on whim, with no respect for rights. It can pass laws against painting your house white as easy as it can pass laws against murder. There is no guarantee of a JUST democracy. Those that suffer the most under a democracy are the minorities. The smaller the group, the less say they have in policy. But majority and minority change with each issue or policy. Everyone finds themselves as part of the minority at some point. But since the majority rule, the government has no fear of rebellion to circumscribe their actions.

There is one distinction between a democracy and many other forms of dictatorship. A minority dictatorship must fear the majority. If they oppress the people too much, the people will rebel. No dictatorship can stand against the full will of the people.

Those that are ruled think in terms of justice. Those that rule think in terms of power. When the majority rules, they stop thinking in terms of right and wrong. Their claim to power is: "The will of the people." Wherever that power leads, they follow obediently. If slavery is the price of power, they take it willingly.

That being said, voting is a very useful tool in constructing a proper government. Unlimited democracy is a bad thing in itself, but a constitutional representative republic in which the people elect representatives to govern according to a rights-respecting constitution is the best form of government so far discovered.

There is a disturbing tendency for people to equate a democratic government with a just or proper government. They will say that one government is bad because it's not democratic and another is good because it is, and we must bring democracy to the world! What constitutes a proper government is the preservation of rights, not the method by which that preservation is brought about.

Giving power to the inferior components of a nation could only produce inferior results. Those mediocre and substandard minds: uneducated, self-centred, avaricious, prejudiced, chauvinistically patriotic - would ultimately bring about the downfall of their society.

To end this epistle, here are a few quotes:

"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." (H.L. Mencken); and: Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.

“Gang rape, after all, is democracy in action.” (Terry Goodkind)

"Democracy is a cancer eating away at the heart of our society. Any action taken to stamp it out, however regrettable, is justified." (Judge Dredd).

It’s time the world really does open up the debate, without brashly silencing those who have begun to question the untouchable notion of democracy. No democratic government, if it really believes in its own values, should fear the criticism of its system. If their supremacy really stands, criticism and debate can only be healthy in strengthening the conviction in it. Silencing of such criticism can only be rooted in a fear of the actual legitimacy of ones supremacy. 

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